Poose’s Pictures

This entry gets increasingly gratuitous as the pictures continue after the break — don’t click through if you’re under 16, and don’t scroll down more than 500 pixels if you’re under 18 — it really is the same person in each photo too. The 3d-star implants and piercings were done by Graeme Hall at No Regrets in Newton Aycliffe, UK.


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Another beautiful suspension location

Herrich, Fousage, and Shemon from Hell.cz in Prague (“personality tuning and body modification”) did these beautiful suspensions on a hill overlooking Czech farmland to celebrate the end of summer (2007). More photos after the break, and if you’re wondering what’s in the last photo, they’re inserting PTFE through the suspension piercings in order to retain them afterwards.


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Jack Yount

Shawn sent me this footage (from some point in 1988) of his old friend Jack Yount and included the following..

“My first contribution to BME back in 1995 was a memorial article for my friend and mentor Jack Yount. The images that accompanied the article, as well as hundreds to be posted in following years to my own spcOnline site (currently offline), gave you a glimpse of Jack’s extraordinary modifications. This video, taken some years before we met, shows the start of his iconic transformation. It’s my hope however that you look past what Jack has done to his body and listen to the kindness and warmth in his voice.”

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Video footage © 2008 Shawn Porter – Scarwars.net

Alright then…

And you thought the stone circle was the impressive thing to see at this Japanese (thanks Spring) observatory! Move closer after the break (that “tail” is a DIY project by the way), but as a point of trivia did you know that Japan has megalithic stone circle culture a la monuments like Stonehenge? This is a recreation of course, but ancient examples exist as well.


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