Week in the news: 4/27 – 5/3/08

Not really in the scope of BME interests but since body art has many faces, here’s two of them:
- Orlan and her Post-Identity Strategies;
- Temporary and yet ancient – the art of henna;

Tattoo artists speak: Local tattoo shop offers body art, Got ink?
For legitimate tattoo artists, health and safety is as much an issue as art
and Behind the scenes reveals more than tattoo TV shows.

In one of my favorite categories of articles about body art, people and their tattoos, you can read about an Alabama sports fan covering himself with tattoos , a tattooed college professor and a pretty heavily tattooed lawyer from the UK.

And let’s not forget about Susan Sarandon who got her tattoos done to celebrate her 60th birthday (I came across several posts about it but this one is “special”). In case we don’t want to get anything permanent, we can always wear it like Beckham.

In the law-related news: Health department bans tattoo branding in PA and Teen tattoo creates a stir in ND.

havoq submitted an interesting link about Spiderman tattoo (comments about this one are also interesting).

On a different note, looks like temporary tattoos may be used for kid’s safety.

Finally, to add an international touch to the post, a few articles about body art around the world (some of them a little older than just one week): Tattoos, piercing on the rise as fashion statement from Pakistan, Youth line up to get tattoos erased and Tattoo tales go wrong from India and tattoo artists hope to work legally in Turkey.

As always, IAM members can submit links to interesting articles here.

20 thoughts on “Week in the news: 4/27 – 5/3/08

  1. thanks, used some links in my blog. gave a hint to this site, linking forbitten (germany..sucks..lol)

  2. AHAHA! I like the Susan Sarandon article. It made me chuckle when the author referred to the tattoos of her children’s initials as “disfigurement”… It makes me wonder if this sub culture will ever really shed it’s taboo status. Either way, I’m not stopping any time soon (3 tattoos, 6 piercings at 17 :P)

  3. the website name for those temporary child’s tattoo’s is “Tattoos with a purpose” i find that a bit offsetting. I certainly feel like good ol’ permenant ones serve a purpose. Perhaps the name of the site can be related back to comment 2 saying that the taboo may never wear off.

  4. i superbly love the idea of the safety tattoos for the little ones. it’s so clever!
    also, in regards to the superman tattoo and subsequent comments, it just goes to show how supportive modblog is comparatively. even though sometimes you get jerks out on a hurtful rampage, most of the time people are compassionate.
    yay modblog!

  5. No, wait the spiderman thing is INSANELY COOL

  6. It’s a good idea although a piece of jewellery like a “Medic Alert” bracelet or a little charm bracelet with a pet-style ID tag might be less silly looking.

  7. Ugh. I’m ashamed of the Telegraph for the Sarandon story.

    The one about the lawyer was a good read, though!

  8. Professor Lawler was my college advisor! When he points to Powerpoint presentations, he makes sure his sleeves are rolled up so you can get a good look. He is the shit.

  9. Yay, Orlan! We learned about her in Theatre lectures this year; I’d never heard of her before and I was amazed. It’s incredible what people will do for art.

  10. Oh, and I just read the Telegraph on on Susan Sarandon’s tattoos – trust the bloody Telegraph. They’re quite right-wing and traditional as British papers go. I can’t imagine what the Daily Mail would have said.

  11. A schoolfriend of mine had his Type 1 diabetic status tattooed on his arm (in cursive with little decorative touches here and there) just in case something were to happen to him in public. It actually looks really good.

  12. what what! I’m writing an essay about orlan righ now!.. well actually i’m procrastinating right now which is why I’m on modblog. fun fact: she had so many semi normal surgeries before she got her horns put in because she couldn’t find a surgeon that would agree to do a surgery that didn’t make her ‘pretty’

  13. #12, very interesting. That a doctor can decide what another views as “pretty”. And the idea of attractiveness is skewed by western society in general. Doctors will pump up your lips to emulate “Angelina” (or take your pick of random celebrities) but won’t give you a lil set of horns.

  14. #12: Interesting. Really. Is there any chance you’ll share? I’d kinda like to read it.

    #12/#14 – Huh, actually I’m not able to figure out what kind of surgeries she had where and when – I perceive her appearance has mutated considerably[*], but – apart from the horns, of course – I’m not able to spot where the surgeon did his job. If I didn’t know, I could say it’s only ageing, haircuts and makeup – but I have never been a good observer, you know – they could put a wig and some makeup on a monkey and tell me it’s Cameron Diaz.
    Maybe snaps found out some source he/she wants to share? :)

    [*] and yes, #14, I did prefer her in her late 20s… but I tell you- it’s not about the horns! Hahahahahah!

  15. Oh my God, Orlan is so amazing.

    “Darling, I love your spleen; I love your liver; I adore your pancreas, and the line of your femur excites me.”

    I am going to incorporate that into my vows, if I ever get whatevered. :)

  16. The article from Islamabad is really interesting. The Doctor they interviewed said that you can get leprocy from an unsterile tattoo. Could that be true? And even if it is, who in the West would ever even think of it?

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