Oslo SusCon day 3

Day three is halfway through, and it’s been another exciting one for sure!

A solid 21 suspensions have taken place today, including a six-point angel suspension by Paul King of the APP, who incidentally did a very interesting lecture today (and yesterday, which I forgot to mention) on Festival Practices of Sri Lanka.

At this very moment, Havard is doing an amazingly beautiful “installation” suspension, which looks incredible in a complex and curious sort of way. As his “piece” is coming to an end, we have what I believe to be the third spinning beam couple up and bouncing, with Kjetil on saxophone in midair, and Michele still in his aftercare outfit! You’ll be here next year, right?

Hungry for more entertainment, Håvve has asked some of the participants to throw something else our way, so this evening will see a collaborative show by Cookie (US), Lucky (Australia), Alice and Benoit (UK), Steve Joyner (US) and Bena (Sweden). International improvisation ahoy, I am way excited!

Ah! I just got word of Håvve’s calf suspension which I missed due to seeing Paul’s lecture. He must have been less than static whilst hanging, as his skin ripped to the point where Christiane could jam a finger not only into one of his hook holes, but right through his calf! I sure hope we can get a picture of that up here. In fact, I’m going to go and rob photos off of people right after this!

The convention is slowly coming to an end, and it’s definitely on my to-do list to return next year. Of course, it won’t be over till the after-party is dealt with tomorrow night, another tradition which tends to kick the ass; nothing to end a perfect weekend like a bout of drunken silliness with heavily modified crazies. Well, it’s eating time once again, and you know what that means…

Peace out y’all!

- Alex

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