You Raise Me Up

Shannon enjoying a sunlit suspension.

DivX download link for BME members: Extreme2 or Full members

Jason does the raising.

28 thoughts on “You Raise Me Up

  1. the music makes it so dramatic! looks like so much fun =] i love the hug at the end.

  2. Credit where it’s due, in addition to Pualy, we have: Kevin (iam:posikevin) who is the one Shannon lifts, and that’s Dave (iam: dave k) in the background, who are both members of the ihung ( suspension team. The suspension takes place outside of Modified Soul ( piercing studio in Columbus, OH.

  3. i did make my way into all shannons pictures and videos at the cinci meet too haha

    i should make wears pauly shirts haha

    to bad we didnt get video of kevin picking up jason the next day haha

  4. I wuz just thinking.. Does ennybuddy have any blooper footage of a suspension gone awry? Like where the person swings too low and trips or something? I mean, it’s gotta happen sometimez, rite?

  5. Skizzystarr – One of the first videos posted to ModBlog is Allen Falkner falling I think, and if you check out the Uvatiarru videos there’s a hilarious clip of Marty/Martini straightening his hooks on the first swing and falling on me while I’m filming it…

  6. what is it with suspenision and making peolpe feel like kids again, the fountain of youth on a rope?
    one of the best suspension vids ive seen, nice.

  7. Really beautiful vid, the music was a bit too much :D
    Loved the hug in the end.

    The clip of Martini was funny…

  8. 17.& 18. : HAR HARR!! Thanx Shannon. Thet snap’n dangle lookz mighty painful!!

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