Week in the news: 5/4 – 5/10/08

At the end of March Shannon posted a link to article about Sophie Lancaster. Here’s a follow-up of this story: Goths’ blackest day and Standing up for Goths.

You can also read and voice your opinions on these articles:

- Down with tattoos;

- Painful-looking piercings produce unnatural body mutilation;

In other not that good news: Teen’s lip piercing leads to MRSA infection (submitted by krikitfrog) and weeks in hospital after getting pierced (this one is in German);

New law in Australia soon: Australian state to outlaw “intimate” piercings of minors and Age limit on body piercing welcomed.

Also, with a recent wave of graduations from colleges and universities, journalists give us something to consider: suited for the workplace.

IAM-ers mentioned in the online articles this week:

- Allen Falkner and his TSD in Stabbed in the back for fun;

- MONTE in Suspend all disbelief at Dr Jack’s ;

- iam: bleeding in a Swedish article submitted by Aghori_Baba.

People and their tattoos: Social Distortion singer about music and tattoos, Braddock Mayor gets tattoo for every victim of violence, a Mexican tattoo artist featured in Tattoos by Goethe, a daughter of a Dutch tattoo artist about her father (this one’s in Dutch) and  Drummer changed man’s life.

Some of you may find this concept interesting: Electronic tattoo display runs on blood submitted by cocaire

On the final note, something funny submitted by Pademelon: Baywatch actor popped for pilfering pages.

As always, all IAM-ers are welcome to submit links to body modification-related stories here

72 thoughts on “Week in the news: 5/4 – 5/10/08

  1. I’m really bad at figuring out the difference between someone making jokes and someone being serious, at least on-line…but that second article, “Painful-looking piercings produce unnatural body mutilation”, has to be a joke, right? Or satire. I mean, do people actually think like that?

    That would be soooooooooo weird.

  2. I was thinking exactly the same as 1, that article has to be a joke…
    The electronic tattoo display looks pretty cool though, I wonder if it would reject?

  3. The ‘painful looking piercings’ article was REALLY bad…


    “I imagine the idea of piercing ears started when one bored woman said to another, ‘Here’s an idea. Let’s get someone to jab big, sharp needles into our earlobes and force metal studs through the holes.’”

    Seriously? Maybe I take my very basic education of ancient cultural practices for granted.

  4. fucking hell.i just read the “down with tattoos” article, and before i read anything else, i just had to comment on wat a cunt the person who wrote it was.seriously, how narrow minded can u get?
    seriously, it goes to show that tattoos still arent been accepted into society everywhere.which is a shame.and discriminating against them is legal yet discrimination against race, sex etc isnt.

  5. “down with tattoos” was the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever read. whoever wrote it was shallow and inconsistent with their story. it sounded like a 12 year old wrote it. gaah. people are so CLOSE MINDED!!!

  6. wow,,, i’m amazed that the piercing article came out of lawrence,,, which is a college town, and the only reason i ever go there is for crust punk shows in which i hang out and drink with a bunch of other heavily pierced and tattooed people……… i guess she’s an old lady or whatever, but that’s a realllllllllllllly sheltered person IMO.

  7. The narrow mindedness of the top two articles is astonishing but not unexpected. It does make me wonder why so many people default to an adverse reaction to the unknown. The electric tattoo display looks interesting, but I’d be interested to know more about their technique for implanting the device without placing it subdermally.

  8. I’m pretty sure the “down with tattoos” and “mutilation” articles are satire. Bad satire, but nonetheless.

  9. It amuses me that certain writers think that ‘satire’ is simply writing about an extreme viewpoint that you don’t actually have. I feel that they’ve missed the point somewhat. If you want to see some real satire check out Brasseye or read A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift – now there’s some very good satire indeed!

  10. What will you look like when your 80? You know, I’ve really gotten fed up with that. Look, if you can see my tattoos pasting the sagging skin and wrinkles, awesome! if not, well, ohwell.

    But to be honest, When and if you hit 80 something, Theres a fairly certain chance that your not looking too good to begin with. So, Should you preserve your body so it can look it’s worst when your get older or should you enjoy it until you hit that ripe old age?

