Lightbulb Wand Sounding

Remember being a kid (or just the other day), when you held a flashlight up to your hand or fingers and were amazed when you could “see through your hand”? Recently posted NuderThanNude has given us a different spin on that childhood entertainment of ours.

NuderThanNuder Sounding

56 thoughts on “Lightbulb Wand Sounding

  1. weird, i was recently joking with a friend that i masturbated with a flashlight that was on, so i could see the light through my stomach.

  2. That is so cool, it did remind me of holding a flashlight to my finger. I really like the smoothness of his skin as well, very sexy.

  3. #10 – Is it even possible to see a light through your stomach? You’d have to be awfully skinny. Or possibly doing some strange physical thing I’ve never heard of?

  4. I’m going to try combining this with electric shock play, maybe a tiny section of exposed wire in the wand. And Tom: Yes, men with penises often have vaginas where their arseholes should be.

    Is it just me, or has there been barely any movement on the front page for the last three weeks?

  5. I’d also be interested in knowing how he did the electrolysis, as everything I’ve seen re: the home stuff says it sucks and doesn’t work…

  6. 22. Yes there was… different guy though… japanese? Anyhoo, a few more posts would be good ;)

  7. insaw Kamichaos doing something similar with a lightbulb at his throat once, but this pic..

    could never imagine it was possible! 0_o

  8. Could we get some forward movement somewhere on this site? Hey I know its all balls up but there are an army of contributors regardless of situations willing to share their modification tales of wisdom. Lets keep this up. Going stale does no good for anyone of the community. I’m having a microdermal removal come friday and it would be great to get the photos out there. But I don’t kno if this site still offers that service..

  9. you guys are doing a really good job of updating. just kidding thats not even almost true. neat peen.

  10. Par: I’ve only asked it the once. Why do you think I might do something like that, though?

  11. Yes, Ma’am. Right away.

    Ashplant: In response to your question, I am sorry to inform you that you had misunderstood that my previous question was to another poster and not to your question following that said posters question.

    Please accept my sincerest apologies in regards to the language used in Alyssa’s post that was caused by my prior shortform of this response. “Darned” would have been more appropriate. I can assure you, AshPlant, that the attitude in her message – along with all of her messages – in no way reflects your questions but is mearly a constant barrage directed towards me for whatever reason she has decided to plant a stick firmly up her ass.

    I also apologise for being unsure if “response” is spelled with an s or a c. One may very likely be American while the other is Canadian/British, as is often the case with Canadians having wonky spelling.


    I did good, yes?

  12. no…not really. considering the question i was referring to was this:

    ‘Is it just me, or has there been barely any movement on the front page for the last three weeks?’

    wanted to see if youd address it or let that poor reader wonder in vain. alas, youve failed me once again, blake.

  13. Oh my god, Shut up.
    At least he’s contributing *something* which is what you’re whining about in the FIRST place.
    Would I like to see more movement on the site? Yes.
    Am I going to blame the people who actually participate and attempt to inbetween the rest of their daily lives? No.

  14. Alyssa: *hangs heads in shame*
    I’ll do better next time. I promise.

    BendtheGlass: I know. I’m amazing.

    Veronica: thank you for understanding! :)

  15. To question 18 i saw The Great Amazing Space Cowboy (A “infamous sword swallower”) swallow a glass tube full of red glowing liquid and alas the light shone through his stomach =)

  16. So… now that I’ve established myself as the nice one, I have a completely nonsarcastic question.
    Why *are* updates so slow? Are they super hard to do? Is there a schedule or anything? What’s the sitch?

  17. Veronica: It’s not super hard but it’s a process – for me, at least. Previous posters just used to take content and post it. People would find out after-the-fact that they’d been “modblogged”.

    Given the high tensions these days, I like to ask people for their permission to post their images. So…

    - I browse through IAM and the BME achives (but mostly IAM for easier contacting purposes)
    - I message the user to ask for their permission
    - I wait for their reply
    - I resize/tag the photo and make the post

    …and then an admin checks to make sure that my horrible code and spelling doesn’t destroy the internet as a whole. Then it gets posted.

    Also, I do this on a volunteer basis – along with other people currently posting. My job takes up about 25 hours of my day but I put as much time as I can into contributing.

    Some people send in images and experiences – some people help as reviewers – I post on modblog … when I can.

  18. What’s up w/ youz guyz? I’m getting sort of…out of sorts because of this whole (not update’N’ thing). I need my BME! I need to know there are other beautiful freeks like me out there.

    Anyone else with me on this one?


  19. PAR–
    shannon used to just post the photos on HIS blog because once theyre submitted they are BME property, read the disclaimer.

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