The wearer of this tattoo by James at Weber’s Ink in St. Joseph, MI, says, “I feel this tattoo is pretty self-explanatory — I mean, where else would a George W. Bush tattoo go?”


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86 thoughts on “BUSH STOMP!

  1. Well its a nice place for that tattoo, but to really do it justice i would have put right over my asshole…not that we need proof al that he says is shit.

  2. I. LOVE. IT.

    Its the most beautiful tattoo i’ve ever seen…the location is what makes it :)

  3. I. LOVE. IT.

    Its the most beautiful tattoo i’ve ever seen…the location is what makes it :)

  4. I mean, I intensely dislike Bush, but I’m not about to tattoo his face on my body. I do like the way the portrait was done though.

  5. That is a seriously cathartic tattoo. I really like the idea that it will eventually wear away. I think that works quite well with the whole point behind it.

  6. Is the site loading really slow for anyone else? Its taking forever to get around this place.

    Thats cool stencil work though. How well is it going to hold up on such a high impact spot I wonder.

  7. On your dick? That way he can still fuck people long after he leaves office.

  8. Mmm, won’t it be nice to see Bush slowly fade away? I wonder how long it will take to fade, and whether it will correspond at all to the inauguration. That’d be sweet.

  9. My third day of basic bush shows up for five minutes and talks to us about what a great service we are providing our country. I couldn’t stop laughing. All I could think about was how much Will Ferrel looked like him. I went to Ft. Jackson S.C. if any of you doubt me. Look for the November issue and you’ll see him shaking my Drill Sergeants hand at fit to win. Yeah, we just kept making that Kanye West Joke “George Bush hates black people.” I’m in the military, and I’m very anti-bush. He will burn in hell with all his lies.

  10. there is one other obvious location for a “bush” tattoo nobody’s mentioned… or is my slang more local than i realize?

    14 yeah the site appears to be under strain.

  11. I usually use my real name, but for security’s sake, I can’t. I met bush my third day of basic training at Ft. Jackson at Fit to Win. For those of you who don’t believe me, check it out on the internet. He shook my Drill Sergeants hand and it was on the front page of our Fort’s news paper. I am in the military, and I am very anti-bush. He will burn in hell for all the lies he tells us, and for all the lives of my dead buddies whom he’s responsible for. If he didn’t start this war, my cousin wouldn’t be away from his new born baby, and I’d be with my beautiful wife. Please vote for someone who’s worth voting for this time please people.

  12. redeyepete – I guess it would be an obvious joke for a pubic tattoo, but I wouldn’t want the fucker anywhere near my genitals! I think I’d find it a pretty huge turnoff if I went down on someone and found a Dubya tattoo!

  13. typical over reaching liberal attempt at validation

    amazing you need to defile your body to show..oh that’s right,you WONT show it off,90% of your life it’ll be HIDDEN IN YOUR SHOE.
    great wasted moron commentary…..
    hate to tell you the truth here,the hard core FAILED at removing him from office,and he served more honorably then a red neck who couldnt avoid a trailer park queen just for a blowjob.
    want to make a real statement,that shows your true calling?
    put bill clinton on your cock…but do it all in red…

  14. I wouldn’t worry too much about a political shitstorm. I don’t think the 3 people left in the country that actually like him visit ModBlog very often.

  15. Yeah, I was kind of surprised to see nature223′s post!!! I didn’t think there were really people who believe that Bush was a good president, let alone an “honorable” one, wow!

  16. well shannon…BE surprised,it isnt that you all in the majority of “bush haters ” are IN the majority.
    mostly your of a group of liberals of many diverse groups seeking to have a figurehead to be pissed at….
    want to be pissed?
    how about a DO nothing congres who lied to YOU Shannon to get elected,then never had the balls to DEFUND THE WAR…
    if you speak words of true intent follow through,dont be a bunch of fucking whiners seeking to make me change my mind,with your delusion of the “MOST HATED PRESIDENT IN AMERICAN HISTORY”.
    you didnt see militia groups gathering during bush’s time in office,and the amount of conspiracy theory’s declined markedly after your “first black president” left office.
    putting his face on any body part is your unique right,I’m a libertarian…dont affect me I dont care…
    but never insert YOUR world view,on MY world view and see me as your lessor,just because we differ.
    that’s abject specious logic defending a lack of cogent thinking,and I dont play that route…I work in reality

  17. to “anonymous_soldier”.. If he didn’t start this war, your cousin wouldn’t be away from his new born baby, and you would be with your beautiful wife?
    Your the one’s who committed your life to servitude.. Why join the military then bitch when you’re actually called to serve?

