Huckleberry Vern

Vern and some friends took a trip to the country to escape the glare of the camera and, hang on!

Who am I kidding, that’s his favourite sort of glare!

Photo by Taylor Jones.

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26 thoughts on “Huckleberry Vern

  1. His snakebites are perfectly placed, it seems. That piece of straw looks totally straight, even going through both sides of his lip!

    Also, as a dude who kind of likes dudes, I have to say that Vern is really cute.

  2. Taylor – The photo credit wasn’t in the submission details, I’ll add a link to the post now.

    Would you like me to replace it with the original?

  3. I love doing that with my septum and freaking out my friends. (Who are fine, curiously enough, with my septum piercing, just not me sticking random shit through it, lol.)

  4. Another former wedgie victim trying to redeem himself through tattoos and piercings. I long for the days when real men and women were the sole bearers of ink and holes.

  5. Wedgie victim? Hardly. Though i was made fun of because i “walked funny” due to my muscle disorder, i was always bigger than everyone else. I’ve always been pretty comfortable with myself. Enough so that i’d like you to say that to my face, and see how much of a “real man” i am. You’re the one not using a name here.

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