Week in the news: 5/11 – 5/17/08s

It’s sad to watch a culture waning in front of our eyes, but it’s uplifting to see efforts to save as much of it as possible: Photos of Manx tattoos needed for heritage project. You can read more about the Isle of Man and Manx triskelion here

If you happen to be in San Diego area, consider checking out an exhibition about tattoos in Oceanside museum: O’side museum displays tattoo artwork and ‘It would be a great forum.’ There’s also another exhibition about tattoo art in Austria (this one’s in German)

Visiting a museum exhibition is one option but you can also try to read a book on the subject: New Book gives ink to tattoos (more here) or, just to balance things up a little, In pictures: the most ridiculous tattoos ever (more)

Looks like there is a lot of things going on in the “law department” – Body art licensing takes effect soon in NM, more focus on tattoos and body piercing in the UK and South Portland weighs tattoo parlor moratorium. And let’s not forget about Australia where teens face extreme body art ban.

Educating ourselves and others seems a better solution. Lexci Million, only briefly mentioned in this article, says more on the subject: “we tour that talk year-round to multiple schools and organizations. It definitely makes an impact as we gear it towards junior and senior high school kids who are just starting to look to body modification as a new form of expression. We give them simple, easy-to-remember information on what to look for in a reputable shop. (Present spore tested autoclave, cleanliness, jewelry quality, appropriate conduct from the piercer, dangers of home piercing and piercing guns etc) so it’s not necessarily a tour to promote the shop I work at. If you’re running a reputable business, you’ll benefit from it too! It is very well received. The talk itself is 1/2 and hour to about 45 minutes depending on our alloted time, leaving the Q&A period as long as possible. The kids love it! We get a lot of the “Did that hurt?” questions mixed in, but a lot of them are really interested to learn the things they thought were normal”.

Rachel has already mentioned NYC tattoo convention but there is more going on around: Hell City Tattoo Fest and Skin Art Expo in the US and there’s also a tattoo festival in Thailand (more…)

If you crave for a new tattoo and yet have to deal with lack of acceptance from your mother, consider getting a “mom tattoo” as, apparently, on Mother’s Day some say it with ink. Since this holiday is still ahead for some of us, it’s worth giving it some thought.

A few celebs either got or decided to remove their body art but the statement “bad tattoos happen to naive people” seemed more interesting.

Thanks to Snap Dragon for submitting a link to LI(f)E Controversy over a scarification piece.

And, finally, a small dose of open-mindness: ‘Hard core’ music reaches youth, metal concert as a place of revelation and it’s not government’s job to police clothing.

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9 thoughts on “Week in the news: 5/11 – 5/17/08s

  1. Oh lord.. under the link “In pictures: the most ridiculous tattoos ever”

    There is a tattoo, and it’s caption is:
    “One unicorn giving another a piggyback/horseyback.”

    Hopefully I’m not the only one that realizes how hilarious that captioning of that photo is.


  2. I can’t imagine any reputable practitioners doing genital piercings/beading/scarification/etc on minors at the best of times, so the fact that they even needed to pass that law just boggles my mind. What the hell kind of hacky crap do the dodgies in NSW get up to, anyway? At least now they can be prosecuted for it. Oh, and yes, I’m totally in favour of this legislation.

  3. @1 – I… I really don’t know if that caption was written by someone terribly naive, or just trying to caption it in a way that it doesn’t get removed.

  4. @4 it makes it so much more entertaining if you go with the idea of the caption writer being incredibly naive.

  5. The chewbacca was my favourite, actually. I wish I could see it again when all that hair (ew) grows back! It’s really gonna look like chewy.

    Of the links the one about the myspace censoring the li(f)e scarification piece was just insane. I didn’t realize myspace did that crap. Thank you for posting these…

  6. “It’s sad to watch a culture waning in front of our eyes” Yes, it is. What an appropriate way to start the news in light of recent events.

  7. My g/f and I were discussing that NSW legislation regarding the scarification/beading/branding of minors, and I agree with Lori, that law is one I agree with.

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