When life gives you lemons…

Wesley’s “LEMONADE” knuckle tattoos are a great idea as is, but the lemon and glass (although I would have done a lemon and a citrus juicer personally) on his thumbs put it over the top. They were done by Brent at Eternal Body Works in McKinney, Texas.


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45 thoughts on “When life gives you lemons…

  1. I love this! I’m always so impressed by knuckle tattoos I’ve never seen before.

  2. Personally I’m a little disappointed that the lettering in which this tattoo was done in has become a trademark of the finger tattoos…And the color of the letters remind me of when I was young and would try to color, say a bee, and my marker would slowly fade from black back to yellow…All in all I suppose its an okay tattoo…Not one I would get myself though…

  3. i hate the color yellow, but those letters strike me as really pretty for some reason

  4. i love knuckle tattoos, my only thing with them though is that if you only see one hand at a time, you’re like “what? nade? what the hell does that mean?”

  5. Haha #9 made me laugh. “What the hell is ‘nade’?”

    Though I question how long the lemon will go without bleeding, it looks kinda small.

  6. whats with all these young kids getting knuckle and neck (and sometimes facial) tattoos without having both sleeves and other heavy coverage?

    and before anyone bitches about “its their body blah blah,” know i am over 35% covered and have been on iam for years. its just lately i have seen this more and more. you should work your way up to those visible areas. the hardcore shit is for after you have mastered the lesser shit.

  7. And having tattoos of your own, and happening to have a membership on a website for a while, doesn’t seem to qualify anyone to dictates the “do’s” and “don’ts” of something that’s supposed to be free self-expression.

  8. Some years ago, most tattoo artists wouldn’t even consider tattooing someone’s hands, face, or neck unless they were heavily tattooed already, simply because they knew it had a high chance of causing problems for their financial and emotional future. However, I think that we are seeing times changing, and part of the reason we see such things changing is because more people (especially younger people) are deciding to tattoo their faces, knuckles and necks despite it being somewhat taboo. I worry a little for the younger people only because I know how much I have changed and grown even as I move through my early thirties, but I do still believe it’s their right and their business.
    As for the lemonade knuckles, the real reason I came in here to post, I think they are SO DARN awesome! The thumbs are fantastic. And I have a personal “thing” for yellow-fading-to-black lettering because I have some in one of my tattoos and I loves how it pops.

  9. @ anyone wondering what to say if someone asks about the “nade” on one hand without seeing the other hand: you just punch them in the face with your right hand, then they see the “lemo” coming at them right before they get socked in the noggin.

    i like this. pretty original, i think

  10. I’m all for little happy reminders but the placement seems a little odd. Like say you want a reminder to “love the one you’re with” but maybe not on your hand. *shrug* To each his own, of course. :)

  11. I like it. Reminds me of one I’ve seen someplace.

    But as to this discussion about “hardcore” work before you’re mostly covered. . .
    We’ve all got the love for the art, that’s all that should matter. <3

  12. #22 I didn’t get the PLAN AHEA thing for five minutes… I get it now! (God, I’m slow)

    I love this. It makes a nice change from the ‘love’ ‘hate’ and ‘shit’ ‘fuck’ tattoos I usually see on knuckles.

  13. my hands are too small for knuckel tatts, the letter on the pinky figure would just not be very good.

  14. @27: I get jokes about me wanting knuckle tattoos from guys all the time. “What? Are you going to get one letter across two fingers?” Har de har har. (Actually… that would be pretty funny to do…)

    @14: I dunno, that just comes off as elitist to me.

    Hahaha, okay, I want someone to get BAKE SALE tattooed next. =D

  15. “you should work your way up to those visible areas. the hardcore shit is for after you have mastered the lesser shit.”
    damn adam, why dont you just tell people what tattoo’s to get n where to get them, oh, while your at it tell them when n where to get any piercings too, jackass

  16. that adam guy needs to know that people will never do things in his order…and it might be good not to get the ol’ blood pressure up about it….

    and i think this lemonade tattoo kicks ass. i dont care if there body is 25%, 34.5%, 28.954%, 59% or 0.01% tattooed.

    my next move is FART POO! on my knuckles. and i’m (x + y (8 * 9))*0.001 percent tattooed.

  17. Ugh. I want some lemonade now. This tattoo is way cute..er…handsome.

    That’s dumb. I’m sure not everyone wants sleeves, but may want more visible tattoos. I don’t really see why it matters where they get it. Just think it’s dumb when people are like, “No. You need sleeves before.”

