The following block of text is a quote by Patrick Pearse, made in an address to his court-martial for his part in the Easter Rising, Ireland, 1916.

Tattoo by Tony Maxwell of Dublin Tattoo Company, Arklow, Eire.

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40 thoughts on “Freedom!

  1. i love long text tattooes
    i’d be too picky with them though, i’d never be satisfied with the spacing and handwriting :’)
    i like that shade of green though..

  2. I’m not a huge fan of the font used for the text but it’s still very nice, and I do like it a lot (:

  3. What’s with the Italian flag? If its supposed to be an Irish flag, shouldn’t the last part be orange? Or is it just because of the camera or whatnot?

  4. I think the levels are a bit out Melissa, he’s way too pink for normal too, so I’d say the last part of the flag is actually orange.

  5. the Irish freedom fighters ask the tattoo-holder to lose some weight before the enlistment process begins

  6. Even if his skin tones are altered from the tattoo being fresh, that still looks VERY red, and not the slightest bit orange.

  7. Melisa, sometimes when you enhance a picture by chnging it’s contrast so the image may look brighter, like Emily said, the levels get off their original balance and some colors start looking like others. so mostlikely that’s an orange.

    I want jeans! haha

  8. i would agree that the flag looks more italian than the irish tri-colour even in the original image.
    i agree with the sentiments thouhg, the english hold on the six counties of the north is still one of the many arguments for the luck od the irish being anything but good

  9. “If you remove the English army tomorrow and hoist the green flag over Dublin Castle, unless you set about the organization of the Socialist Republic your efforts would be in vain. England would still rule you. She would rule you through her capitalists, through her landlords, through her financiers, through the whole array of commercial and individualist institutions she has planted in this country and watered with the tears of our mothers and the blood of our martyrs.”

    James Connolley, 1897

  10. i agree; its a nice idea but you just want to re arrange it. it looks like something i could do and im no artist or tattoo artist. but if he likes it more power to him. :)

  11. A little too late for the freedom fighting, and quite a divisive subject for Modblog.
    The whole “..then our children..” bit is also quite distasteful… I know it is a quote, but c’mon, that shit was settled over 10 years ago (I know, I was there, getting shot at) why is this even relevant these days?

    Also, I find it hilarious that the odd Yank is throwing in his “Fight the good fight” bullshit. You would have thought they would have learned by now what it is like to have internal conflict and terrorism.

  12. What a fantastic sentiment. Such a shame that lazy, childish Americans who suckle at the teat of the government sow have completely forgotten how important freedom is.

    We’d rather trade our precious freedom for idiotic government sponsored “safety” like not being allowed to hold a cell phone to you ear while you drive (despite scientific evidence showing it’s the CONVERSATION, not the phone at the ear that’s dangerous) or not being able to buy cigarettes in a pharmacy in San Francisco (despite the fact that you can buy CRACK just down the block from the same pharmacy).

    The “it sounds good, make it a law!” people have ruined freedom in America, stolen it right out from under us, and we just sit around like fat, stupid cows and say “moooo, more government programs, moooooo more government spending, mooooooo more social engineering”. No wonder everyone hates Americans, we had all the freedoms that other people fight and die for, yet we let our own government slowly take them all away from us because we care more about football and starbucks than voting to stop wasteful government programs.

  13. I enjoy the odd spacing and off font. It makes it seem more common, and of the people, if you will.

  14. ok. original image does look red :/ haha
    i was going through patriotic gallery, i liked the one with irish (mom) and guatemalan (dad) flags on their feet! (random commentary of the evening)

  15. *Interjects* The original Irish flag was green white and YELLOW. The english put the orange in. [/nerd]

    I like it though.

  16. It’s green white and gold lol.
    Well…I guess orange is as close as you get ^_^

    Very nice

  17. I’m not trying to be mean, but I feel if your going to put something on the internet this way I have allowance to give constructive criticism at least. The lettering looks really sloppy. I am a fan of imperfect tattoos, hand writing and such which would be understandable if it was taken from actual handwriting, but the spacing around the flag blows it and leads me to believe it simply is poorly done.

  18. @ 28 & 31:

    The irish tricolour has always been green white and orange since it was introduced by Thomas Meagher in 1848. It was a symbolic gesture at the time to unite the entire country behind the goal of freedom, linking the original gaelic traditional and the majority roman catholic populations (which have been historically represented by green) this those minority protestant traditions whom at the time were decendant of the followers and supporters of William of Orange (obviously orange) linked by a colour of peace (white) to show solidarity.

    (Intrestingly, Thomas Meagher was also a Union Army General)

    @ 21:

    The subjet matter of this tattoo is about that of the 1916 uprising it is a matter that was resolved a long time over “10 years ago”. If you are refering to “being shot at” then either you are very old or are talking about the problems in the North, which even though there are no guns firing it is far from being “settled”. Trust me I know as being a Belfast man… although I was never shot at…

  19. #21 – I thought that was quite well said, for my part. The affair may never be settled, but that’s no excuse for partisan tattoos. Oh well. I’m ambivalent about this piece.

  20. @ Dajoran: completely agree with everything you just said. And i’ve never been shot at during my life time in northern ireland either :P

  21. @ 35:

    Calling it a partisan tattoo is a closed minded accusation. It cannot be assumed that this man is from the North of Ireland, therefore it cannot be called a tattoo supporting either side of a conflict that happens here. For all we know this man having the tattoo done in Arklow, Eire, could make him a person from that area who is getting a tattoo that represents a portion of his country’s past. Which is something we see in the tattoo culture quite frequently. Not everything that talks about freedom with a tricolour post-1969 is a nationalist/republican sentiment.

  22. I’m not a fan, it’s tooo long (i know it’s a quote, but yeah, it sorta just goes on and on…)

    Oh and Hello other Norn Irish people!

  23. oh god you people have taken this to a different level all together! Just comment on the guys tattoo for fuck sake! not my taste of tattoo but cool all the same.

    LJ the original irish flag wasnt even a tricolour for s start!

    To the idiot that is obviously a former member or a member of her majesty’s most loyal egits. the conflict is far from solved ha ha go read some books and do your homework instead of listening to the spin that the government and or your superiors give u!!

    From my purely legal perspective, well and my own personal opinion therefore as well, the problem will only be solved when the british government quite rightly return the 6 counties which represent the unit deemed to be northern ireland, back to the republic who have de jure jurisdiction over it!

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