Christina Piercing

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78 thoughts on “Christina Piercing

  1. yeah why do u find that disgusting? i’d say it’s a bit more tame than a lot of other shit on bme

  2. very hott very tasteful love christinas if i had a vagina i think it would be my first piercing

  3. There are a lot of things here that might be considered disgusting (“cigar-sized keloid removal” is right up there.)

    This isn’t one of them.

    Unless, y’know, you’ve got a problem with taut, tanned, sweat-dappled skin, or your gorge rises at the sight of steel against a smooth mons.

    In which case, more power n’ pity to ya.

  4. The piercing is really really pretty on her, but the picture…makes her look like she’s a turkey getting roasted. Feels like there should be some stuffing comin’ out of her cooter. Maybe some potatoes off to the side.

  5. lmfao @ “cooter-stuffing and potatoes”

    This picture is amazingly sexy, and hoorah to the person who discovered this lighting, it’s gorgeous. I can never find such good lighting. I always have to compromise.

  6. I have to agree that this picture seems kinda gross…its just the greasy look I think, I cant stand greasy-ness. No offense though, she has a gorgeous body.

  7. what’s disgusting?
    Well, let me say this first: I love body mods including split dicks, amputations, etc. I DO NOT like baked tans on tiny bodies… she looks like a rotisserie chicken

  8. How do you know that she doesn’t have naturally darker skin?.. and even if she is ‘baked’ why does it matter..? This is modblog..we like diversity here..

  9. considering the eveness of her skin color, i’m gonna say that it’s natural.

    either that, or this photo is extremely photoshopped, or she goes to the tanner daily.

  10. ‘find fault with anything to seem cool’? are you serious? I am not sure how saying I don’t find greasy looking things sexy equates to me trying to seem cool. I just don’t find it appealing. chill.

  11. i agree it is a beutiful picture, but if you got rid of the pound of lard spread all over her it would be incrdible. just some people like and some dont

  12. At the risk of sounding repetitive and repeating what tons of people have said already…”SUUUUUUPER FRICKIN’ HOT PHOTO!!!!” Tres excellent. :)

  13. #41: regarding her skin tone, it’s unbelievable what tonal ranges can be accomplished through different lighting schemes.

  14. Has to be in the top ten of sexiest pictures ever at
    the Modblog. Unfortunately,no click-through.
    I’d at least like to have that in a higher res.

  15. i think this pic is stunning. to me it looks like she’s in a sauna and is sweating as she runs her hands all over her tight body.. wow. the lighting is amazing and compliments what i imagine to be her real skin tone and highlights the rises and dips of her body. the most provocitive picture ive seen on modblog and definitly dosent remind me of a basting chicken.. ITS A HOT CHICK LYING NAKED, SWEATING! cmooonnn

  16. Yeah, that’s not grease, that’s sweat. A lot of it!
    It reminds me of when my boyfriend had been working out and he’d be totally dripping with sweat and it tasted SO DAMN GOOD.
    Yummy :)

  17. Beautiful. Would make a great desktop background.

    I’d love a Christina but Imn too lazy to shave my forest, haha!

  18. can’t realy say much more than what has already been said
    deff amonst the hotsest photos postest here

  19. I’ll have to agree with # 20. It could be a really pretty picture but it just doesn’t look right. I thought it looks disgusting as well. But it’s all about the piercing, the picture itself does not play it up though.

  20. This picture is beautiful! I would seriously hang a big print of this on my living room wall :)

    I think the BMEZINE calendar is a great idea too!…and maybe the people who get to be in it get a free 6 mo. or year IAM or something…in anycase, I would buy one!

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