Week in the news: 5/18 – 5/24/08

Modblog posts devoted to earlobe reversal show clearly that there is some interest in it; here’s some extra information on the procedure itself and its cost when done by a doctor: Gauges a new problem for plastic surgeons (submitted by iam: quinnnchick).

Tattoo convention coverage: NYC Tattoo Convention, Hell City Tattoo Fest, Maritime Tattoo Festival in Canada and another one about a tattoo convention in Prague, Czech Republic.

Eligible for an economic stimulus check and no idea how to both help economy and have some fun? You can find some inspiration here: Helping the economy bounce back, one tattoo at a time. Before you go out to spend this extra money, though, make sure you know what to look for and which shops you should avoid: Tattoo terror: a special undercover investigation in CO.

This one, also from CO, was submitted by Roo; I like the picture!

The 2008 presidential election in the US seems very interesting, so no wonder that people show their support in many ways, also by means of tattoos; let’s just hope no one will regret the indelible Hillary (more…)

A small selection of articles about body modification and jobs: Army bars tattooed man from re-enlisting in the UK, 100 ‘extras’ wanted but no-one with tattoos also in the UK, Sheriff: cover your tattoos (more…) in OH and now, the tattoo policy published in MI.

Something light and interesting to read: Zulu Tattoo; and an article I found pretty confusing (not to say plainly weird): Paris and Nicole forget which Madden brother is which.

Big thanks to Roo and the person who sent it to BME: Bites.

As always, IAM members can submit links to articles about body modification here.

11 thoughts on “Week in the news: 5/18 – 5/24/08

  1. That article on the tattoo terror was so badly written I couldn’t even get to the end of it.

  2. Heh. I have to admit it: that Bites comic was really cute. ^_^

    I think the Hilton/Madden article just about broke my brain. I knew I shouldn’t have read it. Ugh.

  3. Heh that one made me laugh Telyn. It also made me despair of society at the same time but thats not the point. ^_^


    That ksl article kills my soulllll. THEY ARE NOT CALLED GAUGES. SOME PEOPLE CAN HAVE STRETCHED EARS AND LIVE NORMAL LIVES. There is so much wrong with that article!

  5. The Bites comic was definitely cute. :)

    I’d note that the Paris/Nicole article is from a satire/parody website. Still a “BWHA?” moment, though. LOL

  6. I’m hoping that Paris/Nicole did that just to screw around w/ the paprazzi.

  7. If you’re going to write an article about stretched ears the least you could do is get the terminology right…

  8. I hate when people say “gauges” – I live a completely abnormal life because of my ears. Pshaw! Get real, did anyone else see the guy from NASA with the mods? Surely, if you’re good at what you do, it’s not going to be a problem. A good education should very well get you the job while keeping your mods. That and good work ethic.

  9. Oh that article is horrible. Not only the “gauges” thing, but did anyone else notice use of the word “addicting”?! Seriously, that news site should be ashamed.

  10. The tattoo terror one was hilariously badly written – apparantly one woman’s arms are ‘scared for life’ rofwl

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