Ass Crack Piercing

Six at Exotix Tattoos and Piercings in Toronto, ON, calls this ass crack piercing “the valley”… haha… I don’t know if that’s official but at least it’s better than “ass crack”.

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49 thoughts on “Ass Crack Piercing

  1. Whoa…that’s insanely cute…plus her bum is really lovely…I hope she has a Christina on the other side to achieve complete arousing sexiness… :)

  2. That has to be one of the finest behinds I’ve ever seen. The piercing is quite nice as well…. really compliments her ‘assets’.

  3. How easily does such a piercing heal? Does it tend to be rejected like other surface piercings? Didn’t find any matching entry in the BME Encyclopedia…

  4. nice ass.
    I spoke to Stitch after she had her “valley” pierced and one fell out the first night while sleeping and the other she though would have to come out.
    I really liked these and would love to have them done, I do hope that there is a way to make them heal and not be a constant pain in the Arse..

  5. Thank you, CrabbyPatty. Everyone else was talking about her exquisite backside, or the piercing itself, and I thought I was the only one who had no clue what “bess” meant! :)

  6. my ass crack surface piercing actually healed, it doesn’t lymph or ache or get caught on anything ever, so yeah. it’s the only surface piercing i’ve been able to heal, which makes me laugh because its my ass.

  7. she has a lovely bottom. I’ve been interested in that piercing placement since i first saw it, but my ass doesn’t hold a candle to hers.

  8. hahah its an ass christina

    or an anti christina


    tailbone surface?

    whatever it is its cute as hell
    and i need a girl with one

  9. Hey, i have a sacral dimplpe on my ass, someone look it up and see if mine could be peirced!

  10. Looks gorgeous. I’ve actually considered this piercing before. At least when my jeans slip down there’d be something pretty..

  11. #33– my thought exactly. at least when your pants slip there’s something nice to look at.

  12. Viva la Crackhawk, The clubs growing!!! I have had mine for about a year and half I believe…perfectly healed for a surface piercing…I did choose tygon for the particular piercing considering the placement and its worked great. The world needs more pretty ass cracks!

  13. I’ve got a serious thing about butts,and that is a gorgeous butt. If I told her,would she hold it against me?

  14. Nice ass. I don’t really see the point of a piercing in that location, but if it’s an excuse to get pictures of asses like that, then what the hell.

  15. Omg, I love that piercing!

    I want to do it so bad now

    Does it hurt and how much did it cost?

    Does it seem to heal relatively quickly and can you sit down? haha

  16. Beautiful buns, and the piercing is kind of cute. But I can’t help thinking about there being ass-wiping-related complications.

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