82 thoughts on “She’s Got a Glint In Her Eye.

  1. i didn’t think the skin was thick enough there for a microdermal
    i’ve been proved wrong it seems

  2. i can’t see how that doesn’t irritate her eye! Not that keen on the placement, looks kind of awkward.
    And her lip rings are far too big!

  3. who cares, they’re her lips… i didn’t even know you could get a microdermal there, it looks sick!

  4. That’s pretty awesome! I always thought the skin is way too thin in that area too… but apparently not!
    I think it’s cute, I like it on her :]

  5. in my opionin i would be worried about the clients health. Its interesting to see what the body can heal. However, i think that the eyelid would be a great risk for infection. What did you do to avoid these factors….

  6. that placement would seem to be a huge risk for rejection. what happens the first time she forgets about it and rubs her eyes in the morning?

  7. hmm
    her lip on the right looks infected
    or its newly pierced or sized up
    : S

    anyway i like it alot
    that piercing
    obviously not many could get it
    due to irritation
    but kudos to her for healing it

  8. That must have been hella uncomfortable to get done. My first thought was that it’s touching her eyeball (eek!).

  9. personally i think it looks nice., the thing about the lip rings tho, what a load of rubbish, the right one is just caught in the up position, sometimes if you push a ring out you get a ring of tissue that looks more prominant, or have you never noticed that before? also if you look at the left one, she doesnt have a lot of space in between her lip and the ring, therefore the ring is the right size.

    after all of that i would worry about the risks with jewellery over the eye but it cant be worse than an actual piercing thru the eyelid.

  10. What kind of skewed angle is that anchor sitting at to make that gem point in that direction?

    Not to mention the fact that it wants to sit RIGHT in the crease of her eyelid.

    I hope I never see something like this ever again. Not like that’s really realistic…

  11. 16 really? For some reason I dont believe that.

    Either way her choice her body. If she wants to take the risk of going blind etc. then those are her problems to deal with and im not going to worry about it.

  12. shoe… no… ¬_¬ not at all. the lip piercings are wrong. the right one looks totally infected, and the left one only looks close to the skin because its taken at the angle of the camera. its probally the same size as the over one =S
    as for the microdermal, it makes me feel queasy thinking about a piercing on your eyelid. the skin will be constantly irritated, and she will more than likely claw it out on a high pollen count day.

  13. whatever. if they were smaller she’d have issues. the holes aren’t that close to the lip. ive measured tens of thousands of lip piercings to be fitted with rings thank you very much. i also don’t happen to think that looks anything like an infection. possibly new yes.

    lets ask her if her lip is infected shall we?

  14. I totally agree with Vyky.

    That’s probably one of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen in a long time. Do ethics just not come into play here?? I mean, do they really expect there to be no complications?

  15. LLOL
    i just relized
    that comments here on the zine
    are turning into comments on Break.
    soon everyone will be shouting FAKE XD

  16. i think id worry about removal of the jewellery mostly. if there are complications surely the removal of it would just be super awkward.

  17. i second richard at 3, hayley at 6 and the rest that said the lip rings look big/infected

    and i do consider the eyelid interesting. worth a follow up to see if it gets rejected or it heals just fine and starts the new era of microdermal eyelids… haha not that i’d get one though, i’m a bad healer and worse at luck. i’d probablly rub it off and split in two my lid.

  18. It will be interesting to see. I’m no piercer but what I’ve learnt from the piercer I work with I’d estimate the dermal is actually above the eyelid between the socket and the eyebrow, thus why its pointing at a slightly downward angle. It only looks like it’s in the eyelid cos her eye is open and the eyelid is curling under it a little. If you feel that part of your face while you blink there’s actually very little disturbance or movement and it’d theoritcally be possible to do a dermal pierced deep enough to not reject easily.

  19. wtwta? same aftercare the company you work for recommends, but I guess we all enjoy a little attitude on IAM don’t we?, strange how you leave it to modblog to ask a fellow employee, and former boss about a procedure. Saline. She has had no problem with infection in her eyelid and her lip does appear to be inflamed (not done by me) George at DFX phase 4 did it. This was done to see how well it would heal on a return client who asked to have it done what ever risk may arise from the procedure, and agreed to come in weekly to have me check on it. She has stayed true to her word and come in once every week. So far it looks to be doing great. The eyeball is not irritated at all, so weeping from the wound, and she says it feels great. Consider the upper and lower layer of tissue and the natural pocket that sits between them. The pocket already exists and there for as comfortable as it was without the jewelry. This wasn’t done to make a new trend. It was done to see if it was possible. I guess some understand risk and some sit in the corner and never take any.

