White-ink tattoo on the palm of Stewy‘s hand.

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Click through for a healed photo.

Brendan (of Dragon’s Lair Tattooing, Brisbane) used the “sewing-machine” technique that greatly increases the chances of the ink holding.

38 thoughts on “Palmistry

  1. Thats fucking AWESOME.

    I have a lot of white ink, and I have to say that has held in really really well – especially for the area!

    Shannon, any wiki info on this sewing-machine technique? I can see how it done (repeated hits at different depts) – but any info on why this works, extra healing periods or scarring? I want to know more!

  2. i like it ..white ink rulezzzz…

    and the photo reminds me of “Pan’s labyrinth”…

  3. I would love to know more about this Sewing Machine method. I’m having a hard time finding an artist willing to do white-ink on me. Those look really well done and beautiful! :)

  4. looks amazing, would hand-poked white ink hold better if the sewing machine technique works well? i imagine that it would but i am also kind of odd

  5. Niiice! Like it white.

    Can someone tell me the name of the song, I kinda like that too. :)

  6. this looks amazing! i always wanted a palm tatoo, but in the two local tatoo shop i was told that they won’t do it because palm tattoo always fade away.
    but now i have proof that they can also look very good if done well.

  7. im still amazed that people do not realize the swastika has been around for thousands of years before hitler.

    the swastika even used to be a big symbol in the jewish religion/culture.

  8. Yes the Swastika has been around for thousands of years…But if you refer to the TRADITIONAL symbol and compare it to the Nazi symbol you’ll see a vast difference….Mostly the angles…Also in Nazi Germany they did not refer to it as a Swastika, it was mostly viewed upon as a broken/bent cross, if memory serves me correctly.

    Now some people are gonna say whatever a swastika is a swastika but again it immensely depends on the positioning of the swastika.

    For example I was looking for potential scarification guinea pigs and a individual I knew, brought in various swastika. Only problem is they were ALL collected via Nazi websites…Based on that alone, I turned him down.

    Based on how Stewy’s hands are positioned, it does sort of make the image appear to be taken more from the Nazi movement, then the tradtional swastika…Depending on how your eyes gaze at the imagery…But perhaps Stewy doesn’t care and its about what it means to him, if anything.

    I also think its kinda comical that stewy’s hair gives off the very familiar Hitler hairstyle, do to his hands covering most of his face.

    Deutchland uber alles?

  9. Traditional Swastika Shape: [img][/img]

    Nazi Germany Swastika: [img][/img]

  10. fuck off you nazi shit head! if you think you can play naive you can forget about it/ it is well nown that shity idiot ignorence children like to play nazi beacouse they are soooo fucking bord with their life. enough is enough. symbol Nazi, tho it came from India and has history that goes way back the WW2, is still a symbol that most people see as a Nazi symbol.
    i really think you are one sick mother fucker.

  11. 35 I have a real big bold Swastika tattooed in the middle of my forehead ,what would taat make me? othe than I no i am but what r u?

  12. Interesting to see your hands! Normally the lines should heal totally flat and I’ve never known that anyone would tattoo their palms. I must get my friends to see them!

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