This is Sparta!

If you’re wondering, this is what happens when you get a sunburn while wearing a spray on promotional tattoo.

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38 thoughts on “This is Sparta!

  1. hhahha..i still think that movie was toilet..well it was ok..but cmon..hahahah…”note to angry cats” my opinion.
    anyone know if anone actualy bothers to do set sunburn art pieces..would be interesting .

  2. #8, when sunburns turn to tanned skin (assuming his skin does that, it’s not an all-the-time thing) it usually is never a smooth transition. If you’ve ever seen someone who left a bracelet on in the tanning bed, by the next day you usually can’t even tell they left it on. Now, if you continuously have that section blocked then you will get a distinct separation between the regular skin and the burned/tan skin. It usually won’t last too long, but the effect can be pretty cool.

  3. loved that movie, beautiful men running around the whole time
    wearing almost nothing
    for once a movie that instead of only females running around wearing almost nothing, it was the guys turn
    ps. ouchy sunburn!

  4. Yayyyyy, I have been secretly hoping that something like this would be posted! I loooove tan line patterns! More more more!

  5. This leaves me bad memories of some godawful tan lines I got from being out in the sun while wearing fishnet sleeves…

  6. I got one of these at Warped Tour. Sadly mine didn’t burn around it like I wanted too, but the spray looked cool while it lasted!

  7. Wow. I’d like to see that, Cailyn. It reminded me of triathletes tanning around the numbers written on their arms in magic marker.

  8. that is one of hte coolest temporary mods i’ve ever seen, havent really thought about sunburn as a bodymod before, but its definatley a cool one

  9. When I was younger I always wanted to cut out pieces of tape in a certain shape and wear the tape all summer, but I was lazy and never got around to doing it. I think I will next summer!

  10. i’ve done that with a star sticker. it turned out not too shabby. kind of looked like an octopus though (without 3 or 4 tentacles).

  11. there is a possibility that he may have to wear that for even longer than he ever would have wanted. we had a suspendee that became sunburned while he had his marks on for the hooks. the mark lines are still there to this day. i would assume that it is because of some sort of reaction between the marking agent and the sun and skin. if this spray on had the same element it’s conceivable that this may turn to be a semi if not permanent thing. permanent suspension marks are kinda funny. permanent advertisement (unless sought out) could be kinda… well, not.

  12. Are people seriously still getting sunburned on PURPOSE?

    Pierce, split, brand, scar, and tattoo yourselves as much as you like, (hell, even chop off bits if thats your cup of tea!) but please be sun-smart. Cancer is a bitch.

  13. yay cancer. we just found out yesterday that my dad has skin cancer for the 4th time. sunscreen people!!

  14. “havent really thought about sunburn as a bodymod before, but its definatley a cool one”

    No, no it’s not. Sunburn is not body modification, it’s body DAMAGE. Other forms of bodymod aren’t likely to result in you getting cancer – burning yourself in the sun on purpose might. C’mon, people.

  15. That’s awesome.
    (Though I didn’t read the blurb above before looking at the picture and thought he’d done it permanently. I was much relieved to see it wasn’t so!)

  16. Ugh I went to the beach right after getting surface piercings on my collar and put sunscreen every where but in small circles around the jewelry. (No, I didn’t go in the ocean, I’m not stupid) so now I have these nice little tan circles around the jewelry and everyone always asks if they’re new because they look irritated. It’s been a month and a half, still tanned.

  17. This reminds me of a Barbie I had as a kid, which came with stickers you’d apply before you left her out in the sun for a while, leaving untanned shapes when the stickers came off.
    I guess it wasn’t a very good message to be sending to the youth of the day!

    Sunburn sucks. Take care of your skin, peeps!

  18. OMGGGG….I totally took this picture!….this is one of my best friends omg…kevin thats awesome!!!

  19. My body does the same, it’s not necessarily a reaction, but I hope he goes out in the sun often enough. I have a tan line from three years ago!

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