Seeing Red

Red plugs – red ink – red backdrop. Someone was going for a theme. Whole lotta red. With thanks to VeganJarret. If your favorite colour is red, this post is for you … and also to everyone who loves neck tattoos as much as I do.

Click on the pic for a front shot.


27 thoughts on “Seeing Red

  1. hmmm. don’t eat meat = suck.

    I’m not fond of tomatos and absolutely hate onions. Does that make me rule? Neither of those contain meat!

  2. so does the tattoo mean destroy all vegans and straight edge people? or does he just like to destroy stuff and happens to be a wussy vegan straight edge?

  3. You know who really sucks? People with closed minds. who are too afraid to leave a point of contact.

    Very nice plugs, though. What are they?

    p.s. I love unintentional Minor Threat references.

  4. A lot of negative comments are being shared on this ModBlog post and that saddens me. Sure, Jarret is a handsome man but the post is neither about that nor his personal life (i.e. being Vegan, Straight Edge, or who he ‘knocked up’). It’s disappointing seeing people trying to attack these things. I would hope more constructive criticism of body modifications would be the focus of comments posted. With that said, I have always admired VeganJarret’s consistency of traditional style-inspired tattoos. It’s not often I see people who’ve stuck with one style. So, good job!

  5. Very handsome neck tattoo. You need to ink in the areas on your neck without ink. Best wishes. I agree with Tera. This is not the place for pissing and moning. Best wishes.

  6. Someone should tell him that red tattoo ink is made from the blood of animals.


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