Knee suspension, age 10

The rules are different in São Paulo, Brasil. Freakboy sends in this “knee kids” photo, writing, “falsa suspensã knee — somente uma brincadeira!!!” I hope someone at the FBI speaks Portugese… Well, click through for a closeup.

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82 thoughts on “Knee suspension, age 10

  1. I thought it was real too..

    I do wonder what a 10 year old is doing on BME though!?

  2. i’m worried about his hat since it didn’t fall off.. it’s squeezing his little head too hard i just know it.

  3. i’m all for people expressing themselves and stuff, but i was glad to see that this 10 year old wasn’t really speared!

    very clever!

  4. i thought it was real and was about to come jump to the defense of the child suspenders thinking all the comments were gonna be bashing it. only when i read the comments did i realise i should have clicked for the close up.

    i was fooled.

  5. HAHAHahaahahahaha I almost fell for it! Very awesome! The visible bar between his knees gave it away before I clicked for a close up. Nice blood effects!

  6. Realmente impactante solo espero que el chicos no lo convierta en realidad aun!

  7. yeah my first thought was “this is gonna create a shitstorm”, I was tricked. Awesome photo.

  8. #31: not just that. they read your e-mail, listen to you on the phone, their cctv is at your side when you go shopping. they are at your side when you book flights, pay per creditcard. they are interested in what yout eat during flights, what your ethnicity is, where you sit in the plane, which god you believe in and so on.
    they are very busy. and it’s all for your safety. safety is better than freedom, because who needs freedom in a safe world? the best of all is, they tell the world what is good and what is wrong. they teach the world what democracy is.

  9. I don’t understand what would be wrong if it was real… tell me one problem that would hold up in the case of every kid.

  10. i love it! i totaly thought it was real! i mean, if the parents are ok with it, why shouldnt a kid be able to hang? when i was 10 i did worse things…

  11. is not a good idea.

    ok, is a joke. but´s a bad, bad, bad joke.

    here in brazil, the serious professionals are suffering´bout the bad professionals who lives in brazilian market.

    things like these, just show to everyone that some people are making body modifications just for the status, just for the fashion!!!!!

    body modifications, and rituals like these they must be kept far from children and of any person who is not certain of wants can witness what it would not support to see any type of incentive to the participation in these procedures must be forbidden

    remembering: is a joke. but´s a bad joke!

  12. hahahah i so thought it was real
    the first thing i thought though was “oh shit people are DEFINITELY going to be bitching about this one”

  13. ahrr, he doesn’t look happy at hall and the place the picture was taken gives me a chill, it kinda looks like some backyard-child-molesting-thing. horrible, i am glad it is a fake. i don’t think children should experience these things. idk why, it just doesn’T feel right to have some kid hanging on hooks, since i don’t think, that it can really decide….blablabla. nevermind.

  14. know what’s weird is that until i read the comments i had no idea it was fake, nor did i think there would have been controvercy or anger over it. did i miss something? what would be wrong with this? don’t we recall the photos of kids with stretched lobes and what not why should this be any different if you really think about it.

    i almost wish it had been real i would have loved to have seen why people were so offended

  15. I looked at the close up because the hooks looked like they were really shallow (yikes), turns out they were even shallower than I thought. :P

  16. to bad its not real
    if tyhe kid is ready for it why not you know

    and thes tins wher made for young pepol to becam a man
    so wats wrong ?
    i hear pepol bitching about how suspension has lost its goald
    but when a 10 year old kid is in the pic its a crime
    its never good is it?

  17. ha ha that was funny as shit at first kinda disterbing but after clicking.. yeah, good stuff.
    reminds me of that one old photot of a baby suspending

  18. Even though it’s a spoof, I think this photo makes a great jumping board for ways for younger kids to semi-experience things like suspension…. like clip-on jewelry for other realms of modification. Want a tattoo? Let them get henna. Want to suspend? Hang them from a rig with tethers instead of hooks.

