"Traditional Japanese Good Luck Charm"

Seems a little frightening — I will have to remind myself not to run away from luck? Sarvas had this vulva-creature done by Anthony P. at 11th St. Electric Gallery in SLC, Utah.

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30 thoughts on “"Traditional Japanese Good Luck Charm"

  1. That’s very interesting. I’m not sure what to think. I always feel lucky when I’m around one but maybe not if it’s wearing a cloak. It looks rather “Grim”. *Forehead Slap* Sorry

  2. I don’t think it’s a moustache, it looks to me like it’s font but I can’t make out what it says.

  3. (in ghost voice)

    thats what i hear in my head when i look at that tattoo. also, in my mind, the fingers animate and just kind of move around like worms.

  4. I don’t know about vulva creatures, but I have heard that in Japan it was considered lucky for men in high risk professions (firemen, soldiers, etc.) to carry some pornography around with them.

  5. I really, really don’t like like vulva tattoos. But hey, each to his own. I think it would kind of squick me out if my partner had one though :-s

  6. I must say I don’t like armpit tattoes of any kind.
    But the vulva creature IS kinda cute. I like his hands

  7. I agree with #13, when i first saw it, i though “Have i been around this sight so long that i’m seeing things?” Glad to hear that i’m not, and it’s very creative.

  8. Anthony P at 11th St Tattoo in SLC, UT is the most talented, amazing, well-traveled, experienced artist since horioshi III

  9. skull project is a great book, its available in July. it has another ghost painting by Anthony P

  10. With all respect – it looks like a Vagina to me!
    It looks like one of my ex girlfriends Vaginas coming back for revenge! BBWWWOOOOOHAHAHA!!!!!

  11. that’s in his armpit, say hello to shaving for the rest of your life, or have a hairy vagina-faced good luck charm in your pit.

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