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If you didn’t notice, yesterday’s additions to the site were done in two updates. A hefty experience update followed by a site-wide image update and now an additional update of the tattoo (all for you, complainy pants!) and the scarification galleries will round out the week. Next week should mark the start of the “scheduled” updates, which will help to ease everyone here at BME into a more “normal” work week.

A big thank you to Phil, as usual, for cutting the 39,000+ image queue in half in just a few days. I don’t know how Phil manages to stay sane but he certainly is appreciated. With the dreams of a normal sleep schedule aside, Phil processes images daily to get your memberships to you but they don’t always go up on the site immediately.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

9 thoughts on “BME Update

  1. maybe this was asked and I did not see it, but why have you converted bme back to requiring a subscription to fully view the galleries, but the advertisements still remain? just a question, thx

  2. since i can’t seem to comment on the entry following this one…no free bmeink blows.

  3. Yeah that kind of stinks that they disabled the comments on the next entry. It’s almost like they don’t want to hear what we think. Maybe after 20-some negative comments they just had enough, I dunno.

    I too miss the BMEink, but I definitely miss the old ModBlog layout the most. I think I see what you guys are trying to do with the BMEnews, and I will say it has potential to be pretty nifty, but it would be awesome if when I click the ModBlog link it took me to the ModBlog I know and love. Change is good sometimes, but taking pics off the main page so we can no longer just scroll down and get caught up is no good.

  4. I was about to comment the newest entry when it got closed, but I think my comment is even more appropriate now…

    Personally, I’m not against some changes, but you all know that the BME community is very reactive (and maybe a bit reactionary too :D) when it comes to changing things on BME. Why don’t you just take the time to explain things to us quietly and directly, instead of make us feel like we don’t exist and shouldn’t be explained about anything ? (I’m not saying that it’s the case, I trust the staff, but that’s how a lot of us feel about the way information is given)
    I think that the vast majority of the people here are totally open for changes, but really want more transparency about what happens behind the scenes and what is planned for the evolution of BME. More communication would be better for everyone.

  5. Change is good, unless its bad.
    I don’t like the new format. It makes the modblog much less accessible.
    I don’t like it that one now MUST click though to see anything. Its too much of a hassle to have to go though to see if you even wanna see the thing.
    Then again, seeing that the quality of the posts has been steadily going down, should i really care?
    I used to check the modblog a few times a day, every day, because it was always interesting AND it was easily accessible. I don’t think I’ll be doing much of that now…

  6. Jeez. Took me forever to finally find the tiny weeny little link over to the right. If suggestions are still open – were they ever, really? – I’d second what countless people have said already and emphasise: photos without clickthrough! Also, make the ModBlog link a little more prominent. It’s a huge part of what BME is, I think it deserves a little more exposure.

    I have to admit, this was a blow. It’s like your partner coming home with a complete facial reconstruction and expecting you to be happy and excited about it. (WTF is up with that metaphor? I don’t know, I just don’t.)

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