    Well, Redundant question over here, right?

  11. Oh, and the article about ‘suited for the workplace’ was excellent! As a medical student with a growing collection of large tattoos and body piercings just coming up to graduation I found it a facinating read. I, like the girl in the article, am happy to accept to portray a professional image in my line of work, as it is important to appear professional and capable to all of my patients. It is the same as dressing appropriately for work – I may feel much more comfortable in jeans and a baggy sweater but I wouldn’t dream of turning up to the hospital like that. I don’t feel the need to exhibit my mods to everyone I meet – they are for me and I understand their importance in both a positive and negative sense.

  12. The electronic display article sounds like an April Fool or something from The Onion – it really doesn’t seem viable.

  13. “a girl who will chew gum will smoke, and a girl who will smoke will do anything!”

    i just found that quote ridiculously entertaining. the first article is apparently written by a teacher which find quite fascinating. both of them definatly just seem too far fetched to be someone’s actual opinion, but its more than a possibility.

    in ‘suited for the workplace’, yeah its definatly logical to dress your best and look professional. it is about conforming to the job, not the job conforming to you. sometimes you have to sacrifice both ways. i’m just happy that where i currently work, theres a strict company policy in regards to appearance, however in my department (food and beverage) we’re a LOT more lax. i get away with two nose studs and all of my earrings (between 14 and 4 gauge). many others have occasionally visable tattoos too. the world is becoming more accepting bit by bit. you just gotta find a niche.

  14. I think the Painful-looking piercings produce unnatural body mutilation article is the real-deal.. my grandmother has actually said that quote about gum to me before and the whole article seems to have been written by someone in their 70′s. haha I actually laughed about her saying she’d rather have a bone through her nose… would she?

  15. “down with tattoos”
    this guy is an idiot. If you don’t like tattoo, fine, but, I have a problem with his theory that lawyers should get a “$” on their foreheads. Well…what about public defenders? The “$” wouldn’t really work for them….

    and to call Angelina Jolie “curvaceous” just shows that he’s either blind or likes his women to look like SKELETONS. She is, in my opinion, a horrible horrible example of how the mainstream media will display an anorexic body as something “beautiful” (no, seriously, I want to force-feed her until she gains 30 lbs)

  16. “Down with tattoos” just pissed me off. People are so rude nowdays when it comes to other people’s appearance. I’ve had people come up to me and say pretty much everything that idiot has, along with “you know you’re stuck with that for the rest of your life right?” – the last guy who said that, I pointed to his wife and said “I could say the same for you”

  17. on the second article:
    “I’ve even heard that a few folks — surely there can’t be many — pierce certain hidden portions of their anatomies, but that is just too gross to write about … and I’m not certain I believe it anyway.”
    She REALLY should check out bme… hehehe

  18. hmm the first two articles made me so angry i couldnt finish reading them (but as previously stated, they may be satire. i didn’t think they were, but i could be wrong.)

    but the *warning: these pictures are not for the faint of heart* disclaimer on the TSD suspension photos made me laugh. oh, modblog.

  19. This may just be me being an American prude, but does Australia really NEED to ban genital piercings for the under-16 crowd? No reputable artist would pierce a 14-year-old’s genitals regardless of legality or parental permission, right?

  20. Now I know that I’m deliberately being a little bit of a jackass here, but I still have to kind of wish that Bret Keizer had taken a *little* effort to make sure he didn’t look like quite so much of a sketchball in that article. It’s quite likely the editor/photographer screwing around with choice of photo, but it still made me groan to see yet another article about body mods with a picture of a guy who looks like he just got done with a week-long bender and sticking his tongue out.