  18. Shannon, there are those of us who may not support the presidency, but are tired of the childlike insults. I’m tired of my country hating their own leader, but I fear that a respectable person generally won’t have the desire to run. I think that before we can expect to stand behind a president proudly we must mature quite a bit and find more intelligent and well founded ways to criticize a politician. Sorry about my choice in pronouns, I know very well that you, as well as other people here aren’t American.

  19. I think this is a very symbolic tattoo of the times, but in 5 yrs with the new pres, and the new lies nothing will have changed but the faces and the names..

  20. I try not to remember Bush. If I had to look at his ugly mug everyday I’d rather it be in the bottom of my toilet bowl, not stuck on my bod.

  21. Sorry, but that’s just plain stupid. Wasting the time, skin space and mental energy to make a statement in this manner is just dumb IMO. Even ignoring the politics completely it’s not constructive or meaningful, it’s just petty and a waste of energy.

    And if you want to talk politics… Bush is a symptom, not a cause, and if you can’t grasp that you ought not be voting in the first place.

  22. Bahahahahaha.

    Nature223 is certainly making a persuasive case here, but I don’t think it’s the case he (she?) intends to make.

    Congratulations, you’ve yet again confirmed my opinion of 90% of conservatives is completely correct. Please get out of the way so the other 10% can talk.

  23. I agree with #37. I could never do it but I have great respect for those who serve our country.

    I love this tattoo. I’m pretty happy that we’re getting him out of the office, finally.

    PS: Voting for Obama.

  24. Completely aside from the fact that’s a Shrub tattoo, I just wanted to say I appreciate the idea of this sort of stark up-contrast black and white portrait.

    I’m generally not such a fan of most portrait tattoos that go for elaborate shading and “realistic” style, but this is an interesting take on it.

    As for a waste tattoo on a foot? Heck, it’s a world where people tattoo mustaches on their fingers for a joke, so I’m not TOO surprised… though yeah, that must have been hard to sit for?

  25. I love the use of negative space for the portrait. Technicalities aside, great idea, great execution.

  26. What I don’t understand is all those people who stay in the US, complaining about the president, calling themselves liberals, democrats, socialists or whatever and who do not realize that voting for the democrats or the republicans in the US is pretty much the same thing… Your democrats are very far from what is considered the democratic ideology (on the right-left political line I mean). Obama seems to be the democrat that’s closest to the left, but still, he doesn’t want to call back the troops in Irak, he’s not against invading Iran and maybe Pakistan, he thinks that death sentences are overused but is still “pro-death”… Maybe I’m used to our democrats over here in Canada, but surely your democrats and our conservatives are on the same line of thought (and they’re a mix between a conservative and a nearly fascist party that existed before!) but they do not promote capital punishment! All of you who call themselves liberals, move up north in British Colombia, they’re nice over there as far as english Canadians go (just kidding!), or as I said to my friend, we should send you Jack Layton so you could have a real democrat to vote for ;)

  27. well..”annoying” and “bad/spelling grammar skills” you still have not approached the crux of my argument,and answered it in same level…your throwing out insults and hoping I go away
    and YES,we dyslexics can ALSO be libertarians…so to throw you under the bus,too bad…I am who I am,unapologetically. as much as you dont like it…tough titty,you dont get to make me think YOUR way,and then you also dont get me to vote for your guys,just because YOU like them.

