14mm outer conch

Now, while Hailstorm has many “attractive” pictures on her IAM page, I have to say this one is my favorite. Of course, I get weak in the knees for green eyes and dark hair and medusas and….this could take a while.

At that time of this photo, her lobes were 1″ 1/8th and her outer conch was 14mm. Photo by Daithan Grainger.

Hailstorm by Daithan Grainger

56 thoughts on “14mm outer conch

  1. That picture is like a year (or more) old… And it’s on modblog or bme somewhere that I saw it.

  2. #6 – Pictures don’t have to be brand new to be put on modblog.
    It’s a great picture, she’s absolutely stunning and to be honest, how many people do you know with a 14mm outer conch?

  3. sorry to double post, but I need help on stretching. My ears have been at 28mm now for about 3 months, and i want to stretch up to 30, which has been my goal from the begining… It just wont stretch.
    my ears have been quite good at stretching up untill now, and they just wont move. Anyone got any tips to get it moving again?

  4. Jason: A flat IS an outter conch.

    Hailey’s flats are even larger now! They are good for sticking fingers in. :)

  5. It’s her!

    I’d never heard the term “flat” before. Thanks for pointing that out. Learn something new everyday.

  6. I have them up to 16mm now.. :) I think that’s as big as I’m going to make them. I had them punched out using some 10mm german biopsy punches and stretched to 12.7 mm right away. I then pushed them up to 14 mm and.. now to 16mm. They were done about a year ago.

  7. Hailz just never takes a bad photo…Even when she’s standing next to my ugly mug.

    I like the outter conchs or flats…But I’m a sucker for her high nostrils….Maybe it’s cuz of her eyes and when you look at them, you can’t take your eyes off them.

    Hailz :P

  8. I think the jewelry she currently has in both her conch and lobes are wicked. Hailey is gorgeous.

  9. Weird as it is – her conch and lobe didnt catch my eye first.. or her hair or her green eyes. Not even the medusa.

    It was her high nostril :$

    But besides that, effen gorgeous

  10. Hailstorm does make me weak in the knees, as well. And, she is a real sweetheart; I can attest to that!

  11. I’ve never seen a nose piercing that high before. How do they pierce it? How is the healing process? It’s an awesome piercing.

  12. You should see her beautiful face now! With the white tattoos and the microdermal shes absolutely flawless!

  13. Hey Haley,

    I thought of a great idea for making your conches link up to your lobes, why not get a jewellery designer to make a hidden linking bar behind yoru ear that keeps your conch upright and stop it tipping over with the weight, then you could guage up to same size as below or go for an interesting Vulcan style plug…..

    just a random thought!

    keep up the good work!

  14. !!!! Damn! I am working my way to have this exact image. If she’s symmetrical then she’s what i’m working towards! Except with a vertical bridge too.

    So so so beautiful and simple looking.

  15. I’m just pointing out, I think this picture was on modblog already… or else it was somewhere in the bme-archive because I’ve seen it here before like more then a year ago.

    It’s absolutely stunning. But at the same time it’s old news. I wonder how she looks like right now?

  16. #45 This picture was never on mod blog before. It’s in the BME large gauge cartilage section. The actual photo was taken in I believe November or December.
    You could just click the link to my page above to find out what it all looks like now or just read my post above at #23

  17. yeahh!!, it’s so pretty, and this “14mm outer conch”, vrey good, very nice girl, with this… ufff, i can’t say no, yah baby, i like you, first look, and i love you, you are Beautiful, ok
    it’s all

  18. Very impressive. And started out at 10mm too…I’m very tempted to dabble with one at this size myself after seeing the photos.

    Oh and Hailstorm looks stunning here too.

  19. is bme not updating or what is the deal i know theres a big legel deal but honestly no updates of anysort

  20. All her piercings are simple but really unusual. Like the high nostrils and medusa. Lovely :)

  21. This is gorgeous, but i can’t stop thinking about the Hailstone Sequence.

    I love the notion of such a gorgeous gal liking math that much. ;)

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