BME Update

The new image update just posted. Hey, it was only 3 gigs over my crappy cable connection. So I apologize for the delay!

There are tons of new tattoo images as well as this update should have fixed the HTML pages that weren’t displaying the new updates from the past few days. If anyone sees anything that isn’t working, please let me know. Apparently well over 1000 images have gone missing. If your tattoo submissions haven’t hit the site and you received an email, please let me know.

Phil and Jordan are out enjoying the Art Fusion Experiment at the MOCCA and we should have some updates from there coming soon. I have an insane amount of stickers, postcards, business cards and info cards for the convention to give away. I’m pretty excited about it. All I need to do is finish getting banners printed and then pick up a new seamless. So don’t forget to stop by the BME booth at NIX. I hope to see many of you there!

12 thoughts on “BME Update

  1. I love the piercings but the lobe looks like its thinning at the bottom. Anyways still a nice pic 0_o

  2. lobe does look a little thin but i think thats one of the few reasons why its still at the gauge its at

  3. The plug she is wearing also has a pretty big flare on it. Her lobe probably isn’t that thin. Honestly for me this is a bit overkill on one ear but it still looks decent soooo w/e. Her choice :P

  4. With all of the great pictures to choose from I am disappointed that this image has been used.
    It looks like a 10 year olds bedroom after a slumber party.
    How about something well hot/well pierced/attractive???

  5. Umm, the update doesn’t seem to exist at all on computer. It’s showing no update since the 6th I think :(

  6. Agreed Rachel!! I am cursed with tiny earlobes, thus I am at a 6 and that’s as big as I can go unless I want a lobe split!! I love the update cover as well.

  7. Nice ear work! I thought I was doing good with 12 in one and 11 in the other.

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