The week in the news (04/06 – 04/12. 2008)

My apologies to Ania for not getting her post up more quickly; I didn’t see it had been submitted. Sorry everyone, — Shannon

IAM-ers recently featured in MI and TX online newspapers.

A small coverage of the Arizona Tattoo Expo in Mesa, AZ, from last weekend.

Tattoos as a way to reflect people’s hobbies and beliefs, and two articles shedding some light on the local “scene” in IL and CO.

IAM members, as always, can submit links to body modification-related articles here.

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The past week most online newspapers seemed to be very preoccupied with the TSA affair but here’s the only one article for you to read: Nipple rings and national security;

One of IAM-ers got interviewed to answer a very important question how the body is the medium;

In the celebs department a new “record” was achieved thanks to Tommy Lee who boasts new body art and, just for balance’s sake, tattoos were proclaimed as trashy by Katie Holmes.

Trashy or not, tattoos are still something you must pay for, so here is an answer for both a crucial and annoying question we are asking ourselves quite often, i.e., how much does it cost: Tattoo prices unique to design location Too bad it is something only people from NE might find useful.

14 thoughts on “The week in the news (04/06 – 04/12. 2008)

  1. actualy the cost/location thing was some what out of context. in part because its just easyer to say that to a bunch of college kids that dont know anything about tattoos, then to spend a whole paragraph talking about how tattooing a certain image on one body part may take longer then on another, thus costing more because of the time spent. so realy, its not just a nebraska thing. because its going to take longer to tattoo it on some body parts then others regardless of were you live. it wasnt ment as a “all ~insert body part~ tattoos are automaticly 25% less” or something like that.

  2. Some pretty good articles there, its nice to see some different opinion on bodymods other than the people involved in it, and its good to see most of these articles know what they are on about. Not sure I like the one on nipple rings though, I may have misunderstood, but at the start isnt the author suggesting nipple rings are only good for britney spears?
    I did however in particular like the body as a medium one, and the Arizona tattoo expo.

    Good stuff, will we be expecting more updates like this in the future?

  3. It’s good to see an article on tattoo pricing, even if it might be a little out of context. It’s more about the “Tattoos are going to cost you, get used to it” which I think is important. I get so angry at my one friend who loves to brag about how cheap he got his (low quality) tattoos. You pay for the quality and talent. Tattoos are not the thing to go to the bargain bin for.

  4. Those articles featuring IAM members are so far ahead of the articles that are published (even within respected broadsheets, I just finished writing a complaint to the Guardian) here in the UK. For the most part they’re sensible, balanced and informative. I eagerly await my response from the editorial team at the Guardian

  5. #8 – the Katie Holmes article is in German because there are many articles focused on or mentioning body modification in German online newspapers and this one is just one, quite “light weight” sample.
    BME Newsfeed accepts articles in all languages.

    #10 – I didn’t like this one much, either but wanted to show how the question could be perceived by people out there – not all articles about body modification are positive and these negative ones are worth being saved/read/documented, too.

  6. a good crop of articles! though i find it quite amusing that the fact Katie Holmes thinks a Latin wrist tattoo is trashy made headlines.

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