    #30 – Haha. Not to be an ass, but that’d be a negative number. Yea, I’m annoying.

  18. fuck you morons on this fucking site nowadays. how can you say i cannot have the right to my own opinion, but then defend this kids right to put a tattoo wherever he wants. you obviously are really young yourself or do not have a lot of heavy, visible mods.

    i told you, i am well aware of the “its your own body so you can do what you want” bullshit. read my fucking post. im all for anyone doing anything they want to their body, whether its getting tattooed or smoking a natural herb or fucking some other guy in the ass. no one should tell you that you cannot do something to your own body, and thats not at all what im fucking saying.

    that comment was a more in general comment about the youth of today. i mean, it certainly is a much cooler myspace pic if everyone can see your tattoos in your pics! i know really respected tattoo artists who wont even touch hands or faces until that is all the space you have left.

    go research the roots of tattoos… the yakuza in japan do not get their faces, necks or hands until their full suit is finished. its not about showing off for them.

  19. “i know really respected tattoo artists who wont even touch hands or faces until that is all the space you have left.”

    I would NEVER get tattooed by an artist that is so narrow-minded, they would instantly lose my respect. What if someone doesn’t want any sleeves or chest pieces? What if all someone wants are knuckles tattoos? Besides, even if your bullshit opinion did matter, you don’t know how much work this person has had done so far.

  20. “and before anyone bitches about “its their body blah blah,” know i am over 35% covered and have been on iam for years. its just lately i have seen this more and more. you should work your way up to those visible areas. the hardcore shit is for after you have mastered the lesser shit.”
    oh yeah really sounds like your all for people doin what they want. so we should all get yakuza styled tattoo’s?
    who died n made you king of tattoo’s?
    they’re expressions of ones body n feelings on life, or sometimes just for fun.
    should i ask you before i want to express how i feel about my life?

  21. I totally agree with Shannon: I’d myself prefer the idea of a lemon half and a manual juicer on the thumbs. Or I’d even go for two juicy lemon halves for symmetry.

    Totally sweet idea for a finger tattoo. I like seeing original variations on the 8 or 10 letter word or phrase.

  22. #34 – So you’re allowed to express your own opinion, but if anyone else does they become “morons on this fucking site” to you?

    Take a chill pill. Not everyone is going to agree with your opinion, the same way you don’t agree with everything anyone else says.

  23. i referred to the people getting all bent out of shape about my opinion (yes, it is an opinion, i am not trying to pass some tattoo law here) as morons because of the way they are reacting to me stating my opinion.

    god forbid we do anything but kiss ass here. just because someone has tattoos doesnt mean everyone should be their friend and defend them to death. just because i am white doesnt mean i will back up anyone who happens to be white no matter what.

    when you go get a job, do you expect to start as the ceo or vp of the company? no, you intern and work your way up.

    and no shit, dumbass, i dont know how much ink this kid has. thats why i stated (twice i believe?) that my comment was a more “in general” opinion about the youngins i see on iam and myspace, spurred on by seeing this pic of a seemingly “young, sleeveless kid.”

    if you want knuckle or facial tattoos, and you have a cool idea, like these “lemonade” knuckles, then by all means, get the ink. how many more times do i have to say this before you idiots stop commenting about how i think im king of tattoos or that “theyre expressions of ones body n feelings on life, or sometimes just for fun”… NO SHIT, I SAID THAT IN EVERY ONE OF MY POSTS. THIS IS JUST A THOUGHT/OPINION I HAD. christ. get a grip.

    my opinion deosnt matter any more than your opinions on the internets. the point here is discussion. it wouldnt be discussion if everyone said exactly the same thing or believed exactly the same things. maybe we should all say the same things, have the same opinions and get the same tattoos? that way my opinion wouldnt offend you so.

  24. oh, and yes, i do believe we should all get yakuza-style tattoos. that is exactly what i meant. moron.

  25. hmmm adam= not getting laid so taking his frustration out on BME posts
    i wasn’t defending it because i immediately disagreed with you, i was defending it because people have rights to personal choice

  26. I love the tattoo, I think it’s adorable. That said, I can see where Adam’s coming from. As a parent, and therefore the person who would (out of obligation or love, whichever) be responsible for a child who tattooed their face or hands and therefore was refused a job by the (by and large) conservative employers, I do expect my kids to get their tattoos in places that can be hidden, or at the very least obscured, until they’ve reached a point in their choice of occupational field that they’re at the very least trusted/respected, if not indispensable.

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