¡Viva el Shawn!

Get you a T-shirt!

Oh, my! Who is that handsome devil? What’s that? You don’t recognize him without the slick part in the hair, bright blue eyes and cherubic cheeks? Well, I’d know that goyische punim anywhere — it’s none other than Shawn Porter, and he’s just released the snazzy shirt you see above, featuring original artwork by Jasonthe29th! These are available exclusively to people attending BMEfest 2008 on June 27, ModProm on June 28 or Jana‘s Toronto Island BBQ on June 29!

The details:

Price: $10 USD

Size Range: Babydoll-XXL

Color: The classy olive drab you see above

How To Get One: Send a PayPal payment to [email protected] with your size and at which event you’ll be picking up your shirt. These will not be shipped to anyone who doesn’t show up, so make sure you’re RSVP’d for the event(s)!

Tickets for ModProm are running out, so get yours while they last!

35 thoughts on “¡Viva el Shawn!

  1. there is NOTHING about Che Guevara,that would mmake me want to plaster his “never to be sufficiently damned enough communist cuba fucking up,installing Castro as a dictator” ass,to make me want to want to make him more noteable by placing a shirt with ANY representation of him,or implied.
    hope him AND hitler are being buttfucked by satan personally in their after lives for all the people they ruined/killed/impoverished/imprisoned.

    fuck that…

  2. Poor guevara….we all make mistakes though :)

    My only concern is the quality of the shirt? It just looks a little bit unifinished…Like it was sorta knocked out quickly in time for the events. If the lines and edges were cleaned up and a bit more detail was added it could rock (its got nothing on the other bme shirts).

  3. It’s not a bme shirt, for what it’s worth.
    The artwork was done months ago. The little mockup is something I made by shrinking the artwork and pasting it on a green shirt thumbnail. It took all of 8 seconds.

    It’s meant to look like the “oh, I’m so trendy, I LOVE Che!” shirts one finds on Rage Against the Machine loving alterna-youth who have no idea who he was or his politics- and as such why it’s ironic that people like Angelina Jolie wear tattoos of him despite their claimed political beliefs.

    Add to that a healthy tongue in cheek inside joke and you have the tshirt.

  4. Given that information I suppose I can see where youre coming from with it, would love to see one in the flesh (or cotton so to speak) to see how they turn out….you know that angst-ridden teenagers will always turn to the angry, curly haired goblin of ratm :)

  5. It would make a LOT more sense if I explained the inside joke, but then that would ruin it.

    Fortunately, these are being sold to people going to 3 specific parties at the end of the month, and most of the people who’ve bought them get it.

  6. I can attest to the quality of materials used in the creation of this shirt.

    I’ve used the screen printer in the past and they are bar none some of the finest screens i’ve seen on t-shirts.

    As for the design, come on.

    One of the funniest shirts i’ve seen was a Hot pink CHE shirt that said, “I don’t even know who this guy is”

  7. well “springtime for HITLER” is sooooo much more relevant…
    kinda like the obscure reason FOR this t-shirt..if it’s an “inside joke”..your sure to piss off ALOT more people then “who are in the inner cadre,and do”

    frankly,you walk up to me with a CHE anything shirt,I dont want to have a fucking thing to do with you…you get my complete and utter shunning

  8. Wow, I really wasn’t taking anything that seriously. I don’t give a fuck about Che Guevara for the most part. It’s just the whole “wear my face on a t-shirt” thing that caused the aforementioned testicular distress.

  9. I’m confused. #17 – It’s an inside joke, right. I could understand the joke a bit better if you had a few printed for friends inside the joke, as opposed to selling them?

  10. I usually do just print them for friends.
    And my friends by and large are getting them for free.
    But as much as I’d like to give out one to everyone who wants one- I can’t afford to cover the costs. So. I charge $10 for a shirt that costs $7 to print. The other $3 is going to me. Yes. I’m a shameless profiteer. I admit it. The extra money is going to pay for the 720p HD digital video camera I bought to document the BMEfest and Modprom weekend so the articles written can have video instead of just pics.

    The main joke is about people who turn themselves into icons. You’re not even my friend, and now you’re in on it.

  11. It’s so awesome to see all the young kids today being able to aim their irrational anger at a series of highly complicated events surrounding the popularity and demise of Che Guevara and come out with their suitably snarky judgements about a time and place that really, they have not one fucking clue in the goddamn world about.

    Stay mad, kids!

  12. #13: care to articulate? Is your problem with revolutionaries, or killers, or marxism? Do you understand what Batista did to Cuba before the revolution? While holding an irrelevant island in the cold grip of 1950s technology and pointless busywork for pretty much all of its inhabitants is less than ideal, I would love to have been able to get my hands around the neck of Batista and squeeze until the US-backed fascist juice squirted out from his eye sockets.

  13. yttrx, I know you like to get all mad about “kids these days” and everything, but there was only one person who expressed a (non-specific) distaste for the politics of Che Guevara. That hardly counts as “all the young kids.”

  14. I just got a call from my printers- they’ll be done by the time I leave for Toronto. Which is convenient. They also gave me a discount, which means I get more PROFIT, since I’m a sell-out anyway.
    I forget that a healthy sense of humour isn’t universal, but luckily there are people who are lighthearted enough to not take everything so fucking seriously and, more to the point, who think it’s funny to have my large leering head on their tits. Cheers everyone!

  15. Haha, in response to the #17 thing, I was referring specifically to the content of the post (“part of the joke”) as opposed to the person.

  16. glorifying a an asshole is still HIS glorification….there is GODS of kids wearing that image and dont have a fucking clue what Che did to the country only 90 miles off florida’s coast.
    they ALSO dont know enough about history to know that the Russians installed enough nukes there to completely fuck up our day….and DAMN near got all of us into a nuclear war.
    no Che,no communists..no weeks in october…fuck him,hope the peice of shit rots in hell.
    that is only one SMALL(sic)reason shawn I found great umbrage with this shirt

  17. Why are you using Maddox’s logo? This is not “original artwork” at all. In fact, it is almost stealing…

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