  21. i took the ‘down with tattoos’ piece as a weak attempt at humor ~ the piercing one i’m not so sure about….
    reguarding the electronic display concept, thats all it is (as far as i can gather) – a concept… if you can dream it up, its a concept.. its not impossible by any means, but the technologies needed for it are still a way away from fruition… with the first artificial biological entity’ (Venters Mycobacterium laboratorium) expected within a year, and the near exponential groath in bio-science and bio-technology seen over the last 50 years, such devices are bound to provide lucrative spin-offs for bio-tech companys in the future…

  22. just watched the two from Sophie Lancaster thats just awfull how people still can treat other with disrespect by the way they dress mostly around here ist about race (wath i also find discusting) but to be killed by the way people look

    why do the dumb rule the earth -_-

  23. I really hope that the mutilation article is meant as a joke (I’m not going to say satire as it really isn’t what I would consider satire lol) If the article is serious then I find it funny that she had no problems with her Mum’s clip on earrings – it’s the same aesthetic really lol

  24. With the very first 2 articles about the goths: it really just amazes me how I hear a lot of my English/Scottish/Irish/Welsh associates saying how much better the UK is compared to the US, yet I hear this, and think, “Now, I’ve bee stared at and made fun of because of the way I choose to dress, but I’ve never been just abused to the point where I’m scared to go outside because of what I look like.”

    My first thoughts with the “Down with Tattoos” and “Painful Looking Piercings” articles was idk, disbelief.

  25. The “Painful-looking piercings produce unnatural body mutilation” article was in my newspaper. It’s now on my refridge. I considered emailing her with gooch piercings provided by this site, but I decided against it.

  26. LOLed at the second article (anti-piercing). I live in KC and have spent quite a bit of time in Lawrence. A lot of people in Kansas like to claim Lawrence is the liberal epicenter of the midwest. Please! Drunk college know-it-all hippies abound.

    However, drunk know-it-all hippies have plenty of piercings and/or tattoos, so I can’t believe that the grandma writing the piece has ever left her house. Hell, there’s like four piercing & tattoo studios in the tiny little town!

  27. @ DWC, #21:

    I live in Sydney, and there’s always the odd tale of shitty piercing+tattoo ‘parlours’ that will do anything to young, dumb, schoolgirls.

    I think it’s a good idea (and this is coming from someone with a decent few genital piercings, performed mostly at age 18).

  28. …by the way, I’m pretty sure that any body mod I’ve seen here in the past year does not count as that mark. Thought that needed clarifying. :)

  29. Suited for the workplace is interesting but the only part that really annoyed me is that they will want people to look professional but “jeans are becoming acceptable” where as a tattoo is not.
    I think dressing the part aka. not wearing jeans and actually putting some thought and money into decent work apporiate wear is more important than covering up a non-offensive tattoo. Its so tacky to have an office where everyone is wearing jeans.. its like the people in my classes who come to school in their pjs..I mean was it really too hard to get dressed in the morning?

  30. I’m pretty sure that at least the ‘painful looking piercings’ article was intended as satire (hey, I didn’t say that it was actually funny), and possibly also the ‘down with tattoos’ one (not as sure about this one).

  31. I must say I’d love to meet the writer of the mutilation story. Seeing as I live about 30 minutes from lawrence. I have never heard someone express those kind of views in the area of kansas I live in let alone in lawrence. Hell lawrence has a big sign out there advertising “tattoos & hairdos” in the same building. Sure I get a lot of stares because of my mods but never have I seen someone so close minded. I like how there was also the mrsa story out of blue springs. Nothing like seeing people from my area make idiots of themselves.

  32. RE: the Australia articles
    As an Aussie under the age of 18, i feel that these articles are completely stupid (body modification is just a trend??)
    I think most people will agree that body modification is a lifestyle choice.
    and also, teens aren’t given enough credit, we are capable of making informed and mature decisions.
    and these laws will not stop teens getting pierced, it will just force them to choose substandard tattoo shops, or go DIY.
    which I’m predicting, will not end well.
    any ideas on a course of action?

  33. #34- I’m assuming it has more to with the fact that as a teen your body is still growing over the fact that you can’t make a decision. I waited till I was 18 to get my nipples pierced and those few extra years didn’t kill me. In a way it is a trend with many teens. I know tons who go out and get say um their tongue pierced just because their friends have it done & than they remove it a few months later when there’s a new “in” piercing to get. I am not saying though that this is what ALL teens do. I do agree with you however that this will make many teens choose to go to a less than qualified person to pierce them.

