20 thoughts on “Stunning!

  1. Am I missing something? It’s spelled “phaser.”

    Awesome concept though!

  2. The latest phaser model brought to you by FAYZOR

    Is that churning the hampster in the thinking wheel? How many people are going: “Oh…OOOOOOOOOH!!! I get it!”

    It’s very well done, personally I would have wanted it without the “Fayzor Model” text…That part just makes it look all “cluttered” and takes away from the actual image portion…at least in my eyes…I’m sure the wearer of the tattoo is thrilled and tickled pink though.

  3. Her name is Fay – The story is, her drunken best friend told her that her name was like a sci-fi weapon. Like… a FAYzor or something. So a few months(?) of thinking later, Fay decided to get the tattoo done :)

    She touches my boobs sometimes.

  4. I agree with Warren, without the text would have been nicer but this is one hell of a cool tattoo

  5. This is done by the artist that’s done all my work so far. Mike is a great artist, and one of the few people at Dragon that do Customwork.

  6. Its cause her name is fay, one drunken night as we were getting ready and she was all pretty and done up I told her fayzor was set to stun!

  7. That picture doesn’t give the details justice. Even more bad ass now that it’s healed. :D

  8. kinda reminds me of a song by bad religion: set phasers to stun and grab yourself a neighbour skeleton to lean upon.

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