Guess that anatomy!!!

…Play after the break…

You can click through for a second view if you’re not sure from this photo. I’m hoping to publish an interview in the future by the way, so if you have things you’d like to know, do feel free to post them in the comments and I’ll try and include them.


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45 thoughts on “Guess that anatomy!!!

  1. it looks like a split nipple to me but from the hair and angles im guessing its got to be in the genital area :S sunken split penis maby?

  2. its definately mutilated genitals of some variety, maybe a penis or possibly a testosterone injected then removed clit….seems less likely though

  3. Its definitely a penectomy. But is it a subincision or a total bisection? Or is that the same thing? This isn’t really my area of expertise…

  4. Bisection or subincision then partial penectomy. May be castrated w/ sac removal as well.

  5. I really can’t tell! I tried to squint a little, but it didn’t help. I wonder what it is!

  6. im going with Thomas here!

    My main thought is why? I mean, i bloody love sex – why would you choose to stop that process???

    mind you, people choose celibacy.

    either way i am interested in their sex life, sexual drive, desires etc …. it does confuse me.

  7. if it a clit i want to know how they got it that huge and if it was a penis I would be curious to know if they got a professional opinon before chopping it off

  8. oooh or mabey a REALLY outey bellybutton. Do people even do that? really gauge their bellybuttons, or pull them out like that?

  9. I am guessing either an enhanced split clitoris? or…….a split penis stub lol ? Am I even close?

  10. Gotta be a nipple, judging by the scale against fingers. Some dude with a hairy chest split his nipple in half is my guess…

  11. I don’t think that’s a finger, I’m pretty sure that’s the penis. So testicular removal.

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