Atom caught this beautiful moment (when two lives were changed forever) at last weeks NYC Tattoo Convention.

The romance is still in its infancy so if you fancy your chances with Shawn and would like to win a date to ModProm with him, check out Rachel‘s competition at the bottom of this entry!

63 thoughts on “Serendipity

  1. I wouldn’t be the one fighting. Besides I would want to fight guy covered with hearts. It’d make me less angry.

  2. Holy shit #6. We are registered at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

    We did it under a pseudonym for Shawn, look for Rebecca.

    If you love me and Shawn and want our home to be happy go buy things off that registry and mail it to us!

    (Shawn, go along with this!)

  3. XD crazy children and your fighting lol. hell your probably older than me so i hsouldnt say anythign. but im voting for roo here :)

    and candace, unless your a chick, fight on yoru own. 1 on 1. dont get other peopel involved not that this willever happen in real life anyway

  4. LOL. Just looked at roo’s IAM and listened to the voice messages, my god thats brilliant. :)

  5. And roo, Id totally fight you just for updating this damn thing so many times in a day. Its hard to keep up.

  6. Unless he’s a football hooligan, never fear an angry Brit. It’s like an angry chipmunk- cute and hard to stay mad at. I think Candace may have meant “i’ve been defiled by brian decker”

  7. Sorry shawny Id have to be the guy. Im the anal virgin in the relationship. Besides Id be the breadwinner anyway… Unless you factor in all the money that Rachel is paying you. Then youd be the breadwinner of course!


    The one used to come collect my garbage and the other one propositioned me in a gas station bathroom!!!

    Which one is which, that’s for me to know and you all to never find out ;p

  9. This… is the most beautiful photo… I have ever seen. I’m crying real tears on it.

  10. I was all like “awwww” thinking this was real until I read the comments. XD

    They make a cute couple.

  11. cere, there’s only a few things left on the registry.

    you and shawn decide which is more important….

    the pink silicone bundt pan or the 3-in-1 egg slicer.

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