  20. It looks great on her, but it’s not something I’d ever try on myself. I hope she’s able to wear that safely and comfortably…

  21. Jesus, holy awkward giant lip rings.

    Did anyone else notice how quick Lane was to point out that he didn’t do them??? He can do no wrong in his own eyes, obviously. I think what you’re “trying to do,” Lane, is start a new trend among hackjobs such as yourself. Hey, let’s call this the “Lane” microdermal placement, so everyone remembers you long after you’ve been put out of business by reputable shops.

    I hope the sixteen year old enjoys her trendy microdermal, and I hope you enjoy karma biting you in the ass- Because one day, it will.

  22. (George at DFX phase 4 – the same company affiliated with your own did the troublesome lip piercings. Strange how you’d leave it to modblog to…. nevermind. LOL)
    Yes, groundbreaking experimental procedures have to originate somewhere, Lane. But not on minors who aren’t even old enough to legally buy liquor and porn and not using anesthetic in an eyelid for a dermal anchor. (And I hear – from clients – you regularly are using injectable anesthetic on BASIC piercings too) Shame on you! Are you piercing the genitals of minors yet?
    No, there are no laws where we are for that kind of thing yet – but there WILL be and they’ll be so strict we won’t even be able to use tools we regularly SAFELY utilize for our industry (like biopsy punches) thanks to you and your groundbreaking experiments.
    Maybe instead of trying to find the “next best thing” for our industry you try furthering your OWN reputation and the name of your studio (that I’ll be the first to say has the potential of having the means to have a reputation no one could hold a candle to – AGAIN) by using implant grade jewelry in the piercings you’re not plugging into kids’ eyelids and promoting a healthier future for the basics. There’s no shame in not putting people at risk to get your name out there. Your name’s no better than your weakest attempt.
    You have really awesome people working for you. When they start voicing their concern for the things you’re doing maybe take heed….

  23. You hear a lot of things Lexci and start a lot of rumors. If I regularly used injectable anesthetic it would be included in the service. Nice attempted but once again you failed. How is a micro dermal piercing less safe than doing an eyebrow piercing on a sixteen year old that you know is going to migrate out and scar them for life. I am looking at new, better alternatives to old washed up ways. George is Ali’s brother and bought the DFX location outright, we do not train together or share techniques. Give it up Lexci, three years of bashing hasn’t worked in the past and it won’t work today. Nothing your narrow mind comes up with will stop people from progressing in the industry. People as negative as you bring the industry to a halt. You were getting pierced at sixteen and seemed to survive just fine. Watching porn? people get married at 16 and start having legal sex there after, liquor is consumed by minors but is illegal. Piercing is legal so far in this country at 16, so I will continue to pierce 16yr old clients.

  24. (For the record, it hasn’t been three years. It’s been two. Since August 1. Time’s a’ draggin’, hey? LOL)
    I don’t start the rumors, Lane. They’re posted with your pictures on modblog that get people’s heads shaking!
    And the truth gets posted in the diaries of the kids you’re doing surgical and unethical procedures on. AND from what they tell me in person. I’ve spoken personally with a handful of them. At least stand behind what you’re doing instead of lying about it.
    How is a micro dermal IN AN EYELID and administering anesthetic for it less safe than doing an eyebrow piercing!!???? Is that a serious question!??? Give your head a shake.
    I don’t understand where you’re under the impression I’m wanting the progression of our industry to stop…? On the contrary, actually!
    Anyway,I’m not here to tell the world what kind of person/piercer you are. But whether or not YOU did this piercing or someone else did I think the way it was done – groundbreaking or not (ppbth) – was foolish.

  25. It looks good and appears to be healing fine. So whats the problem?
    As for saying there may be complications related to her eyes, well there might be, but you might get hit by a car on the way home from the studio.
    We need people to push the boundaries so we know what’s possible, all power to them that have the guts to do something unique.

  26. Personally I don’t see this as “pushing boundaries” or anything in regards to that effect with what we’re seeing here.

    We already know that Microdermals/Surface Anchors/Single Point Piercings can be placed in MANY different locations of the body…This isn’t a new concept or a new way of thinking.