  34. #35 You make a very good point! thank you for your opinion.
    I guess that with this law i will have a lot more people coming into the tattoo shop that i work at (as a body piercer) with horrible looking piercings, and less business for me!

  35. because nobody else has pointed it out

    “Marsha Henry Goff is a freelance writer in Lawrence. Information about purchasing her book, “Life Is More Fun When You Live It Jest for Grins,””
    from the bottom of the Painful-looking piercings produce unnatural body mutilation article
    so yeah, I don’t think its serious

  36. 21: Yes, we do need those laws. I have a friend who is a nurse at a nearby hospital, and a girl was admitted a few months ago with a nipple piercing that had to be drained – 100mililitres of fluid. She was 15. The first question she asked when the procedure was finished? “When can I put it back in?”

    I live in SA, and around here, most teenagers would get their piercings done at one of the local chain beauty shops, not a reputable piercing parlour.

  37. i find it interesting no one has said anything about the poor boy who is in the hospital with MRSA… my mom had MRSA because she worked in a nursing home that was infested with MRSA patients… i saw what she went through… and hearing about this poor boy suffering from this god awful pain… i’m thankful that when i was like 13-14 (i’m 18 now) that the infection i got from piercing my lip myself didn’t turn out as bad as this guy’s did…

    at my old high school you see all these kids with pierced lips that are so fucking swollen and hideous… you just want to go up to them and slap them for being so stupid… but, you always learn from your mistakes…

    i hope the guy doesn’t die from this horrible disease… and i’m sure a lot of his classmates learned from him…

  38. What’s the matter with “Down with tattoos?” Mr. Mario was pretty funny with his opinion, and I guess people should start reading and comprehending before saying bad words about it.
    Has anyone read his last paragraph? It says:

    Which brings the curvaceous Angelina back to mind. Can you imagine her at age eighty-seven with all those messy tattoos scattered all over body regions where they were never intended to be? Just the thought of it makes me sick. That is why, if I ever lose my marbles, I’m going to get only one, big tattoo on my chest: DOWN WITH TATTOOS!

    Guys! If he hates tattoos, why he would do one when he loses his marbles? He’s part of a comedy troupe. He didn’t mean it!

    Society will accept bmods when these start to be more tolerant with everyone, too. But if it’s good to be nice only with your fellas.. well, we live in democracy.

    Beijos. =)

  39. I think most people realised he (as well as the other author) was attempting humour – however that doesn’t take away from the fact that they really REALLY weren’t funny.

  40. the first to articles anger me soemthing chronic – i despise anyone with a narrow mind – and yeah you may not like it but ya know what this is the real world where people have the right to do whatever the hell they like – deal with it.

  41. psychopathicjacqui – you’re under 18 and you’re a body piercer?

    i think you’ll find most reputable Australian studios are already denying “intimate” piercings to under 16s, in fact, i would say it would be hard to find a reputable studio that would even consider it on someone under 18, with or without parental consent. the problem at the moment is that kids are going to sub-standard studios because laws like this AREN’T in place. even the crap studios are going to think twice about piercing a 15 year old girl’s nipple if it’s going to cost them $22,000.

  42. Panties- I’m 17 by the way
    The main issue i have with this law is not the age restriction imposed on “intimate piercings” as such, but the thought that instead of a semi-reputable/slightly-hygienic environment, the under 18/16 year old will be piercing each other/themselves in a totally unhygienic bedroom with a safety pin and no piercing or cleanliness knowledge. And I’m sure everybody remembers what teenagers bedrooms look like lol.

  43. I think there are fewer teenagers who are going to self-pierce than there are who would go to a piercing studio without researching it. If the law does stop a few teenagers getting pierced by total hacks in back-alley piercers then I think it’s a pretty good idea. More education on why the law is in place and the benefits of waiting til you’re 18 woudld be an amazing next step, but going by the history of pretty much any modern government I just don’t see that happening.

  44. The article about ‘painful piercing’ made me so angry I couldn’t finish it. I mean Christ, some people really need to open their eyes. Makes me sick.

