Three nipples, six bars

Jamie at Wildside Tattoo (Cedar Rapid, IA) did these six nipple piercings on a customer at his shop — I think that’s the best developed third nipple I’ve ever seen, pierced or not… And thanks to Jamie, this one’s pierced. Twice. You can click through for a closer look.

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40 thoughts on “Three nipples, six bars

  1. i wonder if she gets pregnant and breastfeeds will milk come out from all of them like usual…

  2. Wow, that’s all kind of awesome! I’m kinda jealous… That’s also the best developed third nipple I’ve ever seen, as well. I love when people embrace their “deformities”.

  3. That one’s so well formed compared to all the ones I’ve seen.

    Oh, Mallrats FTW.

  4. this is really weird. plus, why is one of the barbells on the ‘real’ nipple, on the breast that has two, so long? its just about touching one of the barbells on the spare nipple.

  5. The pictre in the gallery shows some heavy stretch marks on her tummy. I think she has already had a child. Maybe we’ll get an answer to whether the nipple lactated or not.

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  7. “Is she psychic too?”

    “Well, it’s the third nipple…”

    “You have a third nipple? I didn’t even notice!”

    Love it!

  8. um.. comment goblins got me.
    to repeat, LOVE Mallrats, LOVE that nipple.
    and I think it would look weird if she hadn’t pierced all three.

  9. wow! that’s insanely it functional because if it is that’d be some cool.

  10. they say two heads are better than one – so I guess three nipples beat two heads!

  11. Wasn’t there a 3rd nipple freak in Total Recall? Or maybe just three boobs.

  12. hey everyone, im jamie the guy who pierced her 3 nipples a total of 6 times. i here to answer your questions cuz not only did i pierce her she is also my wife. first yes it does lactate we have two boys and it worked for both of them. second as for why the bar on top is so long, well we were origanally going to put one bar bell through both nipples but she said it was way uncomfortable. any other questions go ahead and write me @ [email protected] or find me on myspace

  13. Hello everyone who is enjoying looking at my nipples, My name is christina ans yes the third nipple is highly functional, no i am not psychic.I do enjoy reading the comments so please keep them coming. I used to be so self conscious about them until i got them pierced and now they are very well known. I guess i never realized how many people actually had third nipples although not many have them like this. Thanks guys for all the comments, feel free to email me with any question at [email protected]!!!!THanks

  14. If they weren’t pierced, I’d be indifferent. But that the three are makes it so badass and a celebration.

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