    Ground Breaking = The proper Creation and Utilization of the Surface Barbell design

    Ground Breaking = The proper creation and utilization of the Microdermal/Surface Anchor design.

    Ground Breaking = The Creation of the Internally Threaded jewelry design

    Not Ground Breaking/Pushing Boundaries = Insertion of a Microdermal in various locations on the body…

    This is body piercing people….not inter-stellar space travel.

  27. “It was done to see if it was possible. I guess some understand risk and some sit in the corner and never take any.”

    In my humble opinion, “risk” and “16 yo client” should never be put in the same sentence.
    Ethics schmethics, I guess.

    Had this been on an actual adult who worked at a shop with the piercer who did it, I would have simply thought it was a bad idea but hey, what the heck- their face. It wouldn’t have given me much faith in the artist who did it, but I wouldn’t have really given it much thought.

    That it’s on someone that young is irresponsible.

  28. When a 16 year old tells you they understand the risks of a microdermal on the eyelid, they’re shitting you. I completely agree with what Shawn said.

    If that little beauty decided to get comfortable and had to be scalpelled back out, I’d say that was a risk.

  29. I think this is a case of ‘just because you can doesn’t mean you should’

    I’m 16 and legal to get pierced here in the UK but yeah, I think it’s totally irresponsible to perform something this risky on someone my own age

    As for her lip it’s not looking overly happy

  30. Yikes! Forget rubbing your eyes in the morning.
    And I’d hate to see that thing growing out on the inside of her eyelid >_<

  31. and i thought i was the only asshole on here. good to see people voicing their neg opinions.

  32. Experimentation is important. However, experimentation and minors don’t mix.

    So this was done by another piercer within your “brand” of studio. Aren’t we all just as good as our weakest link?

    Unfortunatly, another studio that caters to those who don’t know any better–and change shops when they do.

  33. Ok so my mom who is an eye surgeon took a look at this, she knows about the concepts of microdemals. Heres her comments” As she blinks the foot is going to wear on the tissue of the eye. This will cause a tumor eventually” “Best case scenario a tumor will form in order to protect the delicate eye tissue (could take a while to occur). Worst case scenario she goes blind”

    She also added that when this is removed it is going to cause an eye lid deformity which will probably lead to her eye looking lopsided and her not being to close her eye properly along with tearing problems.

    She discussed some other things about it that I didnt add but you get it.

  34. i know what to use in order for piercings to heal, thats not what i had asked. I simply asked how you managaed to do this without having any complications. as you know lane, i wasnt being an asshole or a bitch by writting this post. I have only been in this industrial for just over a year. I want to make sure i do the right things.So by learning you asked questions, i was always told i could. There are things that i dont agree with, just as you dont agree with somethings. I will never stop asking question nor will i ever question my own beliefs, i had a great teacher. Thanks to him i am what i am now, and i will forever do my best!!!!

  35. No matter how Lane tries to explain it away, doing experimental procedures on minors smacks of being unethical and just kind of makes him look like a dick.

  36. Man … I just had a very well healed and not so well healed mircrodermal removed this week. This is the second time I’ve had both removed. They are a pain in the ass to removed. Esp if they have healed well. You pretty much have to cut a little at some point and pull alot.

    TRY THAT ON AN EYELID. FRIG. I think removal of the freaking thing should have be the factor of NOT doing it. I hope they pay for the pastic surgery she’s gonna need later on to fix her poor freaking lid. I hope to God that the eye surgeon from post 52 is wrong.

    whoever this lane guy is … needs to freaking think of the customer’s health and safty before being all experimental. If you want to push boundaries … try it on your own damn eye.

  37. I want to find out what ends up happening to this girl. I wonder what the long term effects are going to be?

  38. The girl will probably heal the thing fine and when she needs to have it removed, it will come out really easy. As a result, Lane (and people like him) will continue to feel justified in trying new stuff on people who are less-than-ideal candidates. Unfortunately, this industry is chalk-full of people who are almost obsessively compelled to have their names associated with the “next big thing”.

    The kind of sad thing about it is…what Lane has done really isn’t ground breaking at all. He had nothing to do with creating microdermals or pioneering their testing or anything of the sort. He is just another guy, like many who have come before him, that has questionable enough ethics to make him feel okay about sticking a microdermal in a potentially-risky location on someone who probably has no real understanding of what they have opted for. We’ve seen it before…we’ll see it again.

