Gorgeous Double Corset

I love when photography is modification based. When the mods are done for the photo, rather than the other way around. Like these corsets done on tinaxo (photo by Stephen Ellis).

tinaxo & AnGeLinPayN (credit: Stephen Ellis)

And that would be AnGeLinPayN peeking out, who also has some great pictures of this very photogenic girl, which will be posted later.

15 thoughts on “Gorgeous Double Corset

  1. We got our VOICE back on BME….thank you so much.
    1/2 the fun of BME is hearing what others have to say about things.

  2. 1. There was a previous picture from the same photo shoot i believe, but this is actually the first time my face has been modblogged, so it definately wasn’t this photo.

    2. It was pointless putting the ribbon through the ones on her elbows, as it didn’t sit nicely on her head, as it does in this photo.

  3. sweet photo. I’m a student at the art college here in calgary (ACAD) majoring in photography. I”m interested in getting a picture of a suspension for a school project.
    if you have anyuseful information please e-mail me

  4. That is incredibly hot. But then, I am a total whore for corset piercings and desperately want to have one done on me.

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