Face Tattoo Session #4

Keeping you updated on Nick‘s facial tattoo adventure, here’s the fourth session done with Tattoo Joe of Physical Graffiti in Bridgeport, CT. Click here to see earlier stages.

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37 thoughts on “Face Tattoo Session #4

  1. You see those stars and dots on his arms? What are those called? I have those around one of my tattoos and somebody told me a really cool term for them and I promptly forgot it.

  2. Wow, Nick. Your looking great. More power to you. The work really fits you. Your eyes blaze with the tattoo contrast. It’s been fun to watch the work in process. Thanks.

  3. i’m not feeling the circles. they don’t fit with the line work in my opinion, but the face works looks great nonetheless

  4. I really love this work, and i think the dots definately works, the lips have faded quite a bit, but he is a true inspiration

  5. i think it’s quite funny that i looked at this and thoguht “nice tattoo’s, but he might regret shaving his eyebrows, cos they don’t grow back sometimes”

    Then I realised how ridiculous that was

    Very nice tattoos, it looks better and better every time, although some of the linework looks like it needs retouching

  6. those are one of the best facial tattoos i’ve ever seen.
    the circles around eyes are something real cool !

  7. Amazing work.
    Makes your eyes fucking pop out of your head.
    I like the black circles too in contrast to the line work.

  8. It looks way better with the dots on & above the eybrows, I would figure thats the last stage of the face it looks complete to me at that point.Great job by Tattoo Joe!

  9. & eyebrows are tricky to do….the reason i think the eyebrows work is because the flow with the natural shape of his eyebrows which look better than dots straight across

  10. I hope Nick reads this- Are you planning on filling in the negative spaces on (roughly 3/4 in above your new dots; and directly below your new dots[bottom {cheek}]) And I also am wordering if your going to touch up your lines? This is amazing, I love it. Definatly fun to see the process, I hope I can see more from you in the future.

  11. The dots look really cool but as someone said above, kinda don’t go with the overall theme of the piece. I can understand if the only theme here was ‘neotribal’ with numerous influences from different indigenous cultures, but it’s not. It’s Maori in theme and never has Maori tattooing had those dots around the eyes. Still, very cool looking. As I’ve said in other entries on Nick, scope the Simmons book ‘Ta Moko’ or any of Goldie or Lindauer’s portraits of Maori for other work in this ‘style’.

  12. So inspired as a new architect to see people in ‘professional’ fields heavily modified. Thank you.

  13. its looking hardcore now.. im loving it! and love the lipplate/plug aswell… think ive got a pare of those for in my ear somewhere…

    ROCK on dude!

  14. I love this, its been great see each stage :)
    I dunno if its just me but i kinda think he looks like a viking… atleast how i imagined them :p

  15. Wow. This is definitely my favorite tattooed face ever!

    It looks amazing, and I love the eyebrow dots and the lines flow perfectly.

    I even like his arm tattoos!

  16. Nick, your face tattoo is one of the nicest I’ve seen. You look amazing. Are you planning to complete the entire head? I commend you for your courage. As an older man fascinated by face/head tattoos, I wish I could throw away conventions and get my face tattooed. All the best to you.

  17. moko are reserved for respected members of the maori community.
    The reason why they wore the tattoo on their faces was to show everyone who they were… Family, Tribe, Status etc. Using a complex language of marks, made in ink and carved into the skin, they could determine anothers identity.

    To make or to wear moko and not understand it’s language is to breach the oldest copyright in the world.

  18. Nick,
    As I have said your mug is great, and the best compliment I can give is I am jealous.

  19. this dude looks like a fucking try hard , too many different styles, you are like a trash can of tattoos rather than an awesome canvas as many of the people on here are.

  20. To make or to wear moko and not understand it’s language is to breach the oldest copyright in the world.

    Sandra you couldnt be more correct. To try and wear Ta Moko as a fashion item to try and show people that you are tough is simply insulting and shameful. It is like me tattoing your ancestry on my body, yet maybe i will have it done in the shape of a big yellow smiley face to show my respect to you.

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  22. I agree, Jaydee. I wonder how much thought or even understanding went into his facial tattoo (which I will not dignify by calling Ta Moko.) Ta Moko is He Taonga Whakamiharo, treasure to be admired; not just pretty patterns to be ripped off because they look ‘bad-ass.’

  23. Nick’s work is truly creative, astounding, alluring and beautiful. It gives inspiration to others (including me) in artistic world of architecture, music, graphics and so on. Having just recently embarked on my own extreme mods and total tattooing, Nick is truly an extraordinary influence. I also read in BME that he strongly believes in helping others and giving back to his community. Let’s clone a million Nicks!

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