Nipples: Yin and Yang

I figure Michelle Massacre‘s much younger 12ga vertical nipple piercings with pentagram Areola tattoos provide a suitable eyecandy counterpoint to Julias’s forty-something nipples. Gotta have balance.


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29 thoughts on “Nipples: Yin and Yang

  1. I’m usually not a fan of areola tattoos, but I kinda like the way these look…

  2. Her nipples aren’t freakishly large at all! Maybe you just have freakishly small ones? :-P
    Anyway, great boobage! The piercings work very well.

  3. ok those pentagrams are way off.
    nothing majorly wrong, just they could use a touch up

  4. The pentagrams are over 9 years old and were only an outline at the time. I haven’t gotten them filled in although Justin always tries to get me to have them touched up. >=]

  5. They’re interesting, but I think they would look better if they didn’t leave the areola. The colour difference looks weird.
    I love love LOVE your piercings though, absolutely scrumptious.

  6. Beautiful. o_o

    The person who said her nipples are big needs to see a few more nipples. They’re delicious.

    I think they look awesome, not filled in… the little line between areola and skin is cool. I wish mine were so defined.

  7. Pentagrams are not drawn nor are they symbols of the devil, well upside down ones are. I have right side up one on my shoulder as a symbol of unity and protection.. I love your tattoos, I want mine done, not too sure if I want a design or just color them a bright blue or purple. Just wondering how intense was the pain, i have my stomache tattooed and that suxs!!! lol just wondering what kinda of pain I was looking at when I get them done :)

  8. @Sheena on March 20th, 2008 at 1:34 pm
    These are upside down pentagrams, at least when the person is standing up straight.
    The Moroccan flag also has a pentagram and the Red Army star is a pentagram. It’s all work of the devil!

  9. who really cares about what way the pentagram faces. and I’ve seen way bigger nipples but they might just be the most well defined aureole I’ve ever seen.

  10. are all the points supposed to be thicker? or was the tattooist inept and blurred a few? looks great otherwise i’d love to see how they look when they’re colored! at first i thought it was biro pen hehe!

  11. I have stars in my eyes….. nice ti/ tatts would do well to have some areola shade and background mist to really make em pop…. Love the look… Yeehah!!

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