    I love the elevated liberal arrogance that assumes that anyone who does not think along their narrow scripted views are irrelevent,and thus their annointed,as a better..
    and blocking my IP shows that I made a statement that the MODS here cant contend with on the same level…yes,this is a proxy

  28. Your IP address isn’t blocked; neither is anyone’s. The reason your comments are moderated is because (a) you’ve been trying to post links to sites that break people’s browsers, and (b) you are using a proxy, which reset your account.

  29. nature223: Well, if you attack Shannon saying that he’s in a minority of Bush haters, that means that you are ready to consider the Bush haters outside the US and I would say that considering the way your country lost a lot of international credibility in the last 7 years (and that’s incredible, considering the low it’s credibility already was!), I would be ready to say that, yes, in fact, those damn bush-haters are in majority in the world. You say that liberals think that everyone who doesn’t have their point of view are irrelevant but aren’t you doing the same? I think it’s a pretty well known fact that everyone who has an interest in politic will think that their point of view is the best since it’s the closest to their own value and may you want it or not, we try to “project” our values on others…

    Any way, how can you say you are a libertarian and vote for Bush? Isn’t the invasion of a country and implantation of a dictatorship against the libertarian idea that everyone should be free to do what they will as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone? What if the population of a country decided through a popular revolution to put a dictator in power (and I know it happened more often than you might think), would you, as a libertarian, promote the invasion of said country in order to give the power back to the population? It’s really hard to defend the libertarian point of view because pretty much every decision you’ll make that will result in you gaining something will also result in someone losing something (which goes against the libertarian line of thought that you can do anything you want as long as it doesn’t prevent anyone from doing what they want).

  30. nature223: We don’t contend with any argument because you haven’t clearly presented anything. Present an argument, back it up, and we can debate.

    Also, how is the “liberal arrogance” you mention any different from the arrogance you’re displaying here? I don’t think it’s functionally any different.

  31. Shame we only have two feet because there are so many more people that deserve to be tattooed there!

  32. On the subject of the tattoo, I don’t think much of the design itself, but all politics aside I love the symbolism of walking on someone you hate until their face fades away.
    I absolutely love it.

    About the current argument – *applauds MatLax* Well said, Sir! Or madam..

  33. well first off as a FREE thinker I am a LIBERTARIAN…
    and if you want to simply attack,which I DID NOT DO..I said:”dont insert your views on me,and blanket statement me”
    and as for “giving libertarians a bad name”.
    I became one to be my own person,not in lockstep with EITHER large party,but then again libertarians NEED to get elected,and stop this high thinking means of self defeat.
    by not even STARTING at the low positionms and working up.
    and as for pointing out a class envy/classic marxist means of doing business,as “arrogance” I reject your assertions out of whole cloth,and see your trying to dissuade my arguments.
    Mods…sorry for the website,I forgot it was a spam site.

  34. TheLexPest: Thank you, and to answer the question I would be considered a sir =P

    nature223: So I guess I can’t be a free thinker and be socialist? If I think that the government should invest in social programs in order to let the population have a better education (and thus promoting the questioning of the information you receive through medias and even through school) I’m not a free thinker?

    Individual liberty always leads to oppression of others indirectly. Economical liberty for example makes it so that as soon as you’re born in bad conditions (as is the case for most blacks living in the US), you most certainly won’t get access to higher education (as is the case for most blacks living in the US) and then starts a vicious circle. Your so called liberty to do what you wish with the money you gained goes against the liberty of others to have access to everything you had access to.

    I just can’t understand the logic behind libertarianism, I mean, you promote individual liberty for everyone, making everyone should be at the same level to start with, otherwise it just doesn’t work, the liberty of one automatically goes against the liberty of someone else through exploitation (if you are higher than someone in an enterprise you take the liberty to exploit this person which goes against his individual liberty because he has the right not to be exploited). The only way to apply individual liberty so that everyone has exactly the same liberties is through communism… Damn, you’re fucked up guys!

