Whistle and Flute

After putting it off for far too long, yesterday I visited Syd Silver and Freeman Formal to be fitted for my ModProm II suit.

Not having worn a suit for quite a few number of years I wasn’t really sure what to expect..

I first wandered into Freeman Formal looking decidedly scruffy after a long day at work, and I immediately noticed they weren’t too impressed and adopted rather a snooty demeanour, I wouldn’t go as far as to say they “looked down at me” but they certainly gave the impression they weren’t going out of their way to help me in my hour of need, after a few minutes looking around and have my questions answered with no success, I turned tail and fled towards Syd Silver, the experience I had in there was a vast improvement!

From the moment I stumbled through the door they were courteous, polite, super-duper helpful and generally a bunch of wonderful people, they showed me all the suits they had available (and didn’t have, as I’d left it so late and some had been reserved as far back as March) the various combinations of vests (or waistcoats as we English call them), shoes, ties, hats et cetera.

After half an hour of deliberation I settled upon a suit that tickled my fancy, complete with vest, shirt, tie, and pantaloons. I didn’t need shoes as I already have a pair, when I mentioned that they were Doctor Martens and would that make a difference he giggled, rolled his eyes, told me he didn’t recommend Doctor Martens to be worn with their suits but all to their own and he’d measure my legs again to compensate for my silliness.

All in all I’d thoroughly recommend Syd Silver if you’re still in need of a suit for ModProm II. It’s not too late! Mine will be ready by the 28th of June and it cost me a grand total of $168, including tax and a twenty dollar rush fee.

For those of you have met me, you’ll also remember I have the most awkward body shape imaginable (26″ waist, incredibly long legs, ridiculously gangly arms and shoulders the width of Scotland) when it comes to clothes shopping, but this wasn’t a problem for the fine folks at Syd Silver, they took it all in their stride!

Sales pitch over, roll on ModProm!

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