Do your nuts hang low?

Ironparachute’s keeping his already incredibly long nutsack trained with a session of pumping that’s taking it all the way down to his knees…

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36 thoughts on “Do your nuts hang low?

  1. It looks a bit like a core sample that a geologist would take on an ice sheet, or something.

  2. um… ok, Im confused… it looks the shape of a penis pump, but it looks like his nuts are on the outside not inside the tube… and I agree w/ #5, definitely looks like a core sample… thats seriously nuts… hehe I made a pun…

  3. Does he have any complications from doing this repeatedly… Seems like he could unintentionally castrated himself..

  4. Men’s testicles hang lower just naturally as you age, due to stretching, similar to women’s breasts. I’m sure he’s accelerating the process considerably. It’ll be funky to see this guy in the locker room at the gym when he’s 50.

  5. #8 “it looks the shape of a penis pump, but it looks like his nuts are on the outside not inside the tube…” ??? How does his nuts look like their hanging out side the tube, that doesn’t make any sense????? Is there a lot of pain involved with this procedure???

  6. ive often wonderd if the nuts in the scrotum also get “sucked” right down the the bottom of the tube, or is only the scrotum stretched with the vacum leaving the nuts high us as in their “normal” position?

  7. I gotta agree with Chaq as well – the first thing I thought was it looks like a core sample as well! :0

  8. looks like some of his pubes have been caught in the pump…lol. come to think of it, he has a pretty sizable bush there…hehe

  9. i do not understand at all of its his “ball” where is his dick im pretty sure that thats his dick some help me understand better

  10. I’ve seen this guy (he goes by both “Ironparachute” and “grouchie”) before. Those are his scrotum and nuts sucked down into the vacuum tube. His cock is in there too, smashed against the top of the first 5″ of the tube. I’ve seen a photo of him wearing about 10″ of metal ball stretchers, so his nuts actually do stretch that far. Another photo I saw of him had him wearing a humbler and standing up completely straight – it had NO affect on him at all!

    Oh, and he’s a redhead.

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