  35. okay, no more anonymous bullshit. I am in the army. I joined the army to pay the bills. if it requires me to do shit i don’t like, so fucking be it. I joined so I could support MY wife. so I can give her the things she rightfully deserves. if you think it was a call of service, then you’re wrong. I joined so shit could get payed for with the sacrifice of MY time away from MY friends, My family, MY wife, MY brand new fucking born neice who I FUCKING LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! I chose this for MY own reasons. MY cousin is an artillery guy, i am not. I am a parachute rigger. but the farthest i will go from home is germany. I didn’t join to fight some great cause, I joined so MY shit could get taken care of. the fact that i joined doesn’t necissarily mean i’m the most patriotic person on the planet. i HATE conservatives because of their close minded mentality, to be a liberal means, “TO LIVE AND LET LIVE” with the occasional death penalty which I support in minor cases. I support Clinton, and I hope bush burns for everything he’s done to this country, and it’s people. I have buddies who are dying in a god forsaken country full of murderers and suicide bombers. My cousin is over there fighting for his wife and his child. he’s not fighting for anything else than that. he’s fighting for their food, clothing, and shelter. I am in the army to provide for MY wife, to put food on her table, and make sure she doesn’t have to kill herself working because my last job was a dead end. you’ll have to excuse me nature223 if I don’t believe that you are some sort of liberal, when if you were, you’d be saying “right on” “fuck that asshole” and “i can’t wait until he blows up from being so full of shit”. he’s done nothing but screw shit up. I support this country, and the people serving it with THEIR life and THEIR time. you and i both take advantage of what these people are doing for us. I will never as brave as my cousin. but I am doing what I think is right to support my wife and my future children. if you really wanna make it personal, my myspace is http://www.myspace.com/albertsonsdeli leave me a message if you feel like it. we can make this a one on one thing if you don’t feel like making it public. you go to sleep knowing my cousin will die for your ass whether you live in the u.s. or not. it’s not his job to care, his job is to make sure if it’s a life and death situation you live, he doesn’t. go to sleep tonight knowing that. it makes me wanna cry.

  36. I respect the fact that you have to do defend ideals you do not necessarily adhere to in order to live, that’s very brave of you. Personally though, I do not respect the army or anyone willing to use it (and I do not mean to say that I do not respect the guys sent up front to die) and I certainly do not respect the fact that wars are always fought for economical reasons and that they try to make the population and the soldiers think that they are over there to defend their country. The guys in Iraq didn’t go there to defend the US, they invented weapons of mass destruction in order to bring down Saddam and get control over petrol and an open door to Iran! Last Sunday, a Canadian soldier who just came back from Afghanistan was invited to a variety show and was asked the question “Why are there soldiers sent over there to fight?” and he just couldn’t answer! Even a minister that was present to the show couldn’t answer, he just tried to change the subject! The guy came back with a leg missing, two guys died next to him when their vehicle got blown by a landmine and he just didn’t know what motivated the government to send him over there to get killed! I’m sorry, I just can’t have any respect for the army.

  37. ah…as a former MArine…I never joined to “get paid”…I volunteered,just like you did.
    and if you DONT like the service life…leave,flip burgers,you dont get to bitch for signing on for your hitch.
    and as a socialist…you CANNOT be a “free thinking person” your indebted to seek a person at fault,a governmental fix,and class warfare to pay for it.
    thanks for verifying my previous assertions.

  38. noah… i appreciate and respect all those who are in our armed services. for sure i couldn’t do it nor could i ever imagine being a military wife. however, in signing up for the army, it was a known risk, for you and your family, that you might have to leave for active duty. there are millions who are providing for their famiies without having to serve in the military. i can’t tell you want to do or think (obviously) but in my opinion, if you hate bush and his war so much, then you probably could’ve found other means.

