C’mon, Won’t Somebody Kiss This Man’s Boo-Boo?

This very cool Band-Aid tattoo was done by the very talented Kyle Cotterman at Great American Tattoo Company located in Kingsport, Tennessee, United States

This beautifully done tattoo is close to the knee area on the body. Kyle used a 15 mag the whole time. As well as a 5 liner for small detail. This design was done directly on the body with sharpies, before tattooing it. The tattoo took around an hour and a half for it to be completed and it roughly covers a 4×4 area.

Band-Aid Tattoo

The part that I really like the most is how well Kyle captured the wound and it’s bruising under the band-aid, or in pc-terms: self-adhesive strip.

21 thoughts on “C’mon, Won’t Somebody Kiss This Man’s Boo-Boo?

  1. Excellent detail, but since when do band aids have the white guaze on the outer portion of the band aid, should it be flipped over so the guaze is touching the cut?

  2. 15 mag? on such a small area. Very nice. I would have thought 7 mag. Talent. Very nice tattoo.

  3. 3 – You get some band aids that are really see through, so you can see the other side through the sticky bit. if that makes sense haha

    At first glance i thought this was a tattoo covered up by a band aid! could tell the underneath wasnt real but had to take a second look at the plaster

  4. comments are back!!!!!!!!!!

    love this! makes me want to peel it off and see the crusty scab underneath…

    ew, am quite gross.

  5. Hey… where’d my comment go?!
    I’ll try again..
    “I’m glad this photo made it’s way over from Myspace!! Good picture.”

  6. time out over? :)

    this is awesome! love the concept….hm wouldnt mind a slight alteration of it. no copying of course! but i adore the idea

  7. When it serves to indicate the possessive, “its” doesn’t take an apostrophe. The only case in which “it’s” is correct is as a shortened form of “it is” or “it has”.
    Smarten up a bit, posters!

  8. lol question esmerelda are you seeing things or am i missing them i dont see an it’s lol

    anyways that is a fuckin awesome bandaid love it can we peel it off the bruise look interesting

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