  19. Heh, that kinda showed me how much I’ve lightened up in the last few years. My initial reaction was “fuck yeah!”… Though that’s my gut/emotional side. But If I was asked to participate in such a thing, my built up moral side would never allow me to do so.

    I think posting that pic was a social experiment on the part of Shannon etc. to see just that kind of reaction. Eh? EH?

  20. my favorite part is the ketchup (or some exotic Brazilian condiment that i dont know about) at the point where the hooks rest on his knees.

  21. I think I’m with everyone sane in saying “thank goodness this isn’t real”
    10 is just too young.
    Very clever though. Hopefully this kid’ll end up growing up to be a regular body mod buff, he must have some interest to be willing to participate in this.

  22. Ok, It’s a joke and I found it very amusing myself.
    A lot of people are saying they cannot see whats wrong if this was for real.
    This kid is 10 years old for Gods sake, supposing something went wrong with this kids knees when the hooks were being put in and he ended up in some way disabled because of it.
    Still think at 10 years of age that would be a good idea. The knees are one of the most problematic joints in the body.
    Sure when he’s 18+ let him swing away thats his decision, but until a kid of mine was 18 I would protect them.
    And yeah I was a crazy kid myself caused my parents so much worry and heart ache each time they ended up in accident and emergency with me.

  23. #50-i think the kids with stretch lobed entry got a bunch of comments, didn’t it? it seems like most entries with kids generate a lot of comments.

  24. knowing portuguese killed the joke for me before i got to look at the pic… :( definitely a funny trick though

  25. Realmente é importante que alguém do FBI saiba falar português, ou pelo menos enteder o significado da palavra ‘brincadeira’!! +rs

    Quando visualizei essa nova imagem no modblog imaginei, pelo contexto da fotografia, que se travava de Brasil. Meu olhar não me enganou!

  26. I have to agree about the poor kid’s hat being too tight!
    His little head is probably getting squished.

  27. If no one said “you must do it” to the kid, i see no problem.

    My 2 years old brother is crazy about septum rings, well, because he is used to see me wearing a septum ring.
    One day he came to me trying to place a captive ring in his tiny nose. What was I supposed to do? Place it to him and see my brother laughing and having fun.

    As long you don’t push it to them, I see no problems.

    Honestly, it’s like a child who has gay parents. It’s normal to him. It’s part of his childhood.

    Why not allow the children attend suspensions? To keep them safe? I know that people would throw rocks twice my size on me for saying that, but it’s like trying to hide homossexuality. One day he/she will find out. If he/she chooses it or not, it’s not our business.

    “Children can not make choices for their lifes” No they can’t, but does it mean that children raised in modified families will grow up as bad people? Living in a bad and wrong family?

    C’mon people, this cute picture is like one showing a 6 years old boy covered with fake tattoos.

    Ps.: I’m Brazilian from São Paulo, but it does not mean that I know the kid or his parents ;)

  28. I agree that it’s good that this is a joke.
    Maybe no one said “You must do it” but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t influenced in some way by the people around him. I mean when I was that age my favourite band was the Spice Girls and all I wanted was a tattoo and nose piercing like Sporty Spice.
    Of course at the time I thought I wanted to do it because I thought it would look cool, but looking back quite clearly I wanted to do it because I was looking up to people who had those things. And I would have regretted it, clearly.
    Yeah, I think it’s a cute picture, and yeah, if he’s interested in body mods, then he should be shown the right direction. But at that age a person doesn’t have enough experience or knowledge to make a desicion like that for themselves.
    In the end though, it is a cute picture.

  29. its cool to see a kid interested in suspending but I agree that 10 is too young to go full on for the real thing, there are risks like everything else and 10 is too young to fully judge the risks. One risk I can think of off the top of my head is infection everytime you puntcure your skin you risk an infection

  30. 64—being disabled by hooks at 10 and being disabled by hooks at 18 would still suck.

    rock on if this were real, and i hope he gets into the fun world of body mods as he gets older :-)

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