    And now, this little corner of the Internet is all a-titter with Lane’s name. Unfortunately for him, it’s because he couldn’t reign his ego in and not because he’s well-respected for his good judgment and impeccable skill.

    Of course, people like that usually don’t care As long as their name is coming off people’s lips/fingers…mission accomplished.

  39. Reputation is a funny thing though, D-rock.
    It really does come down to a “as long as they spell my name right” parable in most cases.

    You’re right. This will probably NOT turn out bad. It’ll heal, or not, with little to no complications and come out smooth. In six months, people will have forgotten about this.

    Lexi will still be carrying the torch, but for most people… It’ll go up there with the other dumb things we’ve seen. People will still be social with lane when they see him (as well they should- it’s not like he killed your dog) and the world will go on much the same way it has up to this latest “oh no they didn’t!!!!”

    In six months, it’ll be something else. The ante will be raised. Why tattoo your eyeball when you can UV TATTOO your eyeball!

    It’s the nature of things.

  40. Holy shit, I totally want a UV implant in my eyebal now.

    Maybe once Howie is done teaching his $10k class on of his students can do it for me!

    Anyway, Im actually on Lanes side of this. Although I think it is a bad idea, the client didnt and is of LEGAL AGE TO MAKE THAT DECISION.

    Consent was given and regardless of bad idea or not, thats what matters to me.

  41. Besides, its not like he ahs dogs running around his shop like other people do…

    (Oh snap Lexci, I went there!) :)

  42. cere: last I recall there is absolutely NO “age” based regulations/legislations in regards to Body Piercing in Alberta, I can confirm there’s none for Ontario.

    The most any one can go by in regards to “Age” regulations is the current “Age Of Consent” laws, which is indeed 16 years of age. However in Canada its about an ethical/moral stance and each studio can either choose to adhere to strict ethics/morals or they can be loose with their ethics and morals.

    Is what Lane did ILLEGAL in the terms of the Health Department/Canadian Laws,etc…Unfortunately not…But as always when you don’t proper define what someone can and can’t do, then it falls into ethical and moral standpoints and everyone has their own interpretation on that subject.

    Personally my ethics/morals would have dictated that I would have advised said individual wait at least until they were 18. Which is the age limit I prefer my clients to be in regards to Surface Piercings, Genital Piercings,etc. But that’s just MY ethical and moral standpoint, people can either agree or disagree on that standpoint as its their rights to believe what they believe.

    The one thing I’d say though is that the more these types of things get put out there, from people with genuine intentions or from people just wanting their 5 secs of Internet Fame…The more the Government’s will be forced to put spotlights onto the industry and then finally it will force governments to regulate our profession…But sadly we have to realize that if that’s the situation, we could find ourselves in a LOAD of problems…Next thing we know we won’t be able to perform tongue piercings, genital piercings,etc,etc,etc.

    So either we hit rock bottom and let them sort it our for us…Or everyone just “mans up” and maintains some form of agreed upon “Age Of Consent” and adheres to it..

    But like I said since there’s no legalized form of “Age Of Consent” in regards to piercing realistically Lane COULD have put a microdermal in a 14 year old if he really wanted to…Although I suspect if someone saw a 14 year old with a microdermal, there’d be a lot more hell raised naturally…

  43. Dont forget that you actually RUB the dogs on the clients before working on them.

    Warren, I know about Canadas lack of age restriction. Im just saying that none of us know this girl, so how can we come down on Lane for doing this to her? If he wouldve done it on say, me, everyone would just think we are idiots, but because of her age, it makes it this big issue.

    I really dont beleive in Age discrimination and on that I completely agree with Lane.
    Althoguh I agree with everyone else that its a bad idea. Although I think its even more of a bad idea to have dogs at shops.

  44. cere: then based on no age discrimination how did Lane view this potential candidate as an ideal one for such a different procedure?

    Did he perform a maturity assessment? Did he spent a few hours/days talking with her about the situation? Did he assess how she naturally heals based on previous piercings? (fyi: Based on what I’m seeing on her lips, would have vetoed an eyelid microdermal , until she could figure out how to get that irritation/inflammation sorted out)…

    If we’re going to go that route, I’d have even expected Lane to do that sort of assessments to you too Cere. But the only difference here is you are an adult, not a minor…And as I didn’t quite mention above really, but realistically I wouldn’t be against it if Lane did it on you…I’d call you retardly stupid, but then we’d have a laugh and you’d call me some name back.

