Well what did you think would happen?

Xeni demonstrates how not to stretch your lobes as she tries to force her lobes from 1/2″ to 5/8″ before they were ready… Ouch :P

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55 thoughts on “Well what did you think would happen?

  1. Oh dear. I’m so, so glad that I had the self control and patience to have my lobes stretched SLOWLY!

    By the way, what is that she’s using to stretch her lobes with?? For a minuet I thought it was a thick pen lid…

  2. hahaha mine turned all grossy too except it was because i was somehow allergic to rubber o-rings? maybe i shouldve taken pictures and submitted them.

  3. i can’t feel sorry for these people. they simply refuse to listen to their piercers.

    you see those big beautiful stretched lobes you want so much for yourself? that person didn’t just buy a “be cool over nite kit”

    body modification is a ritualistic process. the process is to be enjoyed as much as the end result. body modification isn’t a race.

  4. dammit! her lobe looks so thin on the bottom of it while that makeshift taper was inserted. if she wants big lobes…she just fucked herself over cuz of the scar tissue and thinning this is going to cause. besides…it doesnt look healthy for an ear to be that red. people like this…i swear they are the reason random people ask me if ear stretching hurts cuz they see this shit posted on some random site like ebaumsworld. anyways, i hope she learns to treat her body better.

  5. I’m just waiting for the onslaught of “modblog taught people that stretching really fast is ok” anger flowing about these parts. I think instead of all the blanket statements that are passed about, piercers should actually attempt to educate their clients about how they “can” stretch faster that prescribed, but by slowly bringing your skin to it’s limit and letting it relax for a while(between 5 minutes and 5 months), but never EVER forcing it (which, honestly? I’ve had a piercer do that for a stretch I paid him for and it hurt like a motherfucker). /rant

  6. I don’t accept this person being blamed for not using a piercer. I would never let *anyone* else stretch my ears. How are they supposed to know when my skin is at its limit when they can’t feel it?
    (btw, I accept that the limit was surpassed quite substantially by Xeni! But the lesson is to be patient, not to go to a piercer in future)

  7. It looks like she has masking tape on the jewelery. 1/2″ to 5/8″ is too big a jump to be taking when stretching anyway. That’s what 9/16″ is for.

  8. Holy mother of something that is really REALLY holy! :|

    Why does so many people mess up their lobes?

  9. …nope. I don’t feel bad for her. And honestly, what DID she think would happen? It hurts because you’re tearing it.

  10. bad: skipping sizes. leaving a taper in your ear. using household stuff to taper. using a taper AT ALL at that size.

    teflon tape and patience are your friends.


  11. Hey! I have that liquid eyeliner<3
    Haha. Anyways, lets hope she learned her lesson.

  12. Ouch. That looks nasty! & her lobes look like they’re thinning a LOT in the first pic. >_< downsize, downsize, downsize!

  13. just so everyone knows, its an eyeliner tube with a tunnel taped to the end…look closely.

    some kid was at my house and saw my thing of eyeliner like that and asked if i used it to stretch. -________-

    not funny.

  14. no offence but iunno how ppl can put SHIT! in their ears like that ill allways make sure its been make espelicy to strech ur ears it looked like it almost split and yh w8 ur ears will be healthyer etc and ull feel beta about it 2

  15. Ewww, is that scotch tape? If you’re gonna stretch with tape PTFE is an absolute necessity. Standard household tape is too coarse and rough, anyone could figure that out.

  16. ooh that looks so icky and painful inside.. hope it gets better!! I guess all of these problems is what made me choose to scalpel right away..((considering I have no patience for such things. lol))

  17. 5: The same thing happened to me, I never wore tunnels or plugs and it was fine, right up until I replaced a lost O ring…

  18. Hah, I see some of you read my journal entry about this… I did downsize and it’s almost completely healed again; my thing is that most of the time I just don’t really care about having that “oh so beautiful” look everyone is looking for.

    They’re just earlobes, not something vital like nipples or your lips. I figure, one night of using a Revlon Liquid Eyeliner bottle as a taper just to see if it would work isn’t going to ruin me for the rest of my life.

    But, that’s just me, and my body. I can do all the stupid shit to it that I want. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else doing that.

  19. Xeni just wow. So when your lobes die and fall off tell me they aren’t vital. your body does so much for you the least you could do is treat it with care. And I don’t think everyone is looking to be perceived as pretty, just that they have respect for their bodies and that they care about their bodies (all the parts) health. Pretty has nothin to do with it. Im stuck with this body till I die and im gonna treat it well.

  20. Who cares if they rot and snap in half, they’re just earlobes. Are you kidding me? o.O

    Enjoy your many infections.

  21. Desire: …or, not? Because the lobe is healed back now since I’ve been treating it and downsized?

  22. I made the “hurried stretch” mistake once when I was younger. It was the first and last time. It’s taken me four years to get from 1/2″ to 1″. My lobes look great now. Back to the point, I hope she learns from this.

  23. The point is, there just isn’t a lot of accurate information out there. Many people end up doing DIY not only because they’re impatient or cheap, but because they’re uninformed.
    Those of you with the luxury of having a piercer available to stretch your lobes for you – let alone the fee- should consider yourselves fortunate, rather than typical, or “superior”, as the attitude seems to ooze from some of these posts.
    In areas without a lot of access or awareness to sites like BME and other sites providing information on safe, proper body modification, how do you expect them to know how to properly stretch their ears? Just by instinct? Chances are, in those places where DIY body modification is common, the friend that they saw it on and inspired them to do it has just as little of a clue as they do as to proper care and technique. Therefore, the false information just is handed down from person to person, accepted as truth.
    That’s why you see so many teens – and some adults – with blowouts. That’s why you see so many nasty pictures like this one above. And if the person really doesn’t know any better and has never been made aware of the ‘proper’ way to do it, how can you really blame them for not knowing that just ‘shoving it through’, something that gets the results they want, is bad for them?

    I made the mistake early on, when I wasn’t very aware of how to treat my piercings. Now that I know how to stretch properly, I mourn the idea that I could have a pretty, happy left lobe, just as elastic and easily stretched as the next. Instead, I have a very slight (definitely not bad by some that I’ve seen) blowout and some extra scar tissue that makes stretching further seem impossible.

    People just aren’t aware. So, why not spread knowledge, rather than scorn?

  24. Hah, I see the size of my comment and apologize for the rant…it’s late, I’m rambling, and I’m just P’d at how it seems like everyone believes body modification is something you should just KNOW about.

  25. Wait a second….is that a liquid eyeliner tube she’s using to stretch her ears? :| :| :| OWWWW. my ears tingle just watching this :(

  26. Tranque. How wonderfully said. Perfect. It’s not stupidity it’s ignorance. I bet she’s learned from this. It sounds corny as shit but we’ve all made mistakes and they make us smarter people.

  27. OMG OWWW!
    I have no sympathy with these people
    Enjoy the process of stretching. its like growing a plant. Seeing it grow and bloom

    After that size, teflon tape is your best friend EVERR.

    People want the huge lobs to look cool, but Its should be enjoyed or you will regret stretching them to that size or never make it.

  28. wow…
    im at a half inch right now and im going to 5/8ths tomorrow but damn
    that cant be right she had to have skipped more then one size.

  29. I did exactly this to my ears, the first time I used those flexible earlets.(from 5/8 to 3/4) I put them in and it seemed fine and I woke up in the morning and they were so swollen and red. I took them out and it looked just like this. :( That was the only time that happened. It’s not a dumb person. Stretching isn’t fail proof.

  30. She used an eyeliner bottle with a metal flare taped to the end of it. No wonder they ended up like that…

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