Scarred Wings

These relatively simple wing cuttings are one of my favorite pieces that Brian has scalpelled into someone. As if you don’t already know, but you can find him at Pure Body Arts in Brooklyn, as well as on regular tours to various shops around North America.


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29 thoughts on “Scarred Wings

  1. soo pretty.

    shannon, i love when i look at the site right as its being updated with a bunch of articles. :-) I’m glad you’re back!

  2. I can’t wait to see how the healing process turns out for them. I like seeing the differences between the fresh cuttings and the healed scars

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  4. I have to admit… I’m not a fan of scarification… but damn. Those are beautiful. Even I would be tempted to get something like that.

  5. “[S]he is the angel with the scabbed wings
    Hard-drug face
    Want to powder his nose
    He will deflower the freshest crop
    Dry up all the wombs with his rock and roll soul”

  6. Thats what I want!! Thats it!!! I’ve been trying to find a picture of something vaguely similar to what I want for aaages and I’ve now found it, thanking you :)

  7. stunning!!
    when i learn to fly, read:acrobatics, im getting wings, just, not sure how i want them; but these are just fantastic :D

  8. Swank! =D
    I would like to get a scarification of wings as well, but in larger scale on my back.
    I like the style of these ones too.

  9. Fran, while I am so scared of DIY (I’m sure I’d kill myself by hitting a major artery, even in my earlobe) that it makes me squirm to watch others, I have to ask why those DIY videos upset you so much. Granted, they’re not the most hygenic situations, but how many times have we read in the experiences sections of people doing the same thing. How many parents (grandparents, dorms, friends, hotel, etc) bathrooms have people managed to poke, prod or cut themselves in? How many hatpins (needles, safety pins, etc- and even piercing needles) have been ordered by people who want something that for whatever reason, be they spiritual, financial or otherwise (parents refusing to sign)?
    Is it the fact that so many of the DIY experiences written are prefaced with ‘I was so stupid when I did this’ or by ‘I did my homework and knew that I couldn’t seriously injure myself’ or whatever else that makes them different than the videos? Or is it the fact that one has to be both literate and patient (20 minutes of reading vs. typically less than 5 minutes watching) to get through the written experiences?
    I don’t personally see a great deal of difference in written or taped DIY. While I don’t have the need within myself to do it myself, I do appreciate that others might have the need/desire. I just hope that they sterilize to the best of their ability, use decent equipment (at the very least, in their jewelry choice), care for their piercings to the best of their ability, become fulfilled as much as they’d hoped… and stay healthy even after the tape is turned off.

  10. wow… beautiful. really. i want!!!!!

    damnit i gotta wait till im older.
    ima do my research till then tho i want their beautiful.

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