    And I’m pretty sure I also said above I don’t think its a “bad” thing either, nothing illegal was technically done….But when there’s no laws governing this area…Just because its “not illegal” doesn’t mean it should just be done.

  45. alright, where did the most recent editorial on this go? it was really well-written and had a wide array of positive responses, wtf?

  46. FIrstLy, i think that Looks REALLY DREADFUL…. Just in generaL, it does nothing for her features, but make her Look Like she has some weird eye probLem.

    And my opinion on the age of consent as 16 “so it doesn’t matter anyway.” I find that things Like eyebrows, Lips, noses, naveLs and ears are fine on peopLe aged 16 to 19. Because those are the sort of “normaL” or stereotypicaL piercings.
    When it gets to stuff Like nippLes, genitaLs, surface bars and microdermaLs, i think that the person shouLd be at Least over 18 and have peircing experience. Doing something Like this on a 16/17 year oLd (evern with her father there) seems immature if Lance (was it?) has experience of doing piercings.

    Just because You can consent, doesn’t mean You shouLd.

  47. you know, I dont like this, Lexci person much. I am the one who had it done on my eyelid. There is NO irritation, there never was. I personally asked him to do this peiering because I wanted it. And if he didn’t do it, I would have got somebody else to do it. You sound like a VERY negative person. You never heard from myself, the client, what even went on, as it is none of your business. This was put here so people could see something new. If you dont like it, then why do you read it??? And if you think it is just Lane out for more attention, well boy I tell you YOU sure are giving it to him…. If you dont like it ignore it instead of being to immature about it, it sounds like your whinning. Its made me go from hating you to finding you just annoying, like a leech, or a little nat fly….
    IT WAS MY CHOICE, NOT YOURS IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU AND IT NEVER WILL…. I dont care what you think at alll….. I’m pretty sure Lane doesn’t either, not trying to speak for him, but I’d trust him blindfolded, deaf, and in the middle of the dessert , over YOU any day just because of how small you really are, just by what you are showing me.

    and ya my lip rings are a bit big, if you didn’t notice my lip is sorta small, and when I had changed my studs out to rings, it was the smallest I had…. sorry to dissapoint you but my lip is healed. Some ass walking through the mall taking his coat off whacked me in the face on the way to the shop to see Lane. So sorry for One bad moment, but so far all of your comments have been bad moments to me… almost like you should worry more about yourelf than trying to make other people feel bad for your jealousy and insecurities yourself…

    I do this becuae I WANT to. I do NOT care what other people think at all, I honestly dont. You have a right to your own opinion, but you dont have a right to be rude about the subject or people or even shops.. just because little you doesn’t like it. You have a RIGHT to an OPINION. you do NOT have a right to be jerks.. thats just common sense….

    He has known me for a long while before this eyelid thing even came up. He knew the piercings were taken care of (and sensitive skin can cause the redness as well, hence my problem) and he knew my personality and my maturity level, or he wouldn’t have done it….

    So needless to say, I dont like you, I dont like your opinion, but its yours and your allowed to say it it would just be nice if you weren’t trying to play ‘angry mommy’ in this, because I wanted it, I got it, and I LOVE IT….

  48. Glad you’d trust Lane in the middle of some dessert.

    Spelling puns over with, can I ask who signed for the procedure?

  49. Something else that occurs to me: I don’t think any modification is stupid. Many are risky, but they are not stupid. There is a rather large category of “I wouldn’t do that to MY body” but there is no stupid. There is even irresponsible. But how can anything related to body modification be STUPID?

  50. I MYSELF signed for the procedure, and I am 17.
    Yes in fact in canada 16 is the age that you can sign for a peircing, as long as it is not genitalia.
    I dont think this is stupid, I feel it a step forward. Not to long ago tongue piercings were considered to be something as a sexual toy, and the age should be 18, as well as it was a ‘scary’ piercing. Now it is done EVERDAY in people as yourng as 16. Everytime something new is tried it is considered risky, because it is new, and humans fear the unknown. Now things that were considered stupid and risky, such as this, are everyday piercings…. Soon I think this will be the same situation. A NEW piercing considered stupid and risky and a huge up roar, and then it will be another common piercing.

    And yes, I do agree with people rights to critisize, but bashing other people is just rude. And yes, I did open my mouth, that does not make me imature, I am Standing up for MY opinion.

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