Urethral Reroute

If you have an IAM access, I highly recommend that you check out NuderThanNude‘s page. He is attempting to reroute his urethra and has a great detailed account and tons of pictures of the process.

I shouldn’t say “attempting”, as he seems to have been successful. More updates on this will most definitely follow.

Urethral Reroute

26 thoughts on “Urethral Reroute

  1. hot and sweety – sweety and hot, for biting! Rerouting is very horny, but i look for me a kind with a good peeray yet during peeing in standing. Than i could complete my cock-splitting!

  2. *blinks*
    I have absolutely no idea what jack6two said.

    Aside from that, I gotta say the lack of hair is hot.

  3. I would be that clean shaven down there – if I could find a chick worth shavin’ for! By the way – that guy’s CRAZY!!!

  4. well im glad the comments are back up the only thing I could think of when I saw this was wow he has no hair

  5. Hy Ryan! You dont understand, than imagine, how the peeing shall go with a reroute. Like Nikkibunny says only in sit down and with bad directed ray and droppling – i think.
    Our cock is naturally formed a best kind of jet! And a sub, my splitting or the reroute generally destroys this optimum ray tool. So im looking for a way to keep the diracted peeing. After the solution of this problem i want to complete my splitting. Greets!

  6. jack6two.. i’m also not sure what you were trying to say. but splitting your dick? what the hell man

  7. Hy mikey! Yeah – splitting is a crazy and amazing act and kind of body-mods (like the reroute too) with new and crazy sex-possibilities, -feelings and -practics. I mean, you could imagine!?? But this new play-kinds bring disadvantages too, for example the wide and undirected peeray and droppling aso (like with a reroute too!). You cant imagine? I cant believe. Bye.

  8. Hi!
    Wonderful mod, Your genitals are the greatest example of what I’d like to see behind my legs.
    I wonder if this kind of genital mod can be done at home, do you have any ideas of how can I make an urethral reroute without applying for professional surgeon.


  9. How about a reroute to an ear? He could also reroute his rectum to the other ear, piss and crap standing up. I just gotta ask: WHY

  10. Tris Stewart, I think I speak for most people when I say that when people say “I have to ask: why?” it is possibaly the most annoying thing ever. He dosen’t have to justify or explain himself to you. (i don’t mean to be…um…mean but it is very annoying.)

  11. Tris Stewart, I think that if you took a close look in the mirror you would find the answer. I don’t know anything about but I would suspect that you do something with the hair on your head, cut it, style it, or possibly even shave it. The question would be WHY? Why not just it grow natural? I am sure that there are a lot of things that you change about yourself and you appearance that while being more mainstream that someone could ask the same question of (“WHY”???). Some of us are more inclined toward “less mainstream and more radical modifications” because we welcome or enjoy change a lot more, while others are more afraid of change. I personally like change, especially if that change makes me more aware of, and in touch with my sexuality. Some changes such as my permanent hair removal just feel much better (and to me, look better) and also increases sensitivity during sex, etc.
    Hope that helps answer your question.

  12. Where could a lady find more info on the permanent hair removal? Simply because I HATE shaving, and the fact that I like being smooth and fur free…

    Also, did you have the hair removal on your entire body?

    Btw, nice body mod!

  13. hye john, you can do it by yourself. it isnt heavy. ioften stitched with long needles through through and from my urethra deep near the cock root outwards toward down or upsides of the cock.. some pain but a horny look!
    i did it with a thinn long kitchen-knife too: that looks amazing how the knife goes into the urethra and comes out at the cock root upwards to my bellow – horny games. and so you can stitch with a long needle through the urethra until behind your ballsac and there outwards through the thin scin and meat between ass and sac.
    try it. but with a tube its neccesarry to hold the hole open. otherwise the fresh hole will heal closed in some days….

  14. Wow Nude that’s something I have never thought of.. cool. I also have done Laser and electrolysis on everything from the face down. Body hair grosses me out… Also have a 0g prince albert piercing and recently cut my frenulum.. me likey. OH!.. forgot why I started to comment lol: You could get a custom prince albert wand with a flexible line and run it out your new hole with a gem on the end or something that suits you. Wearable all the time if you wanted (super piercing.. heck you could name it yourself because I don’t think anyone has done that?…. hrmmm I’m inspired…. and I have Vodka and sharp things…hmmmm………

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