Week in the news: 5/25 – 5/31/08

How *not* to use ear cleaning solution!

Sometimes it goes the other way: my father likes to show off his nipple rings, I love her but I don’t love her tattoos and a boyfriend’s piercings stick a fork in romance.

“Appearances matter” says the author of In NBA playoffs, less ink means more viewers (submitted by xPurexFuckingxGonzox and MrNoModifications). A different point of view can be found here.

A handful of statistics and personal opinions in the article about ‘body art stigma’ in workplace.

Economy leaves mark on tattoos and tattoos of presidential candidates ( more… )

Thanks to elissamay for submitting an article about voluntary amputees and BIID (you can also read a BME interview with ‘One Hand Jason’)

Philly chefs’ tattoos tell tales.

Our “roots” with a modern twist: Show us your tattoos, sailor.

To end it on an international (and “slightly” older) note, here’s a short but interesting article submitted by MrNoModifications: Members of believed-to-be-extinct Metyktire tribe show up in ‘civilized’ world, sporting huge lip plates (in German); more in English

Thanks for the links submitted this week and, as always, IAM members can submit articles on the subject here

8 thoughts on “Week in the news: 5/25 – 5/31/08

  1. my father likes to show off his nipples rings kinda annoyed me, an 18 year old thats shocked by her fathers nipple piercings. when my dad got his done i was more pissed off cuz i hadn’t had mine done yet!! she should be greatful!

    fork in romance – i can see both sides. he should have asked if she liked those kind of piercings, she should be more open and honest with him and if they still aren’t happy break the fuck up.

  2. MR.C – the simplest way to find out is to visit her IAM page. That occur to you?

    Reading the ‘stigma about mods in the workplace’ article, I couldn’t help but laugh at the Texan professor’s one quote being a gun metaphor.

  3. If you read the one about the girl not liking her boyfriends piercing there is a story below about a woman who is having a lesbian affair during the week and having a marriage when her husband is there on the weekend. I found it absolutely hilarious think she’s awesome.

  4. I enjoyed the article on body mods in the work place, but was somewhat annoyed near the end by the one man’s comment that neck, face, and hand tattoos shouldn’t ever be acceptable because they don’t appear professional. I think it’s somewhat naive to think that what is considered professional appearance today will remain so 10, 20, or 30 years from now. While I don’t believe I will live to see a president that can slip a AA battery through his septum, I’d like to think that as people my age (early-mid 20s) are retiring, the people replacing us will consider body modification as a normal thing. Personally I look forward to a day when I can ask my supervisor if ebony or black pyrex matches my suit better.

  5. Tho it was a short article, the one about a boyfriend not liking his girlfriends tattoos hit home with me. I am going through te same thing. my new boyfriend has 0 mods and says he is fine wit what i have now, but doesnt want me to get anymore. I am 1 year into my piercing apprenticship and will continue in this field fo te rest of my life. there is no signs of me stopping my art. i was at first very offended when he said this, but i told him i understand how it may be shocking and a bit different, my skin canging only makes me better. and i hope in time he will learn to love it as i do.

  6. I laughed at the tattoos/piercings in the workplace one. When they brought up the “corset”… I dunno, I just imagined a girl at a studio getting a corset and saying to her piercer “uhhh could you hurry up, I got a job interview in 5 minutes”

    I’m sure glad I don’t work for douche bags

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