  39. nature223: As far as I understand what free thinking is it’s the belief that what you believe in should be based on logic. If I logically got to the conclusion that socialism is the only realistic way to make the world a better place to live, am I not a free thinking person? When was it decided that free thinking was to be associated with a certain political movement and not another? I also think it’s really stupid that you associate free thinking with the right wing since they probably are the ones that use their logic the least and base their decisions on dogmas, religion, tradition, conventional wisdom and authority… In fact right wing is against free thinking and questioning of the state decisions and is more about giving power to a very small number of people who can control everything without anyone having a word to say since they don’t have power any way. The farther you go to the right, the less free thinking will be used, go read 1984 and you’ll see exactly what I mean. I’m not saying that you won’t end up in the same situation when you go too far to the left (in fact, extreme left would be anarchy where you can think for yourself as much as you want), as communism pretty much always end up in a dictatorship and stays there…

  40. Trixie: I don’t think many soldiers actually like this war, in fact, I think that most soldier hate every wars that ever happened but the army is still one of the best way to receive a good salary and have a “secure” job (in that you won’t lose it because they suddenly need less soldiers)… The majority of soldiers would probably be happy to only be on active duty during catastrophes like Katrina or the tsunami in Thailand. I also know for sure that there are plenty of us who work for a boss they think is really stupid and do shitty jobs just because they get paid to do it, so may it be a soldier or an immigrant driving a taxi thinking about his PhD he got back where he comes from, I think everyone has to get some money even if it sucks because we’re not evolved enough to live out of generosity (or maybe we became too “civilized” to do so?) or from photosynthesis =P

  41. Damn, that’s a great way to win a debate… You’re pretty much telling me that what I said was just too intelligent for you to read, or maybe you read it and your world just shattered on itself and you don’t want to admit it ^_^

  42. I think a lot of people don’t understand that for a lot of solidiers in the armed forces, it really is the only way out of a small town. I know many of the guys from my senior class signed up in hopes of eventually going to college. Instead, they wound up in Iraq a few years down the road. I know people in every branch of the armed forces, and while they serve because they signed up, it doesn’t mean they agree with why they were sent out. As a solider they still have the right to disagree with the government and it doesn’t make them any less of a patriot. Don’t insult someone like Noah Matteson because he doesn’t agree, he’s still willing to be away from his family and serve this country in a way that the majority of citizens will never do.

    As for nature223, that was an interesting performance in debating. Usually if a person starts one, they have to be willing to continue it. Even if I don’t totally agree with everything MatLax had to say, his/her point was very well made.

    And MatLax, if you want another incredibly interesting book to read check out ‘It Can’t Happen Here’ by Sinclair Lewis. It was published in 1935 and pretty much outlines a lot of what has happened within our government in the past 8 years. There are some frighteningly accurate predictions in there.

  43. if you make a concise,neat,easy,and viable argument..I’ll read it…
    I dont have “debate you further,or prove my words have merit”,
    I also never have to say that “I’m more right then you”.
    if my statements bother you,perhaps you need some private introspection of YOUR views and stances,are now uncomfortable with anothers possibilities,and concepts as another paradigm,that may render yours as,arbitrary, specious,or unintellectually wrong.
    guess the openness of new ideas by liberals only works if your preaching to the choir,and out “liberaling each other to new heights of no new ideas are worthy unless their ours”
    I made my statements and stand by them..
    end of line

  44. In fact, you only had one entry to read, the first one, the second one was an answer to Trixie and this message is actually shorter than the ones you had to read before in order to answer me, I guess I’ll blame plain lazyness… I try to answer to what you say the best I can, but most of the time I just have a hard time actually understanding what you’re saying… I guess you would need to go back to school a bit just to learn to write logical sentences, English isn’t my first language and I think I make more sense than you…

  45. #9-not too many posts ago a girl had a year-healed tattoo on the bottom of her foot in modblog…very cute bike i believe.
    #27-typical brainwashed republican confusing artwork for defilement and media propaganda for history…

    nature223, i’m sure there’s a few old ladies at bingo nite who’d love to talk about what a lovely president Bush is with you-and i think you should go run out and find them…IMEDIATELY…oh and by the way, if you were a TRUE LIBERTARIAN, i can’t possibly understand why you’d even be pro bush in the first place…libertarians tend to value freedom and minimal government intrusion…and most tend to like their money, and don’t want the government taking it FOR ANY REASON… blowing up shit and spying on people costs money kid…oh and this is cute: “your indebted to seek a person at fault,a governmental fix,and class warfare to pay for it.”-how do children fit into this equation? they can’t really pick their parents or their environment…should they starve, go uneducated, and be denied medical attention because their parents are neglectful or just too poor to make ends meet? they still needs these things to grow into fully functional adults…realize that these will be the hands that guide you into old age-do you want a future over-populated by fucktards, just because the world was too cheap to give a kid a cheese burger and a tetnus shot?

