BME Updated

Just popping on to say that I just added 3,128 new images and 117 new experiences on BME.

I don’t know if it’s just me but every time I see this photo (sent in from Costa Rica with piercings by Carlos David Arce Lopez.), I think it’s a tattoo. My eyes are playing tricks on me, or maybe I just wanted a reason to post a BMEboy…

20 thoughts on “BME Updated

  1. Is anyone else missing the update? There aren’t any new pics or experiences up right now on BME that I can see and it still says May 29 on the “What’s new today?” thing. The cover image hasn’t changed in the past week either, it’s still that guy with the stretched labret and funny mustache. Am I just tired and missing something here, or what?

  2. this dude looks pretty cool. but i cant help but notice the facial similarities between him edward furlong, the guy who played ed norton’s little brother in American History X.

  3. If you’re not seeing the update, click refresh (command r or f5 depending on your browser). I’ve added thousands of pictures over the past week. Perhaps you’re caching the main page? May 29th has over 3000 images and 117 experiences added.

  4. Hailfall: You’re reading it wrong. I said if you didn’t send it to submissions or use the upload tool, it wouldn’t be posted. If you got your username and password, it will get on the site and it has been processed.

  5. #5 and #9 make sure that when you say that people know it was before he got big. but yeah i see it also. it’s an awesome picture and a good looking guy. :) yay!

  6. I get the same feeling of Furlong as obviously a couple more than me do. And that’s not a bad thing at all.

  7. when we scrolled down me and mike both said “is that a boy or a girl” at the same time… then we looked in here and most of you said he was hot. I guess you guys have more information that us *shrug* or maybe she’s hot… kinda looks like my friend Paris.

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