Whizz Bang!

Paul certainly knows how to make the sparks when it comes to celebrating the Fourth of July.

36 thoughts on “Whizz Bang!

  1. when the fountain is going and he swings back toward us with his legs tucked up and arms outstretched and the light silhouetting him is a beautiful moment

  2. Green.Plasticjen, The comment directly above yours (From Roo, the poster of the video) states it, you should read the comments before posting, lol. From what I gather its The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up, a song called Silver Sparkler. :]

    In any case, beautiful suspension, thanks for posting it, Roo.

  3. Hey, thanks guys!! wish every one of you could’ve been there. It was a blast! (pardon my pun) :P

  4. This is my favorite video I’ve seen here. I much prefer night time over daylight and I haven’t seen many night suspensions. Also, lights are so pretty and Roo, you are the master of pairing music with mood :)

  5. that scared me, he wasn’t a safe distance away from those fireworks!
    although ti did look rather pretty

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