    MaxLax…i don’t know you, but after comment #64-you’d get my vote for president ;)

    i stopped reading after that point because i have too many things i need be doing and don’t want to loose track of what i wanted to posted about the TATTOO

    it’s very impressive…i know they don’t typically stay, but i really hope her’s does…and i think its fantastic that it’s stirred up such a response…i love when art shakes shit up! i hope she posts some healed pics…

  46. laura…
    how “you get to decide” what I am to MY views, is typical arrogant liberal assholedome
    your entirely not bright enough to get my inference,go back in the kitchen,stay barefoot and pregnant…danke

  47. i happen to be very bright thank you-and happened to retain a 3.69 GPA for 4 years at the toughest school in my state at-get this-POLITICAL SCIENCE…

    don’t hurl sexest insults at me just because you obviously have no real knowledge about the political affiliation you chose to rant about…i don’t give a fuck what YOU decide or what YOUR world view is, honestly…i just hate when brainwashed, right wing douche bags (aka-you, being you’re a douche bag) try forcing their views on people who obviously don’t really want to hear them…take a look…if you find one single comment in here where your warped views are even considered, much less shared-and i’ll go vote republican this year and get a big ol’ bush piece over my heart…till then-go play in traffic.

  48. stupid people also do well at school,and your too fucking OBTUSE,to get the intimated slight at YOU not getting my previous insertions.
    if your too moronic and have to hang nameplates on people fine….I call em as I see em.
    and just so you know,I am not a college student,far from it,I’m self taught….however.
    I can,did and do carry on elevated conversations with friends who happen to have their Phd’s…
    and as for “sexist” you didnt get the reference to the old way of looking at things,perchance you and your elistist group of college mental pablum head fillers,training the svants to do that one nitch activity their schooled for and have to do for life,got left behind by a non college attendee…that may be what got your head stuck up yer own ass.
    one last thing Laura….when is Bush running for RE ELECTION anytime soon?,isnt there a constitutional thing about only TWO terms???
    oh….never mind,your soooo high minded with your B+,you think everyone is just as singualarly enabled as you are.
    told you,you were obtuse,and obviously brainwashed college filler class,just by how your project yourself….stupidly.
    you sure your not an asberger?,I see that in how you manage to make yourself look worse everytime you answer.

    I’m done with your ignorant ass…..
    end of line

  49. hey nature223, i didn’t bother to read your reply. i’m done with this arguement. have fun arguing with yourself…maybe if people refuse to entertain you with any kind of counter arguement, you’ll go back to jerking off to your bush and rush limbaugh posters-and the rest of the people here can goabout expressing their thoughts on the TATTOO posted in a MODIFICATION blog…geeez

    all douche-bagish-ness aside, it really is a great tattoo. sorry for my rather crude replys everyone. i usually try to be polite, even when i disagree-but there’s no real point with cracked-out-bush supporters…

  50. People who join the military accept that there is a risk of then having to fight, yes. But don’t they have a right to expect that they’ll be fighting for a real reason, and not because someone lied? Isn’t an illegal and unfounded war a betrayal of their willingness to risk themselves?

  51. ‘Cos that war has nothing to do with me, I’ll write about the tattoo ;) And I love it. The spot is perfect, I just thought that will it fade like in fingers etc?

  52. cool tattoo… can’t say that BuSH an ass ..cuz i simply dont know him and i’m not interested in any politics and such crap
    but i had vomiting feeling to read nature223 comments…
    everything based on human Ego..and no place to respect our accient planet…it wont work that way…we suppose to live with it ..not on it..

    besides your politics is useless soon all going down ,lets see how u going to survive..with so much inner dialog

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