Scarwars 3 Tribute

Thank you to the many people sending in and posting your photos from this year’s Scarwars in Philadelphia. If you read the IAM events page, we’re given a “Why” to the purpose of the event…

“Scarwars was started as a means to unite the Scarification community, to encourage learning and information sharing, and to do it all in a fun social setting.”

Hopefully they accomplished just that.

We’re seeing some incredible work coming out of this year’s event and I’m more than happy to share. Thanks to Casey Goldsmith, Galdra, square, j_scarab, candace, carmela and the other photographers who have sent or posted pictures. And now…

I’m pleased to bring you

(some of…)

your artists.
(photo by Galdra)

Scarwars 2007


Scarwars 2007 Scarwars 2007 Scarwars 2007
Scarwars 2007 Scarwars 2007 Scarwars 2007
Scarwars 2007 Scarwars 2007 Scarwars 2007

To Be Continued…

8 thoughts on “Scarwars 3 Tribute

  1. They look so cool when the scar is fresh! what’s more appealing to you guys, the fresh cut or the actual pink puffy scar that comes after healing?

  2. the piece right in the middle on sam’s ribs is probably my favorite piece that I’ve done so far. i love it!!

  3. Actually, IAM:Atom took the Shawny’s Angels photo. It was posted on my page, mainly because Atom is my fiance and the photo was on my camera, but mostly because they were so sassy. I did give Atom photo credit on my page though. Just sayin’.

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