  45. In response to the ‘Down with tattoos’ piece; Why show this drivel on Modblog? The only thing it seems to do is inspire frustration and even anger the stupidity of the author. Do we not have to put up with enough of these characters almost on a day to day basis as it is?

    I understand that it’s important to voice an opposing opinion in cases as strong as this but it’s depressing to read this kind of stuff and I personally don’t think it should be justified by rising to a challenge that is pathetic and and childish and not worth my time.

  46. why the hell would anyone steal a Flash Book? Was he going to wank off to the naked pin up girls in the “comfort” of his own home?

  47. haha, the girl from “suited for the work place” goes to college right down the street from the shop i work at. you could practically throw a baseball at the building, and break a window.

  48. ugh. The “Down With Tattoos” article was written by a high school teacher who founded a ‘comedy troupe’. Lets hope he doesn’t write for the comedy troupe, because no one has mentioned to this guy that he is remarkably unfunny.

    I bet he cracks himself up.

    Ditto for the woman who wrote the piercing article.

    This is what happens when you spare people’s feelings and force yourself to laugh at the dribble they produce as they eagerly sit and watch you read it. Lets just hope nobody paid them to write these.

  49. The first article was written by some old lady in a town that’s in the middle of nowhere (sorry to anyone who’s actually from Lawrence, KS). It’s not like a major national newspaper actually printed that.

  50. Re: #52

    Very true. What happens when he’s told he’s a jackass? He pretends to be a 100 year old guy. What happens when he’s told he’s just not funny? More old guy.

    If this was in a standup bar, I would have tossed a drink (possibly still in the glass) at him. There’s only one thing worse than people trying to write humor when they’re not funny, and that’s people who try to write humor when they’re not funny and refuse to recognize even the strongest suggestions that they should just quit.

  51. deadite, of course you love it. You came from Wichita. Pretty much anywhere is a step up. (I’ve got family in Wichita and spent a lot of time there as a kid — I have to say it most likely contributed to my depression and/or any more serious personality disorders I may or may not have.)

    Xeno @ 53: I assume you’re not familiar with the area. Lawrence is not “the middle of nowhere.” It is outside the KC metro area, yes, but it is pretty significant in these parts, if for no other reason than lots of places to get drunk if you’re tired of Westport. Not exactly “USA Today,” but it ain’t the Edwardsville Times (which probably doesn’t even exist because I have my doubts about the number of people in Edwardsville who can actually read), either.

  52. The two ‘satirical’ pieces were utter horseshit. I would have probably laughed if they had been written well, but the arguments were so groundless and hollow and unamusing with only message being “I don’t like it, so it’s bad and wrong and no one else should ever do it.”
    I wish writers would put more effort into what they are writing instead of just dribbling over their keyboards.

  53. in regards to australian piercing laws, unfortunately underage piercing will continue regardless of legislation – in an industry with not just shady operators but “well regarded” piercers using their reputations to get away with anything, i doubt the laws will have much of an effect in practice. the law is 18+ for nipples and genitals here in queensland… but how likely is a piercer to be actually caught in the act of a prohibited piercing? it’s poke-and-run, with no paper trail and no witnesses, nothing can be proved after the fact. as the industry becomes more cutthroat, i think things will get worse before they get better…

    i did get a giggle when both australian articles described genital piercing as a “fashion or a trend”.

  54. The genital piercing thing seems almost common sense to me, coming from the UK. There’s no specific law on genital piercing here, but you cannot legally get a genital piercing until you’re at least 16 because before that age you cannot give consent, effectively the piercer breaks the same law as someone having underage sex if they are to pierce a minor’s genitalia. It must be pointed out that over here though, nearly all piercing studios won’t do genital piercings until the client is 18, even though the law only states 16.

  55. Almost unbelievably, I don’t think anyone has really commented on the stories about Sophie Lancaster. I guess perhaps because the link to modding is tenuous. I just want to say that this is fucking tragic and the people who killed her will have to live with themselves for the rest of their lives, long after they outgrow their ‘hoodie’ (chavvy?) styles.

    I hope the family of Sophie take some comfort in the fact that she was an individual who probably had more personality and joy within her (tattooed?) little finger than those losers will ever have inside them. Thay are filled with hatred and ignorence and I hope someone in Britain learns something from this and thinks twice before abusing someone different than them.

