White Ink Facial Tattoos

Jasn at Pacific Rootz in Maui, Hawaii has been doing this facial tattoo on Andy — I like the simple, thin linework which is quite reminiscent of scarification.

From Moscow, Ferdudurke just had his forehead inked in white as well.

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25 thoughts on “White Ink Facial Tattoos

  1. I’m hoping beyond all hope that you didn’t colour in his eyes Shannon…wow. I thought it was Matt Bellamy for a start…that’ll teach me.

    I love the tattoos too, especially the second ones.

  2. anyways, off the subject of the guy’s eyes…haha.

    theres a certain depth to white ink tattoos…it kinda makes one look a bit harder.

    damn, now i want one.

  3. Something was done to his eyes, either with photoshop or some other method, because there is green in parts other than the iris. I say shoop.

    Now on to the actual tattoo’s, I love white facials. I don’t know why. I think they look amazing fresh.

    Is it just me, or does the blank space in the middle of Fredidurke’s look like a penis? Maybe I just need to get my head out of the gutter. Despite my penis-vision (I swear I can see a penis in everything), it’s a very beautiful piece.

  4. *wanders back in with a sneeky naughty smile* ok.. lust saited…

    but yeah.. the more i see white ink the more i want one. finally talked the boyfriend into letting me get a nipple piercing.. damn man was scared i wouldnt let him play with them… fool!

  5. I can totally see a penis in the second photo.

    Also, I wonder what he’s wearing in his septum.

  6. White ink is gorgeous.
    And I also see a strong outline of a penis in the second photo, but for some reason, this just adds to the overall excellence of the tattoo for me.

  7. lovely ink…are the guy’s eyes in the second pic really that green??? i didn’t read the comments-so sorry if this was already asked…they’re pretty

  8. I think white facial tattoos are beautiful. It looks to me like the second guy has in green contact lenses. The green looks lovely, whether real eye color or not.

  9. Серега отжигает! Силикон на очереди : )
    he kicks ass! Silicon implants are the next step : )

  10. While his eyes are great all I see is a negative space penis in the forehead ink. I’m sure it’s just my dirty dirty mind.

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