Week in the news: 4/20 – 4/26/08

We all love surprises, don’t we? Sometimes they happen around tattoo conventions – Philadelphia, PA and another one in the UK.

Tattoos in academia – TX twice, NE once.

Body modifications and the Law – a little older article from NY and two more from IA and MN; and yet another one from Germany.

You can try to discuss the subject of body piercing but tattoos apparently remain a mystery

And, finally, something both exotic and lighter from India.

IAM members can submit links to articles about body modification here

7 thoughts on “Week in the news: 4/20 – 4/26/08

  1. the only comment i have is the one from the Australian which talks about the philly convention. I was there and the Enigma is blue, not green like the article said. haha

  2. Thank you so much for the news links. I love the idea of having them, but could you try to be a bit more descriptive with your teasers? Some of them I simply have no idea what they’re in reference to before I click. :/

  3. Well, the German article is just bullsh*t. The guy has no idea what he is talking about and for a doctor, his knowledge of infection possibilities is really poor.
    Just for correection reasons I want to mention that
    a) tattoo and piercing studios in Germany are supervised by the health department (and even rather strictly in some cases, at least Germany is still the land of the narrow-minded) and that
    b) An infection with HIV is possible not only during lip and tongue piercing but generally everytime blood is flowing and specially if a mucous membrane is involved (for example when piercing the nose or the genitalia)

    Just another case of somebody talking who should not have been asked in the first place.

  4. The ‘surprise’ artciles reminded me that during the first hell City, we shared the hotel with,… wait for it,… a national CHEERLEADERS COMPETITION,… thousands of Jon Benet’s running around with all their stage mothers,… the staff was overwhelmingly of the mind that the tattoo crowd wa far better behaved,…

  5. hahahaha!! #1 is right. the fact that he *hates* being mistaken for the lizardman makes it even funnier. when he was tattooing a blue puzzle piece on my roommate she inadvertantly triggered a rant from him on the subject when she answered his question of “so.. what’s your favourite colour?” with “green”. i have to say, it was one the finniest things i saw all weekend..

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