ModProm III – Details!

It is with great pleasure that we are able to announce the triumphant return of BME‘s ModProm! Everybody’s favorite excuse to break out the seersucker and classy it up for one special evening is back for another year, this time in one of downtown Toronto’s premier party establishments (the specifics of which we will announce shortly).

Make no mistake, though — this isn’t just a night to play dress-up. This is a real prom, complete with tearful, mascara-smearing exchanges in the ladies’ room, awards (at the moment, the superdelegates are split 50/50 on Prom King) and the chaperonage nonpareil of renowned family man Bob Saget! (No, we haven’t seen the Aristocrats, why do you ask?) As if that’s not enough, you can also look forward to delicious food, an open bar and, above all else, a night with friends and family that will be impossible to forget.

Check this page frequently for new information — advance ticket sales will be announced shortly! Until then, pop your zits, buy a corsage and prepare for June 28, 2008! The war is over — tonight, we dance, prom-style!


The Field House at The Berkeley Church
315 Queen Street East
Toronto ON M5A 1S7

Saturday June 28th, 2008
Hors d’oeuvres/Reception: 7pm
Dinner: 8:30pm
Dancing: All night!
Bar: Sponsored by Great Lakes Brewery.
Menu: Buffet Style, plenty for everyone from Vegan to Carnivore! If you have allergies, please email us.


$100 USD Per Person

Travel & Accommodations

The two main airports to fly into are Toronto’s Pearson International Airport (YYZ) and Toronto’s City Centre (YTZ). There is also Hamilton (YHM) and Buffalo (BUF), NY. Significantly cheaper flights can be found by flying into BUF and then taking either the bus or the train.
Inexpensive flights from the NYC area to down town Toronto

There is a new bus service called Mega Bus which offers service from all over the east coast and can get you from NYC to Toronto for 26 dollars round trip. This is assigned seating so if you’re going to take the bus, book as soon as possible!

Any hotels in the downtown core will work perfectly. Remember that it is the end of Pride Week so hotels will be selling out quickly. I will be posting block room rates shortly but if you find a good deal before then, book it!


This year would not be as fabulous as it’s going to be if it wasn’t for the most amazing donations from sponsors around the globe. So far we have tons of goodies from the following:

Great Lakes Brewery

LeRoi Body Jewelry
Aesthetics Body Mod
Canvas LA
Diablo Organics
FadeFast Tattoo Removal: Laser Tattoo Removal by Allen Falkner
GlassHeart Studios
Glasswear studios
GoodWood Organics
Gorilla Glass
David Vidra & Health Educators
Hi-tech Tattoo
Industrial Strength/Naked
Infinite Body
Mike Storey
Mike Tidwell of
Modern Epic
Paul’s Plugs
Philip Barbosa
Relic Stoneworks
Reign Designs
Sister Salvation
Steelwerks Extreme
Thrive Studios
Under the Weather Bags
Venus by Maria Tash
Keylan (Endless Summer Tattoo)


Win Shawn Porter as your date to Modprom 2008. As you can see, kissing isn’t included but you will get one free ticket to Modprom, a limo with Shawn, a classy corsage and guaranteed color commentary throughout the entire night!

Raffle tickets are $5 dollars each and can be purchased by sending a payment via Paypal to [email protected] Or click the image below!

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