56 thoughts on “Full Chest Cutting

  1. Wow. . .that’s ridiculously beautiful. Why do you scar so perfectly?? I’m jealous of men because they have that huge, flat canvas for a torso.

  2. Dude that’s cos you have the sexist scars EVER!

    I’m not a huge fan of scarification work personally because I don’t like heavily keloided work but that’s JUST ME and my PERSONAL prefrence.

    I love your because they’re so intricate and detailed and even and all around nice looking too :)

  3. To me, this is one of the most amazing body mods that I’ve seen on ModBlog, and I’ve been reading it since it started. So amazing! WOW

  4. I know I’ve seen it somewhere before…But Whitespace you happen to have any shots of how your back cutting healed? On your page in your mod tracker it appears you only have freshly done and process photo’s.

    Was just wondering that because video of the procedure popped up on inkednation…In response to the people posting there I stated I was pretty sure I saw a healed photo of it before and that it looked good…But on your page couldn’t find it lol

  5. this work’s always been my favorite, most perfectly performed scarification in history! dave is insanely talented, and tom’s body is probably good for healing scars this accurately…

  6. One of the most beautiful scarification pieces of ever seen. Although I wouldnt get the ohm symbol where the solar plexus/heart chakra would be. That would fuck up my meditations.

  7. Sorry to cut in on this, because that scarification is pretty amazing, but I was just wondering if you’re planning on turning control of this site back over to its creator and rightful owner any time soon.

    Once again, very nice scars there. I really am impressed. Unfortunately, I’m not going to be reading any more of this blog until Shannon is reinstated.

    Ta in advance.

  8. I’ve always loved iam:Whitespace’s scars. He’s definitely a contributing party into why I chose to get scar work, specifically from Dave.

  9. I’ve always loved this guy’s stuff

    He was on modblog before. I think Shannon declared that this was teh best scarification body suit he’d ever seen

  10. ooooh I’ve been waiting for this to go up on modblog. If i scarred like this my whole body would be a design.. its so subtle and beautiful like he was born with it.

  11. oh god, wow…
    its enough to make me question the limits i’d push myself to when it comes to my mods
    inspiring! :)

  12. that is effin lush, i dont really like it when are scars are really raised and red, i love that its so fine and white, does anyone know why scars turn out so diffrently, is it diffrent techniques?

  13. Looks really amazing, but I’m curious about something. Does that much coverage limit your flexibility at all? I.e. if you twist your upper body around or bend over backwards, do the scars pull noticeably?

  14. and also I think it is ridiculous that this website is about a community that prides itself on being who they want to be and doing what they want to do, yet you are now moderating comments, surely in an effort to quell the rebellious ones that know this is Shannon’s site and will always be Shannon’s site.

    In essence, moderating comments is one of the biggest acts of hypocrisy this website could possibly commit. No comments would be better then the illusion of freedom you (whoever you are know) are attempting to create.

  15. !!!

    I remember seeing this piece fresh on BME over a year ago. It turned out GORGEOUS. David Gillstrap is so talented.

  16. that’s probably the best scarification ive ever seen. its just fucking amazing. i would love something like that if i thought my body would actually heal it that perfectly

  17. Hey Whitespace, thanks a lot for the info, I was just wondering cos I’m sort of interested in scarification, but I’m also getting into martial arts and wouldn’t want anything that might limit mobility. =)

  18. the chick on the cover of BME sure has gotten a lot of attention. if i had ever been on the cover of BME, i would be a little jealous since her image has been on the cover longer than any other cover image, at least to my knowledge. [*hint, hint*]

  19. #44 It would have been moderated before had I said this scarification was ugly and I hoped his cat would die. In no way do I actually think his scarification is ugly, and I hope his cat lives to 99, but at least with Shannon if I had made a post criticizing him for the way he wrote this blog entry it probably still would have been posted. However, when I make comments criticizing the new regimes’ talent, creativity, and work ethic when it relates to their blog entries it gets moderated. As I have said before ‘Your comment is awaiting deletion’.

  20. I’m not sure how people can claim that any talk of shannon is stupid crap. respect for the man who started this community should be expressed by anyone who has any grasp on human decency.
    But then again that obviously doesn’t sit quite right around here anymore does it?

  21. I just think that a site advocating freedom of expression through body modification should also advocate freedom of speech and all the other freedoms we are supposedly entitled to. They may not like what we are saying, but that doesn’t mean they have a right to deny us our voice.

    Shannon would actually respond to negative comments, try and bring light to an argument, and encourage debate and discussion. There was a 400 comment post about self-amputation awhile back that was one of the most interesting conversations I have ever seen on the internet, thanks much to Shannon for trying to express the thoughts and motivations of the people he knows who have self-amputated. It was enlightening and interesting. There was actually a sense of community then.

  22. I would have to say that i’m not the biggest fan of cuttings, but, and i do say but, this work is GREAT! the lines are smooth and the keloid’s are not too overgrown. Great Job!!

  23. wow lovely. i’d like to see more healed cutting, bme is full of fresh scars but you rarely see any of the real results

  24. I want to touch the scar SO BADLY. The texture must be interesting! :o

    Well, I sound like a dork.

  25. very beautiful. i wonder how long this took to heal…i’ll bet this feels lovely to the touch.

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