Oh, that’s real mature…

Andy’s butt was tattooed by Rae at Liquid in Lubbock, Texas. A bunch more tattoos in this general theme continue after the break. Enjoy!


Rae also did this Rainbow Brite tattoo…


Alouicious and Motify (the wearer) did this pair of tattoos — Spartans! Attack! and Flying Vagina Butterflies — at The Shaman’s Den in Binghamton, NY. The stencils being applied…


And a closeup…


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45 thoughts on “Oh, that’s real mature…

  1. I really really like the top one and i’m not really sure why! I love cutesy style tattoos on guys though

  2. Haha! that’s really funny. is that a penis with 666 on his ass as well (top picture) ?

  3. the way the last two pictures are right next to eachother make it look like he has a deformed cooter rather than a wang.

  4. Yeah, I was just wondering how they got that, especially with the title of the photo…

    It would be cute if the tattoo had the rainbow arm sleeves! :)

  5. Did anyone else notice the ’666′ penis on the other cheek of the guy in the first pic?

  6. #14: I noticed the “666″ penis :P Looks like it’s been lightened.

    I absolutely ADORE the last one. -giggles-

  7. Motify has a REALLY nice groin…and arms…and hands…and face…and chest…and abdominals!
    Yum & drool ;)

  8. I like how the penis spartans have a recognizable foreground and background, and how they aren’t all viewed from the same angle, so it really looks like a group of people milling around. And how the nuts function as feet! That made me laugh.

    And it makes me want to buy a little penis helmet.

  9. The penis Spartans are great… What’s with all the “X shitting a rainbow” tattoos of late?

  10. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    imagine going down on this guy completely unaware that those are there.

  11. the guy with the poop tattoo has ruined his ass, and what’s up with that “666″, has he ever seen a really cool tattoo in his life?? second tattoo i kindda like but fucked it up with the fart part. and i really dislike tattoos that envolve penuses and vaginas, it’s just that i see tattoos as a piece of art, not as a joke. but on the other hand i don’t really care what others do with their lives, so it’s up to them what they want to do with their own lives and their bodies, so be free to do whatever you feel like doing, just i’m just saying what i think…!

  12. did anyone else notice the faint penis with the 666 on it, its great….these tattoos seem like somthin the guy with the white pride unicorn would get

  13. Motify oh myyyyyyy.
    Sexy man.
    Looking at his stomach.. definately lust.
    Semi semi about the tatts though, i get that it’s a joke but if i was going there jokes would be the last thing on my mind.

  14. eSli, you are the perfect candidate for my “are you a tattoo hypocrite” poll. Seeing tattoos as art and not as a joke? I suppose this is because of the subject matter. Some artists use feces and their own blood to create their artwork. Is that a joke and not art?

    This is my first negative post on Modblog, but the comment that he has “ruined his ass” was totally unnecessary. Comical and insulting to include “be free to do whatever you like”. Thanks for giving us permission.

    IAM: bronte_1975

  15. funny funny funny. man i love em all, but i also love the dick with the 666 on the first one, there should be a close up of that one.

  16. do me a favor everyone i enjoy those who like my tattoos but please they are original ideas that i value having on me. part joke part serious. mostly thank you all for the comments.

  17. ok id like to say thanks to all the people that have said nice things about my tattoos, i really do appreciate the comments.. thats all i really have to say.. thanks again everyone!!

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