In the forest

When a few weeks have gone by, will this customer of Mike Kelton‘s (Shaman Body Piercings and Modifications, Austin Texas) still be able to see the 14ga 1 ¼” surface bar that he had installed on his sternum?

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52 thoughts on “In the forest

  1. weeks??? I’m thinking by the time the photo was submitted they were little metal islands in a sea of hair. :) my roommate grows hair like that. I always want to wax him in his sleep. :0

  2. #

    ”is it Roorahcrumb’s chest?
    everythingandnothing on September 20th, 2007 at 8:16 pm ”


  3. First successful sternum piercing on a black bear. Afterwards, the piercer was immediately ripped to shreds.

    Dizzy Chair Time on September 21st, 2007 at 1:10 am

    lmfao that hillarious looks like a good peircing tho

  4. That’s a sternum?
    Oh, Kelly Clarkson lol.
    Melanie on September 20th, 2007 at 7:51 pm

    ahahahahahahahahaha, my thoughts EXACTLY!

  5. now what’s the point of getting that done? you’ll never be able to see it when the hair grows back

  6. #29 – I agree. Don’t get me wrong … I love body hair on men, but no one (including him!) will be able to see it when the hair grows back :(

  7. Now that just seems like a waste of time and money.
    I feel the same way about Christina’s. While I love them and would love the have them, that’s a lot of maintenance. What about when you want to just let yourself grow out a bit?

  8. I love it how people will happily bitch about someone’s bodyhair – “That is so gross”, “is just wrong on soooo many levels” – and then probably be the very same people who lose it when someone else calls a girl fat, or says that half a dick, or a certain piercing (or whatever) is disgusting.
    Perhaps you should learn some fucking manners, and stop being such judgemental pricks.
    It’s people like you who’s catty comments make women feel like they have to shave their legs and hairy men feel like they’re revolting.
    How dare you.

  9. It doesn’t get that cold in Austin, but hey, Fall’s coming and it may get a little brisk. Built-in woolies =)

  10. The balls are TEENY!

    It doesn’t matter if anyone can see it or not, not all piercings are done to be shown off you know.

    Hairy guys – lush.

    A little bit of chest fuzz never hurt anyone, tis rather manly actually :)
    (I realise that it’s probably not just a little, but a lot is good too)

  11. >>>>i dont get the kelly clarkson refference.

    Maybe she has a hairy chest !!!

    haha. 40 yr old virgin.

    also, I’m not a fan of that much body hair, ew. He can have it, wtv, but I would die.

  12. Chaq, just because I have a certain preference when it comes to body hair I now hate genital piercings and I’m a hypocrite? Right…

    And you’re totally right. I should learn manners when you sit and make assumptions while unable to form a sentence without gratuitous swearing.

  13. Stephanie, there’s a difference between having a preference (i.e. I prefer no hair to lots of hair) and saying that lots of hair is gross, because saying that is offensive to those with lots of body hair. It’s just like how I might prefer blondes to brunettes, but won’t say “brunettes are ugly”, because that would be inconsiderate of brunettes’ feelings.
    And I didn’t say that you hate genital piercings, I said (presumptuously, I’ll admit) that you’d probably be the first person to leap to the defense of someone who’s piercing is being crticised, while at the same time criticising a feature of someone elses body, like their body hair.
    And tell me why saying ‘fuck’ is gratuitous when I’m saying it in anger. Isn’t a “fuck” said in anger perfectly justifiable?

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