    Sorry this sounds a little preachy I just wanted to say something about Sophie, and thank you for linking to the article Shannon

  56. That article about sophie made me cry and cry. I’ve just moved to England a year ago and little chavs like those boys are a dime a dozen no joke. I cannot believe what a plague on society they are and it is truely frightening.

    It took me a while to feel afraid of kids aged 10 to 16 years old because i didn’t see them as anything but kids wearing track suits being out late at night. But after a while gangs of chavs are terrifying to see while alone.

  57. “Painful-looking piercings produce unnatural body mutilation”

    As a resident of Lawrence, I’m disappointed that such a thing was printed. Content aside, the writing itself blew.

    #53, Lawrence, KS is definitely not the middle-of-nowhere. It’s just as significant as Iowa City, Columbia, Fayetteville, Urbana-Champaign or any other of the classic college towns in the midwest that have a University with AAU membership, which there are only a handful of.

  58. The article about Sophie was some terrible news.

    I had never heard of such things going on in London.. it’s horrible.

  59. The Painful Looking Piercings article was seriously horrible. “I’ve even heard that a few folks — surely there can’t be many — pierce certain hidden portions of their anatomies, but that is just too gross to write about … and I’m not certain I believe it anyway.” …HAHAHA. Only a few. And she doesn’t even believe it. God, that woman is invited over to view my nipples up close and personal if she wishes!

  60. i’m sorry to say pelirojo that we as a mass public will never here of a crime, be it hate, race or sex until the crime itself is to horrific to hide. i’ve driven a few friends to hospital to get patched up after being assualted for being a metaller yet no one heard of it. it’s unfortant that it takes such an extreme example to highlight it. i really wish it didn’t ever need go so far before the minority gets the protection that is lawfully theres

  61. down with tattoos was bad… not funny.

    I live in somerville… haven’t seen that guys comedy troupe. Doesnt sound like something I want to see either.

    I’m visably tattooed and pierced/stretched, I’ve gotten all the white trash shit before. Just the other day I was trying to buy a pack of ciggarettes and the lady would just scowl at me and say I was a crack smoker. That it looked like I had lost 50 pounds from when my ID photo was taken. I left, went to someone else and had no problem.

    even if that wasn’t all just some bad joke. Why do people get so worked up by peoples ignorances? If someone judges me by what I do to myself… I always think, “good, thats another asshole weeded out”… same with employment. I’ve had people look at me crooked. Could tell I wasnt getting the job by the handshake. Again, I think, “Glad I’m not working for that guy”

    I have met enough lovely people who are proud of my work… and my relationship with my boss now, is alot more than skin deep.


  62. and just to add to that, I feel bad for anyone who has gotten the shit kicked out of them because someone is ignorant. It happens though. I’m more scared of that guy who is teacher telling this “joke” to kids and them taking it seriously out on innocent people.

    The first time I had a needle in my skin, I was fully aware of how people would look at me after.

    Speaking on random acts of hate. I was walking home from mission hill after a party with my friends. We were all tired and in a drunken stupor, just kinda chugging home. The red sox just won and kids were walking home. One big guy was walking by giving high fives to everyone “Red sox are the best”… we walked by, didnt really acknowlege him or give him a high five. He picked a fight with the biggest of my friends. He was a “yankee loving fag”… he was “on his turf”. Even though he is from boston.

    I think I’m more scared of the watch sports as a religion sort of people. That makes me sad.

  63. I hope Zeke Wheeler gets better.
    That picture of him in the hospital bed made me sad. v_v

  64. Dull – I live in Somerville too, and I also have been impressed in a negative way by the populace. As for the “comedy” nature of the “tattoos are ugly” article in the Somerville News, well, I won’t even honor that piece of shit unfunny lowest common denominator type of so-called Human Interest Journalism piece with a response. The News is a rag anyway.

  65. “a girl who will chew gum will smoke, and a girl who will smoke will do anything!”

    …I’ve not read all of the comments, but does anyone else here think that that would make a brilliant script tattoo?

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