Tongue Splitting

I don’t think they really look very much alike in most photos, but in this shot of her tongue split, MarySparks looks disconcertingly like my sister ( Click through for another photo.

As a point of trivia, tongue splitting as a major trend in body modification is about a decade old now (almost exactly, actually)… it’s funny to think how “normal” it seems now, and how outlandish it seemed before the Lizardman opened that particular Pandora’s Box.

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33 thoughts on “Tongue Splitting

  1. I’ve always debated about getting my own tongue split. Then again a lot of guys I know said that it’d be too weird kissing a girl with a split tongue. I, personally, would love to hear stories of guys (who don’t have split tongues) kissing girls who do. I don’t think it’d be that much different but then again I’ve never experienced kissing anyone with a split tongue.

  2. Every time I see this I want to get it done more and more. It looks so strangely natural

  3. @Sar: I don’t know about those guys, but in my very humble opinion (and I haven’t got my tongue split neither any major stuff done) a split tongue is the apex of femininity. Well, sort of ;-)

  4. That girl is fanatically pretty, I’d love kissing someone with a split tongue.

  5. Have kissed a girl with her tounge split.
    Didn’t notice much difference actually, but could have been the booze :)

  6. mary’s tongue split is crazy crazy long. she has more pics of it, and when she visits ash and i are ashamed of our baby splits!

  7. i agree with shannon.

    & i personally believe that a split tounge is one of the most fascinating things i have ever seen.

    i believe that i will get mine done as my future graduated-from-college present to myself. that is if i can find someone in/around CT that is willing to do it… which seems to be the hard part.

  8. Hmmmm, I’ve always enjoyed the company of a woman with a talented tongue. Mods are mods. I don’t see why it would make a difference. If your not weirded out by looking at the mod why would any of the other senses matter.

  9. I cannot wait to get mine done! Hey, if a guy is too stupid to know how hot a split tongue is.. Don’t play with him!

  10. I had mine split about 7 years ago. When I was born I was tongue-tied, barely being able to stretch my tongue past my teeth. First I had my lingular frenulum cut (a procedure I’ve had to repeat several times due to regrowth), then when that healed I had it split. Right now the split itself is only about 3/4″ back, but I want to extend it soon. I love the things it lets me do, and I’ve gotten good review from the people I’ve used it on. I’d never go back.

    Beautiful picture and beautiful subject.

  11. I split my tongue a little while back using the fishing line method. It was hard, but 22 days later it was done.
    So far only compliments with regards to kissing, it is a slightly different feeling ;)

    I plan to do it again and split it back a little further. But my current job requires me to be able to talk. lol

    If you are interested, click my name to go to the diary I made of the splitting.

  12. I’ve kissed a girl with a split tongue, and I am hear to say that it was rad. She made out with my girlfriend as well and she thought it was pretty darn cool as well. You can just do so much more with it.

  13. mary’s tongue is amazing!

    kissing tongue splits is great. it’s all about split on split action!

  14. What’s that cheek business called? I’d never seen it before until just a couple of days ago, and now all of sudden I’ve got a regular customer at work who has it done too. Cute as hell, I must say. Like metal dimples.

  15. i was there when she got her split, iam Howie did that , all of his splits are super huge, mary was so hardcore getting it done, she didnt move at all, not that she could feel any pain anyway ;)

  16. How did her split get so long(what method), i have seen some that are really long and others that are just the tip and i want mine to be as long as possible

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