Awwwww :)

Christy Chaos (from Dragonfly Tattoo in Vancouver, WA) got this charming thank you letter in the mail, along with a $1 bill, from a seven year old customer she helped get her ears pierced with a pair of 20ga jewelry. So sweet!


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52 thoughts on “Awwwww :)

  1. Pete, you could reread the entry again to answer your own question.

    Doesn’t anybody read anymore?

  2. Aww how sweet.

    I’m glad the kids folks took her to a proper studio to get her ears pierced, rather than at Claires with the gun.


  3. aww haha thats awesome, the youngest i pierced was a 9 year olds lobes, him and his dad were awesome, but as soon as the needle went through his ear he started crying his eyes out, i felt like the shittiest person on earth for making him cry. once it was all said and done he was fine tho, but i think he mighta been too mad at me for making him cry to write me an awesome letter like that lol.

  4. that is terribly sweet! my boyfriend pierced kid’s lobes (the only piercing we do here under 14) several times and their happyness after is always amazing!

  5. That’s really sweet :)
    It makes my day when I see evidence that parents are letting their children get pierced in a safe environment.

  6. lol thats so cute, plus she can spell ‘piercing’ which even people with piercings sometimes cant do XD

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  8. What a treasure :) I love cute little notes from kids, and this just makes me feel so good to hear about a child getting her ears done the right way! I bet this note and the dollar was one of the best tips Christy has ever received :)

  9. haha thats so cool, sometimes my girlfriends little girls draw pictures for me and it makes my day :) i always have a massive head in them tho :O hehe

  10. So, guess who doesn’t know how to link their IAM name when they comment…I must have been sick that day. How do you do that?

  11. Isn’t it charming how little kids always start writing really big and then realize the letters aren’t going to fit so they try to squeeze eeeeeverything in? So cute, I love this. (:

  12. aww that is so adorable! & who knows?! maybe she’ll develop an interest in other mods when she’ll older thanks to her happy ear piercing experience. we can only hope! :) xo

  13. MOAR CUTE!!

    I can see this becoming an “Aww of the week” sort of thing.

    Needless to say the note is adorable.

  14. This is so heart melting, my boyfriend used to get cards like this when he taught ski lessons for little kids. ahhhh why are they soo cute?

  15. This entry confused me at first because my sister’s name is Christy Chaos.

    Besides the fact, that letter is perfectly adorable and it makes me smile.

  16. I’m kinda stunned by some peoples response to her getting her ears pierced at a young age … I’ve seen babies with their ears pierced … The fact that she was aware of what she was getting is more then some other people can say …

  17. That’s adorable and awesome that she got her ears pierced properly. I’ve seen babies with gunned ears who had no say, that’s disgusting. I hope more piercers get customers like this one and save children from those evil, unsterilized guns.

  18. I have a question, why wouldn’t you have at least pierced his lobes at 16 gauge, it would have been better at a 14 gauge to further reduce his lobes from migrations later on in his life.(doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen to him)

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